12 May 2013

Day 42: Blood pressure problem

Day 41 is in my Slovenian blog

Today was a Sunday and I had two in-home presentation scheduled, the first one before noon that took 2 hours and the second at noon and that took 3 hours. When I woke up, I felt strange with a sort of pressure in my head and my hearing was different. I was not able to hear lower tones, just high pitch sound. It was very funny to listen to my own voice.

I then stretched a bit, made a breakfast, read a chapter from a book about communication skills, shaved and showered myself. In the shower I directed a water jet into my ear in order to clear it however it was no change in the tone of the hearing sounds. I was also a bit dizzy, however I decided to execute the scheduled presentation.

I managed to do the presentations with excellence and I am very satisfied with myself. After the last presentation the feeling of dizziness increased. I returned home and made myself a dinner. I simple pasta did the job. Then I was thinking in my condition is sufficient to go out and do some additional door to door visits in order to collect some new contact information and arrange further meetings.

I decided that my condition is not very good and that my body needs a rest. I don't know exactly what seems to be the problem but it is probably related to the air and blood pressure. Today was a dark cloudy weather with some rains and this kind of weather influences me very much. Then there also all the financial obligations could be the cause for subconscious worries that result in increased or decreased blood pressure and a feeling of dizziness. I will see what my state and feeling will be tomorrow.

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