19 May 2013

Day 49: Social experiments

For the past couple of days I have been watching YouTube movies of some guys and group of guys who shoot movies like candid camera doing unexpected things to people and recording their responses. Some of them are also intended to teach what are effective and ineffective ways of picking up girls. This made me question myself what to do now after I split with my last girlfriend.

My past life was focused on doing things for the school, for the business, and I never really experienced a typical phase of intense dating and having sexual experiences with different women. I have been intimate with several women but those were like random events and mostly not consciously initiated from my side. I dated mostly girls that were ok, but none of them was not so attractive as some that I have observed in my life but was too scared to talk to.

I am now pushing me to overcome this fear of talking to girls I like by learning some effective approaches that some guys from YouTube demonstrated. It is all about being hones, confident and expressing power. The looks are not so much important as persistance and not showing any fear. Today I went on the streets for the first time and initiated conversation with different people. I did not stumble upon any very attractive girls due to some rainy storms however I created a friendship with five people that I never met before. I will continue experimenting tomorrow.

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