21 May 2013

Day 51: Moving out to new apartment

Yesterday I was about to sign a renting contract with owner of apartment and then he called me that he would not be able to giva his apartment for rent since he is not yet correctly recorded in the land register. So today I had to check again the rest of online real estate ads and make some additional calls. Some apartments were not available anymore, some people did not answer the call, some were too much outside the desired area, some were available only for students and some only for females, some had no photos attached, but after couple of hours of phone calles I finally found one that fits the price range, the location and the quality of interior.

I called the landlord and it was a polite older woman who answered. I asked if it is possible to look at the apartment in one hour and she confirmed. In about 20 minutes I arrived and it was a nice neighborhood of quite new houses. She accepted me nicely and showed me the interior. It was very nice, with new furniture, cool kitchen and cute bathroom. We immediately connected and after a couple of minutes of chat we were like old friends. Very different from my current landlord who does not care what I do as long as she gets the money. This is also why I want to move out since I do not want to give money to the person who does not respect me and what I do.

Now I have to prepare the renting agreement and tomorrow morning I expect to have it signed and then I will be fully focused on packing my staff and transporting it to the new location. Since I am moving to much smaller apartment with furniture already placed, I will be selling or giving out a lot of my current furniture. Some of my friends has been assisting me yesterday and today in the photo shoot of the biggest furniture peaces and I will prepare the online ads for them soon. I will have to think all the details about what things to keep and what not. This will be a cool cleaning project where I will get rid of a lot of stuff that I have stopped using due to change in my lifestyle and sort of business.

What I found strange is a great resistance towards activities of preparing the ads and packing things. The day after tomorrow a new tenant will come to look at my current apartment and I don't know if they would want to buy any of the furniture that I have. Also I don't know if I should keep some of the products that I was selling before or if I should sell them as soon as possible. Tomorrow my ex-girlfriend will come for a visit in order to assist me with packing. Moving to the new place is certainly a big step in everyone's life and this will be the sixth move in my life. However I will be having just one third of my current monthly costs and this will allow me to create more profit in order to invest in the development in my business. After the new projects will be fully running, then moving to bigger apartment or business office will be in play again.

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  1. It's good that you're actually planning in advance about how you're going to move out from your apartment and how you're moving in to your new home. It's always best to be prepared. Good luck!