25 May 2013

Day 55: Japan influence

Today I went to the city center and noticed a special exhibition in the mall display window that was dedicated to Japan. I observed the Kimono and Yukata dresses and I remember how many times I desired to be dressed like Japanese. Dresses like Yukata are very cozy and simple to wear, not like typical western clothes with belts. Also the Japanese footwear is much more healthier than western ones which suffocate the foot.

Why do we wear so unhealthy clothes that inflict pain to human physical body? I also was for some time at Hare Krishna movement and was also very excited about wearing typical Indian clothes like Dhoti. How can we claim to be the most civilized people and do not reflect the common sense by producing clothes that is nice to the body?

I invite everyone to think about this. Why wearing something juts to fit the society and culture? Why not producing clothes that best fit the body, that is functional and then only should we decide how to design it also to look cool. All is connected to money and to social brainwashing. I suggest to engage in the Desteni I Process online course and then to apply Equal Money System political agenda that would change our society into something where only the best clothes will be produced.

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