06 May 2013

Day 36: Resistance to the new job slowly ending

In the past two blogs I wrote about the resistance that I experience towards starting the new job of selling a new product via in-home presentations. Today was the first working day and I planned to go out and meet people in their apartments. In the morning I had a meeting with my friend at my place where we supported each other in regards most effective selling approaches. I then went to the local print shop and made some additional flip-chart graphics and also the badge with my picture and name that is suppose to be a very effective ice-braker when other will see me on their doorsteps. However I still did not found myself ready enough to go out and also the weather was not very appropriate since it rained.

Well the rainy weather could from one point be seen as advantage since people are at their apartments far more probably than in sunny weather. However it is not very easy for me to make the home visits in the rain since I also have to bring an umbrella and it is much more cold and slippery outside. I almost died once when I visited a customer a couple of years age in the evening and tripped. This definitely brings up a very disturbing memories. 

Then bottom line is that I just did not feel confident enough for doing the presentation today. I have not yet assembled all the quotes and flow of presentation that would make a good impression and convince the prospects in buying the product. So I will now structure all the point by condensing them down to titles and then expand them into paragraphs. I will reorder the flip-chart presentation to best follow the paragraphs. At the end I will prepare all the possible questions and objections and the best answers and explanations.

I will then practice the complete presentation in my mind and rewrite the complete scenario using blue ink and white paper to commit it to my long-term memory until it will be totally internalized. Then I expect to be fully prepared for the battle and will accept victory as the only outcome. Well I realize that someone could say NO in spite of me fully excelling however I want to be prepared for all possible scenarios and perform well. The main objective is to present the product by showing all the benefits for the prospect. I must be totally confident in the quality, functionality and value of the product while breathing effectively and staying emotionally stable. I realize that any question that prospect makes is just for them to make sure that their decision is the best.

Today I also read the book titled ”So you would like to sell?" for the second time. Is is short but very effective book on sales. To calm down, remove stress and clear nervousness, I made myself a first hot bath after several months and I enjoyed it very much. I then remembered a couple of additional techniques for diminishing stress. One is rebounding and the other is sauna. Jumping up and down on a mini trampoline is a simple but very effective exercise that benefits the whole body. And I remember how sauna assists in removing the toxins from the body and how also prevents the backchat. The heat in sauna stops the mind, one is unable to think but only be here, present in this moment.

From becoming overwhelmed by thinking about how I will be able to arrange all the information I found assisting to firstly imagine all the procedures in my mind while the physical body is resting. While working with computer one has to besides thinking what to do also think how to do it, what button to press, what software to use, what kind of document, what font, how to design the information and bunch of other things. So all these thinking drains the mental resources and distract attention from what actually has to be done. Thus imagining all the necessary steps firstly in the mind and doing some handwritten notes will assist me in completing the project.

I learned from the success club that I am member of that the false information that most people holds in the low income class all life is the believe that time for thinking and time for the practical execution of projects have to be in balance or equal. However the most successful people prove this to be wrong. The most important thing is thinking or planning and this is to be 99% without asking much about how the objectives would be achieved. The most important point is to come with a “what” and let flow of the actual events to create the “how”. This is because one is never able to be aware of all the potentials in existence and possible outflows of all the events. So let us see how all this will turn out in the following days.

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