05 May 2013

Day 35: Resistance to the new job continued

I am doing a slow progress towards preparing a presentation text for the new product that I will be presenting via in-home presentations. Yesterday we had a picnic with some friends and one of them had a lot of experienced with door-to-door sales. She explained that is is very important to have a badge with your picture and name with big letters since this creates confidence in other people. Then when you enter the apartment, you look around and see what would be the best point for the conversation ice-breaker. Next it is very important to ask what are the parent's usual seats, especially of the father. You make sure that you never sit down where their usual seat is.

Today is Sunday and Sunday afternoon is the best time to call the prospect on the phone and set a date for the meeting. However I am not sure if this is also a good time for making visits. In the morning I have assembled some additional presentation text but I still have not finished it. I could try to do some presentations for practice or I could spend the day completing the text. It is a tuff decision.

What pulls me down is also the weather. Yesterday afternoon couple of weeks of nice sunny weather ended with rainy storms. Recently I find weather changes to influence my state of the mind quite extensively. My mind is not very stable even due to reactions that are related to unconscious emotions of fear. And when the clouds accumulate in the sky and the rain starts to fall down, I started to feel heavy and sleepy and my mind also becomes heavy, cloudy or dizzy. Maybe this is related to the change of air pressure.

Since I know that I can be effective with sales only if I feel excellent, I am not very confident with going out and making house visits. I expect that most of people would also be influenced by weather and that it is best to at least wait for the next working day. I friend who is also very experienced in sales will visit me tomorrow morning and we will have a workshop where we will practice sales skills. I the meen time I will finis my presentation text and design a badge with my name and photo for the best effect. But then it must be end with procrastination. Monday afternoon I plan to go out and do my first unannounced home visits.

I will also read again a book about hot to be effective in sales. We all try to convince something or sell something to another. There are amateur salesman like parents who try to sell their kids some believe and make them do specific things and there are professional salesman that do convincing on a daily basis with better results. All try to influence someone in order to get what we want. We use words, arguments and the level of our success is based on the level of understanding what are the needs of others and how our services or product can fullfil their needs. And this is quite a task where each of us has to grow and expand and widen the awareness about how we and this world functions.

What drives me away from doing my sales job is also awareness that I will meet different people. When they open the door, I will have just a few seconds to convince them to let me in. And some will be also very nasty and angry and this kind of behavior will not be very easy to handle. Even if you have the best product in the word, some people will yell at you. It will be a big challenge to keep the good mood, clear all the recent past bad experiences and remain emotionally stable within. I will have to do a lot of breathing and doing regular self-forgiveness and self-commitments. 

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