02 June 2013

Day 62: I received the Knowledge

Today I received the so called Knowledge. This is a couple of techniques that Prem Rawat Maharaji is teaching and whoever accepts this Knowledge is must pledge not to reveal this techniques to anyone else and not to share its experiences with using the knowledge with anyone. So I will also not reveal what I have been taught but only discuss my backchat about his issue.

Now this Knowledge is about peace, about breath and it is to be practiced at least one hour per day in order to “give it a fair chance”. Since there are many of techniques for achieving peace and tranquility I wonder which one to use and what is the most effective? There is only 24 our in a day. And if one is sleeping for 8 hour per day, there is only 16 hours left. One hour is thus 1/16 or about 7% ob daily effective time. Also many of these peace techniques are part of the White Light deception and can seem very nice and peaceful, however it transform people to inactive state where sure the individuals who practice techniques become peaceful, however they also do not care about others and the consequences of their actions.

From my experiences it is quite easy to calm down, to take self-responsibility for your emotions. So becoming peaceful within is not something that can be a major goal for me. I am more interested in other aspects of this reality that are mostly unnoticed by New Age and spiritual aspirants. Thus I find Desteni I Process and Equal Money System as the most complete solutions to biring peace and abundance for all living beings. It is more important to specifically transform your thinking and behavior pattern with full awareness and self-responsibility and to change the world system by political means than simply doing some breathing and attention focusing techniques without practically changing anything. 

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