09 June 2013

Day 68: Sharing the washing machine

In the new small apartment I do not have a washing machine. The apartment I rent was advertised as equipped with all the necessary equipement, thus I also expected to have a washing machine. I asked the landlady about how will I be washing my laundry and we made and agreement that I will be allowed to use her washing machine until I would buy my own.

Today enough of laundry accumulated to fill one washing machine so I asked the landlady if she can wash it. This was also the last day after she would travel abroad for couple of days, so I wanted to make sure that the laundry would be done in time before she left. So she did allow me to go to her bathroom, I used my own washing powder and switched on the machine. After two hours she gave me a ring and told me that washing is completed. I went to pick the laundry and hanged it on the terrace in the middle of sunny Sunday.

I also discussed with my landlady how uneconomic it is for each apartment to have its own washing machine since at least I do not use it more that two hours per week thus it would be better if the whole house would have just one machine and we would share it. But we have became so used to individuality and separation that for the most of the people this would require too large change of the mindset. But let's face it, this kind of arrangement would be much better for all and also for the environment. 

We already started to share a lot of thing. For example, we have public transportation, public roads and other infrastructure and the latest city acquisition is the city bicycle sharing network. This is a nice step towards the realisation that we in fact do not need to poses things in order to use it. So in the future we just need to expand this concept as wide as possible and implement it at all points of our life. And the quickest way to make this true is by implementing the political solution of an Equal Money System.

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