26 January 2011

2011 - Bought new photo equipment, met new interesting people

Yesterday morning I have been busy packing and moving out of my apartment and I managed to make two rides with my car, fully filled with the stuff. In the afternoon I went to Kranj city where I met with the real estate agent, and we went to the public notary to authenticate the selling contract for my apartment. I then visited Kompas tourist agency since the visa application form that I have found on the web was not the correct version. So I had to write down all the information again in a just slightly different form that was five pages long, and then they faxed it to the South African Embassy in Vienna.

Then I continued my ride to our capital city Ljubljana, where I planned to purchase photo equipment. I was there last time two months ago when I assisted my neighbor to pick the proper camera for his personal use, and he also rented me his equipment a few times afterwards for my professional use. But since I am going to South Africa and then move to new apartment in Ljubljana, I will be no longer able to rent his equipment from him anymore due to long distances. So this time it was my turn to buy some entry-level camera for my basic needs. While driving there and back I was speaking self-forgiveness out loud whenever I noticed any movement of my mind, which assisted me to be fully present in my car and focus on the traffic.

I have been using Nikon brand professional equipment until I sold it two years ago. When I have been picking the camera for my friend, we decided to go for a middle price-range Canon camera that was able to also take full HD movies. But one month ago a new model of Nikon SLR camera was released that also enables to shoot in full HD, so I tested it and compared it with the Canon model. It was smaller and cheaper than Canon, with great ergonomics, so I decided to go with Nikon. I bought a set with a body and two zoom lenses that cover from 18 to 300 mm range, the most powerful external Nikon flash, a monopod, one backpack, one beltpack and some other small accessories. This will cover my needs to make some photos in Africa and also to execute professional photography and video projects.

While driving back home, I stopped again in Kranj, where I was invited to participate in discussion with group of people who also want to improve this world. This time I was only in role of listener and observer, and I expect the next time to have the opportunity to introduce them with the Desteni solutions. The place was very cold and the air was filled with cigaret and marijuana smoke, so it was not very enjoyable for me. But since I was not there for my personal pleasure, I endured in expectation with future results in connecting people that would like to make this world a better place.

When I arrived home, I checked my email and FaceBook and started to reply to messages. When I got to the message where someone was asking me about how can one be sure if everything that Desteni is saying is nothing but the truth, I experienced like someone would push me swiftly in my head from left side and moved me right for a few centimeters and this resulted in immediate strong vertigo. Up to this time, the vertigo appeared more gradually, but this time was like a immediate strong hit. I lied down on the sofa and started to rest in order for vertigo to go away as usual. Slowly I started to feel very sick in the stomach and I also experienced pressure and gas in my intestines. I considered this also to be a result of daily stress and very quickly eating tho sandwiches that I bought on the gas station, that were heated in the microwave and eaten fast on the parking spot before I went to the group discussion. So I decided to go on a toilet and empty my stomach and intestines by vomiting and taking a shit. A then went to bed, since it was already very late.
  1. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to observe and admire the looks of some girl and wanting to be her boyfriend and having sex with her, instead of realizing the attraction to someones looks is resonantly triggered by the mind, and is based on the programming of the sex system that locks and enslaves you in relationship and distracts you from grasping and taking the full responsibility for the whole reality in this world.

  2. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to feel ashamed when having vertigo and writing about it in my blog, since I want to be perfect and flawless Destonian and by my example represent the effectiveness of Desteni tools, instead of realizing that Desteni as organization has nothing to do with me personally, that only I am responsible for myself, that I can not control my physical body, and that I need to trust my body to do whatever it decides it is necessary in order to remove all the toxins and become stable again.


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