23 January 2011

2011 - Curing cancer effectively with sodium bicarbonate and iodine

Today I have watched a two hour footage of lecture of Primož Verbič who is the president of SVOOD - Slovenian Society for Freedom of Choice. He had a speech in the Youth Cultural Center in Škofja Loka, where I am also to have a speech about my experiences with Desteni on 9. February 2011. He proved that vaccination is not only ineffective and that can also cause death, thus the doctors who enforce vaccination should be charged of murder.

Then I stumbled upon one video that some of my friend on FaceBook shared a YouTube video with Croatian subtitles on his wall and it held an information about Italian medical doctor Tullio Simoncini, who has been researching cancer for many years. In the footage of his lecture he claimed that cancer is the result of human body defense when Candida fungus starts to spread due to disrupted body acidity. He proved that cancer can be cured effectively simply if it gets in touch with sodium bicarbonate. And the skin cancer can be fully cured just with the iodine solution. All the information in shared in many languages, including Slovenian, on his web site > http://www.curenaturalicancro.com

Since the mother of my friend, who lives in the same building, is working on the Slovenian Oncology Hospital, I called her and shared the interesting information with her. Not long after I started to share her this information, she stopped me and said that she does not believe the information on the internet and that she trusts her colleagues that collect the most advanced knowledge on the many top world medical conferences. She did not bother to check the information for herself, and reacted simply out of ego end self-interest. This response of hers did not come as a great surprise, since I already shared her some useful information once and she proved that she does not give a fuck about patients, as long as she gets her big monthly paycheck. I gave her another try, but she exposed herself again as totally ignorant and irresponsible person.

As the lecture about vaccination and treating cancer exposed, there is a great resistance from the medical corporations, they make a great effort to discredit the free-thinking scientist, send annoying journalist and ridicule the discoveries in the media. Of course, simply because the new methods are not lucrative, but very cheap or free, so corporations and medical industry can not profit from patients anymore. And the doctors who spent a huge amount of money to get their medical diploma are not able to charge for their precious advices anymore. The whole medicine is corrupt, and it is the current money system that is holding everyone in the position of self-interest and greed. Thus this problem can not be fixed with small corrections, it will take a whole new system with the different values in order for all to break free from this slavery of banking terrorism. We need the Equal Money System that will support all life as one and equal and bring heaven on earth in the effective and practical way.

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