05 January 2011

2011 - My chat experience with founder of Wikileaks Slovenia

Today I have had a Skype audio chat with a guy from Slovenia who I met on FaceBook and is managing some Slovenian environmental FaceBook group. I have checked his profile and noticed that he is also involved in the Wikileaks project. So I contacted him and we talked about our backgrounds and current activities. He explained that he is preparing Wikileaks Slovenia project that would expose all the corruption that journalism and police do not want to expose due to lack of will or fear or corruption. Besides exposing the crimes, there is also plan to prosecute those crimes and punish the people who abuse other people and steal large amount of money in more or less legal ways.

I saw here the opportunity to join the forces in bringing the better world, so I wanted to introduce Desteni and the solutions to this guy. After he introduced himself it was my turn to share my background and then I asked him some questions in order to see how he understands the root cause of current world imbalance and what is his idea of fixing the situation. He explained that what is needed is to move to non-profit model of organizations and the way to manifest this model is through the introduction of proper legislation. When I asked him about how he understands the driving force of greed, he answered that this is not his line of job and that he does not care.

I noticed that he became very restless, he constantly interrupted me and started to explain what are his plans and what he needs, how he is totally broke and how sometimes works up to 20 hours per day and that many people from different fields are contacting him daily and wanting to talk to him. He became more and more upset, talking and talking, and did not want to give me the opportunity to explain what are my intentions. I tried to explain that at Desteni we share the same goals of making this world a better place, and that there is course for self-realization and Equal Money System prepared as the effective practical solutions to achieve this goals.

After I explained him that I am interested in cooperation, he said that he does not care about what other people do and that he is only willing to find out how can we help him at the Wikileaks project. He was not willing to even check the Desteni stuff for himself. When I asked him if he is interested in gaining the bigger picture about how and why this world exists the way it is, he replied that the way how general science explains this existence is sufficient for him and that he is only willing to focus on legal approach of fixing this reality. I asked him is he is aware that during our conversation he emotionally reacted and projected his past experiences and I suggested to support himself at understanding how the mind and emotions work with the tools of Desteni, but he did not want to listen.

I explained that I did not wanted to speak with him only to support his project and that my interest is cooperation and the solutions that are best for all, thus we both need to be opened, listen to each other equally and research what solutions are the best. Since he constantly interrupted me, with justification that this is simple the way his personality is, and did not want to listen to what I had to say, I told him that I am not interested in continuing this conversation, that I do not have respect for the people who only want to protect their own interest and then I said good bye.

This was another example of the people who are not really interested in equality and stopping their egos, but just positioned themselves at some activist role and blindly follow what they believe is right, just to feel good and special, which is as much elitism and self-interest as of the people that they are supposedly fighting against. The root cause of evil in this world is self, and the self needs to take the full responsibility of everything that exists, become one with all existence by applying self-forgiveness and then only is one able to change this reality to what is best for all, based not on feelings, emotions, judgements and projections, but on the principle of equality and with inner stability as all as one and equal.

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  1. Yes, it is 'a shame' - working together, united as one big group would be so much more effective. The guy is blinded.