12 January 2011

2011 - Contract closed, climbed the hill, researched sexual intimacy

Today I went to real estate agency and signed a contract with the couple who decided to buy my apartment. All went well and I should receive money to my bank account next Monday. Thus I have pushed the preparations for holidays on the Desteni farm and visited travel agency who also organized travel to South African football world cup a few months ago and got all the information what steps will I need to take.

Firstly I went to photographer that took the pictures for the documents. Then I went to local administrative unit and ordered the making of passport since I do not have one yet and it will take about one week to receive it. Then I wil need to bring the passport to the travel agency and the agency will sent it, together with the written invitation from the farm and my financial information, to the South African Embassy in Vienna. The embassy will check my information, print the visa in the passport and send back the passport in about 10 days period. Meanwhile I need to book the plain tickets since they are cheaper if you book them as soon as possible. If everything will go well, on 10. February 2011 I will be on my plane to the other side of the globe.

While I was busy with the formalities, my girlfriend has been staying alone at my apartment. When I returned back, she has been again all over me and we went all the way. We had a long sex while she was on the top all the time, and I let her do all the moving. I wanted to know how she experiences it, what she is feeling, but she told me not to disturb her, since she wants to focus on the feeling. It is interesting that usually she talks all the time, but now she was not willing to share any information. I enjoyed very much but I also wanted to understand what she feels, since I also explained her yesterday how I experience sex and what kind of touch is for me pleasant and which is unpleasant. So far she only explained that she is usually experiencing several small orgasms and after she gets the big one, she is not in the mood to continue anymore. I found this information interesting, since as I read about woman's orgasm, that they are able to experience it sequential one after another without desire to stop at some point. So this has been something new to me.

Then we got out and climbed the local hill and the girl complained how her legs are all soft and rubber like. But we managed to reach the peak successfully and had a nice cup of tea at the farm of Mrs Milka. It was already pretty dark while we were heading down the hill. Since my father called me to immediately come to his office and do some small project on the computer, we stopped bye at his place and I introduced him with my girlfriend. After I finished the job, we went home, had shower and I had something to eat. Then she went to bed and I finally got some peaceful time in order to watch the new daily Desteni videos and start writing this blog.

In regards to this girl visiting me, I noticed that I had trouble with finding the sufficient time to do all the stuff that I usually do when I am alone. She constantly needs my attention, touches, caresses and kisses me all the time and talks and makes questions non-stop, even if I watch some video. She explained how she desires touching, since she has been divorced for may years, her son has already grown up and does not allow her to hug him anymore, so the way she compensated her feeling of loneliness in recent time was by frequently hugging her teddy-bear. No wonder why she is so lustful, since now I have become her bear and I am much more appropriate to cuttle and beyond. Tomorrow we are going to start packing stuff to move myself out and I am looking forward to the experience of this joined project.

Spending time with this girl has been a opportunity to put myself on the test. While she physically moved and talked, I was careful about any of my emotional reactions. I pushed myself to breathe effectively and remain here, not to have any expectations and tried to communicate with her effectively. I can not say that I had none reactions whatsoever, but still I am satisfied that I have become much stable than like a was few months ago. The Desteni tools of self-forgiveness and Structural Resonance Alignment Training has definitely improved my emotional stability extensively and I expect to go even further by walking my process in the future.

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