27 January 2011

2011 - Finally moved out to my father's place, who became 60 years old

Today I finally moved out of my apartment since the phone company disconnected the internet and this will be the first night that I will spent in the top apartment at my father's house. I also received the confirmation letter that my bank debts were payed, so I managed to open personal and business accounts and apply for the credit card at the new bank. I also settled yearly car obligations by paying the road tax, car insurance and the highway fee.

Yesterday I decided to start fasting, since small occasional vertigos started to bother me more and more frequently. I wanted to give my body a break in order to rest and clean itself from the toxins. So for the last two days I have been only drinking water and tea and I can say that it supports me a lot at keeping my head clear and stable. I plan to continue to fast for two more days, and I will stop on Saturday since my father has invited me for family dinner in order to celebrate his 60th birthday.

But since exact birthday anniversary of my father is today, my brother with his wife and two daughters came to visit my father while I was came down to the living room. My brother gave him the iPhone4 for the present and then all three of us men went down to the workshop and spent more than three hours synchronizing the information and updating software, also on his iPad. Then my father gave his iPhone3 to brother's oldest daughter and his other multimedia phone to the younger daughter. The oldest daughter became so excited that she started to cry extensively out of joy and happiness.

There is also a big furry gray cat here at father's place that came to his house a few months ago. It had one leg injured and we do not know exactly what was it's story. It is quite frightened and does not like to be stroked for a long time, nor does it allow to be lifted or held. Its fur is very thick and when stoking it, the static electricity starts to build up and sparks manifest between the fingers and its fur. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why does it not like to be caressed, since sparks feel like a sting of the needle. My father also does not allow it to enter the house, so it had to be outside, even in the winter. But I like the cat to come inside, so it came to my apartment, I gave it something to eat end drink and then we both rested on the bedroom.

I did not notice any significant emotional reaction today within myself, so I am very satisfied with how I handled interactions with numerous people, live and on the internet. I was able to be here present and breathe effectively. Let us see, how this trend continues.

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