06 January 2011

2011 - Sound Money - The gold standard is not the solution

I have watched some very interesting videos today that speak about money and current world economic crisis. Stansberry & Associates Research Institute released a very controversial presentation video that in very great detail explains how USA is slowly but surely drifting into hyperinflation. The starting point of the video is to gain subscribers for the institute reports that promise very useful and practical information about how to protect your assets and even get profit from the incoming money collapse. One of the suggestions is to buy as many gold and silver, however they talk also about something, called "The worlds most valuble asset in the time of crisis" that is far more valuable than precious metals and that also the elite is investing in this asset. They have correctly predicted already the 2008 crisis and they offer three months of no-questions-asked money-back guarantee for the yearly subscriptions that is very affordable. I have become very curious what this "Worlds most valuble asset in the time of crisis" is, but my credit card is currently blocked, so I can not check this out. Maybe some other of you guys could check and report back.

The other awesome video that I watched is titled The Rise of Sound Money. In this video some guy shortly explains how money was and is currently created and why is the current money system not healthy. This lecture is one of the rare ones that goes beyond idea of returning to the gold standard, since if everyone would start buying silver or gold, the world would very quickly run out of it, and that the bankers have already bought all the available gold, so this idea has no common sense. I have checked the YouTube channel where video has been uploaded to, and discovered the web sites Stop The Robbery, The End All Disease and World Hemp Revolution. There is also the FaceBook page StopTheRobbery - Accelerating Human Evolution and then I also searched and found out that the name of the guy is Mark David. I invited him to become my friends and he immediately confirmed. Then I sent him a message with the short description of Desteni and the links to web sites and suggested him to research and share the information. He replied that he is very glad of making this kind of connections and that he will take a look. He is currently preparing the video where he will "drop the full equation of what he believes to be the most efficient manner to change our world into an everyday paradise and that he will include a proposition directly the Rockefeller family, Rothschilds, Morgan's, and any other families who are part of the NWO plan as well." So I am looking forward for the release of the video with his proposition.

The bottom line is that I have also been considering to buy the gold and silver with the money from selling my apartment. From the economic perspective and based on predictions that the price of this two metals will skyrocket, I could make a small fortune by that. But this way I would become one of those who care only for self-interest and would also contribute to the increase of the price and shortage of the metals that are practically needed to produce electronic components. This is certainly not the solution that is best for all. Basing money on the value of gold and silver can not solve the problems of this world. If the value of things is relative to rarity, meaning that the things that are in less quantity have the highest value, and the things that are in abundance are the cheapest, this is still the system that perpetuates greed, scarcity and destroys life. We need to change our principles and create the system that would support life at all costs. Thus the life is what must be appreciated the most, the life has to have the highest value. Things have to be valued parallel to the level of how they support life. And this is what Equal Money System is all about. Thus I suggest everyone to research it and contribute the ideas of how this life-supportive system can be practically manifested within the legal and political boundaries of each of our countries.

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