27 January 2011

2011 - Our country Slovenia soon facing bankruptcy

I have been watching a video recording of a lecture titled "Financial distress of Slovenia", where Zoran Dernovšek, independent financial counselor, who also studied international finances, presented disturbing financial information regarding our country. He showed the trend of our Slovenia country rapidly going into large debts in order to provide enough money to pay off all public servants and provide for retired citizens. This trend started months ago, when government started to bail out two of our largest banks. If one is to include all hidden taxes, we are the world record holder as the highest taxed nation, with total of 70-80% tax rate. Thus he predicts total bankruptcy of our country in just 6-8 months!

So far I have been concerned only for USA, since I have followed reports from Russia Today TV show and Lyndon LaRouche financial predictions, but I have never imagined that our country would also suffer total financial collapse. Zoran explained that the leadership and court system of our country is very corrupt, that the civil service is far too big for our nation of 2 million people, and that with proper management, our country could prosper just fine only with 10% tax rate.

He indicated that there is not enough critical mass of people currently in order to overthrow the people who are on the leading and decisive positions in our political and social system, and that national bankruptcy is inevitable unless some change in current trends happens. In the scenario of financial collapse, we are to receive help from EU financial rescue officials that would come and clean our government management. This would be a tuff step to take, but Zoran does not see any other solution.

Alarming times are obvious ahead of us, and no one can predict exactly what is going to happen. Thus I want to introduce the solution of Equal Money System to as many people as possible, especially to those who have the power of influence in the current position. I am looking forward for the book on Equal Money that is expected to be released in the following few months, as the support and guidance for the people who see the great need to change the current money, economic, political and social system.

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  1. While I applaud those 20% of Slovenians who recognize the realities facing them, I feel it is too little, too late. I have tried warning people for several years what is now occurring and it fell mostly on deaf ears. In my opinion, within 10 years Slovenia will no longer be viable as an independent country and will have to be ceeded to another, which which will be to its benefit.
    The blame is simple to direct. It goes to the 80% of slovenians too egocentric, too nationalistic, too apathetic, and too corrupt to have actively joined the "real world" almost 20 years ago, and certainly since being the only EU member in the region.
    If I hear the phrase, we are only a small country what can we do, another time from Slovenians I will scream.
    YOU are only small, if YOU think small