11 January 2011

2011 - Sold apartment, girlfriend visited, holidays at Desteni farm

I have found a buyer for my new apartment after only three weeks of advertising. Some young couple has came to look at apartment past Sunday and tomorrow we are to sign a contract, so I will be out of my apartment by the end of January. I am satisfied with the price we agreed upon and in following days I will be busy with packing and moving out. Until I find a new apartment in Ljubljana, I will be staying at my fathers place for a while.

Since I will get quite a lot of money from selling the apartment, I will be able to pay all my debts and invest in new projects. I have considered to use this opportunity also to visit the Desteni farm for one month of SRA mandatory practical training. I have sent the mail to the farm, but got the answer that visit to the farm is no longer mandatory in order to complete SRA training, and the only way to visit the far from now on is to buy a holidays on the farm. I have decided to go to the farm anyway in order to get the practical experience and to meet all the people on the farm in flesh.

I have also contacted Ministry for Foreign Affairs of our Republic of Slovenia and asked what I need in order to travel to South Africa. They said that I will need a visa and that I have to contact South African Embassy in Berlin. I have wrote an email to embassy in Berlin but they replied that I need to contact the embassy in Vienna. I have forwarded the email to the address that Berlin embassy gave but the mail has been refused since the user is over quota. I have also checked the link to the web site to the embassy in Vienna and the URL had only default content of the domain host. I have reported to Berlin embassy that infos of Vienna embassy is not valid and I am expecting come valid answer.

Today I also got a visit from a girl that visited me about three weeks ago and has been calling and me and sending me SMS messages almost every day since then. She is quite "in love" or should I say obsessed with me, and we became intimate just a few moments after she came to my place. It was cool al this hugging and kissing and the body warmth, but it also disrupted my usual daily rhythm, since I am used to live alone. She just could not have enough of me, thus I had problems concentrating to the things that I planned to do for today. So I started the conversation to express my expectations and wishes in order to get done everything what I planned to do. She also came for the reason of helping me to pack and move out of the apartment, so I am glad that she came bye.

But since the girl has been all over me, I saw the need of coming to an agreement of how our relationship is going to be. In the past weeks she has become very familiar with the fact that I am walking the Desteni process of self-realization and I invited her also to start writing blog. She started to write journal three weeks ago in order to bring it for me to read and support her with effective self-forgiveness. But since she has forgotten to bring the journal, I have suggested her to write several pages while she is staying at my place so I can show her how to benefit from writing herself to freedom. Thus while I am now typing this blog post, she is busy writing her stuff manually to the notebook. Now I am going to check her writing and give her some directions and then we are going to bed, since she is very tired.

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