21 January 2011

2011 - Got money from selling apartment, bought ticket to Desteni farm

After two days of delay, the buyer of my apartment finally wired me the money, thus my apartment definitely got a new owner. So for the past few day, I have been very busy with paying all the past bills, delayed taxes, closing bank credits, ordering passport, preparing the visa application, making flight reservation and Desteni Farm holiday booking. Today I plan to open the bank account at new bank, since I had bad experiences with my current bank, and I will have to wait only two weeks in order to get credit card, and not two months as my current bank demands. I also have to pay commission to the real estate agency and check if all the taxes are payed in accordance to our laws. By Saturday I plan to move out of apartment completely and temporary settle at my father's upper flat. I then plan to update my computer graphic design software, buy a camera and start to produce vlogs and blogs more regularly.

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