24 January 2011

2011 - Continuing with moving out, spreading the message of Desteni

Today I have been busy packing my stuff in order to move out of my apartment, and I have been also very active in communicating with a lot of new friends on the FaceBook. Many have found the new Desteni videos that I promptly post on by FaceBook wall every day very inspiring, so I sent them additional information and links to Desteni web sites and YouTube channels. Of course there were also some who wanted to hold onto their own opinions, so we ended the chat very quickly.

I am noticing improved emotional stability, and this is probably the result of extensively speaking self-forgiveness sentences out loud yesterday. I have been able to write long explanation messages to friends who wanted to know more about Desteni with a lot of patience. And I have learned that commenting to the love and light bullshit posts of some friends is very counterproductive. The people simply do not like others to disturb their illusion of good feelings. So I am sticking to posting the Desteni stuff only on my wall and other Desteni group walls and communicate only with those who will like the videos, vlogs and blogs.

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