15 January 2011

2011 - Zeitgeist Moving Forward - Movie review

Today was the world premiere of the third Zeitgeist movie titled "Moving Forward". I reserved the ticket a few weeks ago, since I am in touch and following the activities of the Zeitgeist Movement in Slovenia. The screening took place in several major town in our country, and I went to Kranj, which is closest town to my place. The movie started at 6pm and it was over 2,5 hour long. I went to watch the movie with expectations, like the title suggested, that Zeitgeist had moved forward, made some new steps, so I wanted to see what new solutions would bring the movie in order to manifest the idea of moneyless society and round cities with resource-based economy.

The movie started with some explanation that addictions and violence are not genetically caused, but are the result of social environment. Interviews with several experts were part of the movie in order to underline every conclusion. Then the part of how money is currently created and all the related frauds have been pictured. The atmosphere became more and more intense with the introduction of dramatic music and scenes that predicted mass riots. Then the music changed in touchingly guitar solo and the clips of solution in form of resource based society and sustainable round cities was introduced. This part was so touching that I had to push myself and breathe very deep and fast in order not to cry because of joyful feelings.

There was some part in the movie that pointed equality as the crucial factor in gaining peoples satisfaction and prosperity. Some talk was also in regards to forgiveness and that it should be not used, but I did not understood everything that was said due to very small subtitles. And also feelings and emotions have been mentions, since the lack of money is not the cause of the stress, but the bad feeling because of not having it. However the role of equality point and power of feelings and emotions was not presented as the major factor. And only the physical brain has been presented as origin of human behavior, totally disregarding non-physical dimensions.

The whole planet has been presented purely as the location of human resources, on hand purely for the exploitation of the human kind. There was no mentioning of the rest of the species, like animals and plants, focusing only on the metals and minerals as the building elements for the devices that will bring us pleasure. The robotic automation and computers were praised as the solution to relieve humans from unwanted jobs. The produced goods would be build at highest quality standards to last as long as possible. And the purpose and joy of the humans is suppose to be in creating things.

At the end was the breaking point where pressure compounded and the human crowd and the police force were to face and hit each other. Then some man from the office called the chief of police and then it took of his helmet and dropped it on the floor. And on the side of the civilians, some businessman threw his suitcase full of money in the air so it smashed on the floor, broke open and the money fell on the ground. Then slowly the rest of the crowd followed and they all trashed their bags of money, as they realized that they do not need it anymore, and all became very blissful and joyful.

So this are all the major points of the movie that remained in my memory. I can say that the movie was a great disappointed, since I expected to hear about some new and practical solution about how to fix this world. It was a disgrace that animals and plants have been totally ignored as being, not worth of inclusion in the equality equation. The movie gave the man all the right to exploit the whole planet just for his own pleasure, introducing sustainable economy not from the point of accepting every living being as one and equal, but as the superior and dominant species, worth of ruling this planet. No actions were to be made in order to remove human ego, and the responsibility of individuals for their thought, feelings and emotions was not taken into consideration.

The idea of the introduction of the resource based economy was based on the imagination of human as species coming from outer space to this planet, that was not yet inhabited. We were to look at the whole planet and see the similarity between the ecosystem and the connectedness of the internal organs of human body, thus we were to treat the planet as a whole balanced system. And the idea of ending all problems of this world was based on the spontaneous moment, when we would all collectively miraculously come at the same time to enlightenment and realization that we do not need the money anymore, would get rid of it in a single moment, and then we would live happily ever after.

I saw no actual difference between this movie and the previous ones. The same points were propagated as before, only the script was a bit different, more structured and clear. So Zeitgeist is Moving Forward, by staying on the same spot. No actual practical solutions how to make the transition from current money system to no money system. No deep understanding of how mind-conscious system is enslaving and possessing us by producing thoughts, feelings and emotions, and no realization about how each of us is responsible for everything that we allow and accept and that there is no other solutions but self-forgiveness. Zeitgeist has the vision, but their vision is the continuation of human elitism end technological superiority, without understanding of all the point and dimensions that exist and create this reality.

However I introduced myself to the girl who was a head of the screening and I asked her if there will be any discussion afterward. She told me, that it will take place in two weeks and all the Zeitgeist members from Slovenia that would like to contribute, will be invited. I gave her my contacts and said that I would like to introduce the solutions of Desteni, but I do not know it they will actually want to hear, since I already shared information to some of the members, but they did not express much interest yet. But she told me, that every suggestion is welcome and that she is totally open for anyone who has got some useful idea. So I plan to share Desteni solutions at the group discussion, and maybe I will meet her even before the meeting and explain her my experiences face to face.

  1. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have a feeling of superiority while introducing Desteni to the girl, chief of screening, instead of realizing that she is equal to me, and that Desteni message needs to be lived by not allowing any energetic possession.

  2. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become angry and then suppress this feeling while listening to some illusional claims in the Zeitgeist movie and thus manifesting itching on the skin, instead of realizing that I need to stop all judgements, breathe effectively, listen without any emotional reactions and then communicate the solutions that are best for all with complete inner stability as life.


  1. Good and onest review. It`s incredible how Zeitgeist gained so many folowers in the beginning, though it is barely old materialistic religion proposing changing society into Technocracy (by violent act as a solution of transformation)
    They are completely ignoring human spiritual abilyties and are praising to dead machines instead.. Zeitgeist movement spreads the most harmful ideology I have met. But they do it in the guise of very aesthetic prommise of the comfortable future (possible only if 95% of people die, so there is abundance of resources)

  2. Zeitgeist is change to worst

  3. hello valentine,
    i want to thank you for taking your time to review zeitgeist moving forward,
    i am posting this in reference to your last two points on your review as i can identify with you as far as the inability to share ideas with out getting emotionally attache, it take a grate amount of courage from you to recognize that, and i think your recognition is a sign of healing, i will take the time to review what you propose, and know that the zeitgeist movement is an evolving idea open to re orientation if proven other wise, so my biggest concern is how are we going to be able to learn to communicate, specially withing members that obviously care about the world they living in

  4. Great review! I don't agree either with the isolation of man from the rest of the animal kingdom, or from life forms for that matter. This point which you bring was missing but, from what I know of the movement; they too are concern with giving life forms it's rightful place in the scheme.

    The movie is long and I heard the final edition is going to be longer and, it is hard to include everything there is to know about social, political, economical changes considering the attention span and the amount of information people can handle.

    Overall I think is was great for awakening the hunger for knowledge of people and disrupting the paradigm that this is the only way to do things.

  5. It sounds as if the film had a greater impact on you than what you realize. And although it may not have moved forward as you say exactly the way you expected, the ideas presented became clearer to you. The point of me saying this is for YOU and ALL of US to do our part. But to do so, one must be clear. That is the point. As with most things, we need to be reminded over and over until it becomes second nature so much so that we take action albiet small steps toward not only changing the 'system' but our internal system which is what allows all what is going on to exist in the first place. Change usually comes slowly, particularly anything having to do with the establishment, however Zeitgeist is helping to reshape what we were indoctrinated into. Their point is to shine a light not only on the central issue that acts like a cancer in society, but also solutions. A grass roots movement (awareness) has begun. The greatest change has come about in this way. We change and the world changes, one by one. There's much talk about the problems in the world of hyped up news etc and we hear the same lame type of solutions but too little of it is substantial. It's just noise. This film (movement)identifies the cause of the cancer and that, my friend is something the establishment and media seem to conviently overlook. In short, it's a beginning. We all have a part to play. Best.

  6. the film briefly talked about fish populations during the global resource management part. also, everything in between cities would go back to nature. plant and animal life considerations are extremely important in the venus project if you research it further. secondly, the part about not forgiving people was also about not blaming them to begin with, rather, we need to understand what caused their criminal behavior in the first place. lastly, the transition to a resource based economy depends on all of us and can have many variables. the venus project would like to make a major motion picture and use the profits to build a test city to help educate people. there is no clear transition plan because the venus project is simply a goal to achieve, how we achieve it will be up to all of us. peace.

  7. one thing i forgot to respond to is where you say we'll get rid of money and live happily ever after. peter joseph does not advocate that we all get rid of our money as the end of the film portrays, rather, he's saying that with a critical mass of people we can achieve many goals ie: if over 50% of us refuse to pay income taxes in the US they couldn't prosecute all of us, etc.

  8. No plants and Animals were mentioned in the movie because plants and animals are do not have economy or monetary system, neither they do have banks and jobs or even politicians. They live the way they are supposed to live!

  9. I think you should watch it again very carefully. The Zeitgeist movement is about Love and acceptance towards all species including/especially plants and animals.

  10. Good points. I have similar feelings about the movie, I thought it was a rather lengthly rehash of Addendum only with a greater number of interview subjects expanding on the same basic ideas.

    The title "moving forward" is somewhat misleading because (as you mentioned) there was absolutely nothing about a viable transition plan to Fresco's Venus Project vision. Having said that, these films have done a great job at pointing out many the inherent flaws in our current terrible system and has undoubtedly opened a lot of peoples eyes to the fact we could carry on civilization in much saner matter.

    I would love to see this "movement" expand out to take on practical transition solutions and incorporate input from a diversity of science and engineering perspectives, not just stick to Fresco's autocratic version of the future.

  11. "human elitism end technological superiority" is NOT the message or vision of the Zeitgeist Movement. TZM is based on equality and equilibrium with nature. As for the non-mention of plants and animals, it is a given throughout his films and lectures that our well-being is only as good as the quality of our environment. That includes plants and animals.

  12. Don't you get it? It is already built-in, our care for the environment. For global mind you perceive animals and plants under one name - nature.
    Other thing that matters is - don't let your ego tricks you into who is behind everything thing. That is not important. The most important thing is how we will do the transition. It is obvious that perfect system of preservation must be regulated by computer, but controlled by us. There is no human group that can lead.
    The only big thing that concerns me: is there gonna be global war or not... And honestly I was almost crying at the end because I was sad that such joy of life will be destroyed by reckless and distorted human nature...

  13. "I expected to hear about some new and practical solution about how to fix this world."

    I too felt this way, until I realised that the answer is intrinsic to the content.

    Collapse is inevitable, and Peter's advice is to be playing for the right team when it finally happens. That is, team science. More than anything Zeitgeist is a state of readiness for when things begin to change. Will you support the reestablishment of free market society, or a new scientifically government unified society?

    As for what can be done now, I think that too is obvious:
    1. Show people the Zeitgeist movie etc.
    2. Encourage friends and family to pursue careers and avenues of learning relevent to the future - i.e. science, engineering, research, medicine.
    (as opposed to commerce, business, politics, economics, finance, etc.) 3. Engage in activities that generally disrupt the system - i.e. save more money than you spend, whenever possible, keep it in cash. Never click an advertising link, or respond on impulse to advertising material. etc. etc.
    4. Refuse to identify with any race, culture, creed or religion.

    That sound alright? What do you reckon :D

  14. Good review, very honest and straight forward. As yourself, I also cried in some parts and joined the movement after seen that. Fortunatelly, the senior members here are very rational people with no illusions of changing the world in a few years as many people who came to the following meeting. No civilization was made in a few years or even decades. It took them a few centuries and that's what's gonna take all these revolutionary movementes to change the world as we know it.


    Porto Alegre, Brazil