25 May 2011

2011 - I finally moved to our capital city Ljubljana

After few months of searching for appropriate place where I will be able to live and also execute my business services of photography, videography and graphic design in Ljubljana, I finally found some suitable apartment and signed a renting contracts on Monday, 23. May 2011 at 18:00 hours. I immediately spent the night there and the next day I visited local administrative unite and changed my primary residential address to Snežniška ulica 10, 1000 Ljubljana. So from now on I am living in 2nd floor of old renovated house where in the past the embassy of Belgium once was. In next week or two I will be very busy transporting my things to the new place.

The house is located next to embassy of Italy and right next to several universities, which Faculty for Chemistry and Chemical Technology is the closest, and just a few hundred meters away there is a Philosophic Faculty where I plan to start studying psychology this year. There is a large parking place in the back yard of the Faculty for Chemistry which is closed with sluice bar from about 8:00 to 17:00, and I got an electronic card key in order to access the parking place any time. And my visitors have to enter the one-way road to the parking place at the entrance of Faculty for Chemistry, ring at the sluice and tell the gatekeeper that they are visiting me, so that he then raises the bar and enables entrance. But after 17:00 the sluice is raised, so afternoon visitors have no problem accessing my place.

After registering my new residential address, I wanted also visit my bank, telecommunication provider, and Chamber of Craft and Small Business. Since they were scattered in different locations in the centre of the city, I did not want to use the car, since there is hard and expensive to park. But several days ago I watched the news report where they introduces the new services in the city that is called Bicike(LJ). This is the public bicycle rental service, so I wanted to try it out. This service is arranged in the way where on every 300 to 500 meters there is one of 30 bicycle parking space with the renting terminal and about 15 universal bicycles, electronically locked to the column. There is in total 300 available bicycles and 600 electronic parking places. You can pick the bicycle anywhere and return in to different parking place. In order to rent the bicycle, you have to use the Urbana universal city card with integrated identification chip that you can buy at all kiosks. You then need to find some Urbanomat terminal where you get the identification code and then register it online on Urbana web site.

The final step is registering your account on the Bicikelj web site with your credit card. You rent the bicycle with approaching your Urbana card to Bicikelj terminal at the bicycle parking place where you want to rent a bike, enter your pin code and the umber of column with the bicycle that you want to rent. The bicycle gets unlocked and you are able to ride the city on two wheels. In the front there is a basket where you can put your things, and it is well protected in order not to get you dirty from the chain grease or road dirt when raining. The renting is relatively cheap, compared to how much you have to pay for the car parking, and is free for using bicycle the first hour, then in costs you 1 € for second hour, 2 € for the third hour and 4 € for every additional hour. If the bike gets stolen while you have rented it, your credit card gets charged with the sum of 350 €.

I successfully managed to visit all the places that I had in mind and returned the bicycle to the parking place. The initial registration procedure however took quite a long time, about 2 to 3 hours, since instructions were not so clear, I had to go online several time, and also the terminal where I wanted to rent the bike was under maintenance. But from now on I will be able to rent a bike in matter of seconds. The Bicikelj service is good example of public service that removes the necessity of owning things. It will be cool if also cars could get enabled to rent in the similar way and I heard that in some countries this has been already established. But the best it would be, if renting would be completely free. So how would this be possible?

Well, all resources we get free from the earth and we are the ones who created the money and are accepting the way of how our monetary system is currently based on debt and interest. This artificially creates scarcity, competition, poverty and wars in this world. So if we simply decide to change our social and economic system in that which is best for all, we can distribute the resources, necessities and services among all living beings in this world equally. And Desteni came with functional political agenda that will practical manifest those changes. This solution is called the Equal Money System. So if you are interested in actively supporting the solution that will make this world a better place for all, visit the web site and join the discussion on the forum. Together we can bring heaven to earth!

23 May 2011

2011 - Corruption of legal system in Slovenia

Yesterday I had a 4-hours first introduction meeting with Rade Stanić that is president of Civil society for justice, development and control. I became acquainted with their FaceBook group few weeks ago and what attracted me was the exposure of injustice on courts in our country. I sent him the message in order to arrange meeting and to give him the information about Desteni who is also moving towards ending all injustice towards all living beings in this world. I met him in his office in town nearby and we had a chat. Firstly I wanted him to tell me his life story and how their society was established.

It was a very interesting life story. He was born in some southern Yugoslavian country, lost his father at age of 7, and mother could not finance his education. Some day he noticed a poster that was invitation of our republic of Slovenia which recruited people for mining school to then employ cheap labour in our mines. So he decided to use this opportunity and thus became a citizen of Slovenia. After working in mines, he went to army, and then he got employed as warden in jail near city where I currently live. Since he had a lot of time on his shifts, he decided to read as much books about law, jurisdiction, psychology and psychiatry and he applied and finished some school that covered all this topics. After that he established a real estate business.

Then he became part of some civil society for control of national institutions and started to expose irregularities and injustices. But due to conflict with some people within society, he established his own society in order to work without obstructions. In past years he has accumulated huge amount of evidences about the extent of corruption in our legal system. Judges have privileges to keep their positions the whole life so young people who have finished the study of law have no opportunity to get any job. And most of current lawyers and judges are part of old socialistic and communistic mentality and extremely corrupt.

People are sending to Rade their experiences and complaints about unjust verdicts and how they lost all of their money and assets due to legal manipulation of lawyers. But since he has worked in prison and has knowledge and legal authorisation to represent civilians on the courts, he started to write appeals and correct the unjust verdicts. He managed to save a lot of people's assesses and money from greedy court system. So lawyers and judges have tried to destroy him and attacked him with full power. In past years he received thousands of charges and he was brought to court for hundreds of time, but since he knows the law extremely well, and was careful to provide sufficient hard proof, they never managed to lock him away.

The biggest point that he is now dealing with is the exposure that most of judges do not have a certificate that proofs that they have finished national exam for their job. So the judges are now terribly embarrassed since they will probably have to discharge all the verdicts that they have made in past decades. This is a huge case that is shifting all the legal system in our country. And once he exposed that, when he was invited to a court, that verdict for his case has been written a day before he was invited to go to court in order to be judged. So courts have done many completely unacceptable actions that totally annihilate their integrity.

I have then also explained that at Desteni we know about corruption in all levels of human society throughout the world, and that we are preparing the political solution called Equal Money System that will totally change the values in our society and prevent all abuse that is currently allowed. He will due to his advance age and recent retirement of course stick to his current movement, but we will be in touch and exchange information in order to clear our social system from all the corruption.

19 May 2011

2011 - Facing fear of future challenges

Big plans ahead: Moving to capital city Ljubljana, renting apartment, restarting photography business, adding video services, launching Desteni accessories shop. All this triggered a lot of subconscious fear that again manifested as movement in my head, called vertigo. How do I know that vertigo is all about fear? It is triggered immediately after I allow and accept some thought of fear and anxiety when I am experiencing some tuff decisions. Like for example when I was in the middle of meeting with web store programming company. After the head of projects explained that tags in the web store are totally ignored by Google search engine, the picture in front of my eyes shifted like someone would push my head swiftly for several decimetres. And the same day, when I picked my grandmother with my car, in the middle of the road, while she was describing how some of her friend finished university and planned to raise her two children and be able to cope with all the challenges, when she started to explain that this women is now experiencing strong vertigo and lying in the bed hopelessly, the vertigo also started to emerge in my head, so I had to stop the car at the nearest parking place and rest for about 20 minutes. And there is a lot of similar cases where I experienced vertigo as result of some subconscious or unconscious fear.

A lot changed since I was a young boy, being protected by my parents, simply doing what I was told to, and being provided with all I needed. But then while becoming older, many responsibilities compounded, and when meeting Desteni, I became aware of my responsibility even for everything that I allow and accept in this current reality. And also the social safety started to diminish extensively. Since I am now moving to city that I treated just a few years ago as smelly, hot, noisy, violent concrete place, where I would not want to live ever, I am experiencing great anxiety about how will I be able to cope with future challenges. While in the big city there is a lot of opportunity to earn money, there is also a lot of competition, impatience and hurry. I am now in the closing stage of renting apartment in the strict centre of the city, right next to several universities and Italian embassy. The apartment is in the old house with high ceilings, which is great for my photo studio, but the parquet is old and creaking. It is in the 1st floor, without reserved parking place. There is a big parking place at the back of universities, but it is almost totally full from morning to 5pm.

I also plan to sell my car Renault Clio and buy some kind of van, like Mercedes Vito or Renault Espace, in order to transport a lot of photography equipment and Desteni merchandising. And I plan to employ one or two assistants that will support my business projects. So from working alone in quiet countryside for many years, I am pushing myself into total new, unfamiliar environment in order to have the greater impact towards making this world a better place. The fear is of course connected to the money, the fear of survival, of loosing all the money or not having enough money to be able to support myself effectively. It is the projection of recent experience where I changed my photography business to counselling business and fell in debt due to pushing the advertising of my services too much and not stopping soon enough. This destroyed my self-trust quite a bit, so now I am much more afraid of loosing the money again. And I have compromised myself because I was not careful enough about my financial situation, I did not follow all the transactions in detail, so I got surprised by expenses becoming larger than my income.

  1. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to be afraid of unknown instead of breathing effectively and remaining here all the time and walking by life breath by breath without thinking what might happen or even considering only the bad things that might happen to me.

  2. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to define large cities as ugly, smelly, noisy and unfriendly, instead of realising that this is my self-created idea that has nothing to do with practical experience, thus I will know how life in the city is only if I allow myself to live there without any pre-conceived ideas or judgements.

  3. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that my life could be endangered if I loose all my money, since in our country, we have sufficient social support that helps people without jobs to at least get the food, and I am skilful and knowledgeable to earn enough money anytime, as I have proved in past years to myself.

  4. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to create myself plans of how my business should develop and become afraid if I hear some information that would compromise my plan, instead of realising that life is about constant adjustment to new current situation and new information that people who I interact with contribute, thus it is best for me to only gave agendas and goals and go with the flow.

  5. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to try to upkeep certain social personality of good person that is doing what is best for all and become afraid if I perceive this personality to become compromised, instead of realising that it is not important what others think about me and how they perceive me, but what I really am as living being, what I stand for within, since I am the only judge for myself and self-honestly is thus the most important thing about my life.

  6. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to neglect the detailed following of financial situation, instead of understanding that money is the currently very important thing in this world and the tool for gaining goals, thus it is best to take more care about my financial reports in order to assure not to compromise my financial status again.

  7. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to wanting to do everything by myself and owning the tools instead of realising that if want to be more effective in achieving my goals, I will have to learn how to co-operate with other people and use their resources, since when working in the group everybody can contribute their knowledge and skills and be much more influential that I alone could ever be.

  8. When I do my job, I pay attention of the money flow and I make sure that I have enough income to be cover all my expenses and be profitable in order to successfully invest in the projects that will make this world a better place.

  9. When I hire the people, I stay here, breathe effectively, explain my agenda and goals and then let everyone to contribute their ideas and suggestions in order for the project to succeed much better and faster that I could imagine for myself.

If you want to learn more about self-forgiveness and how to clear your subconscious fears and other emotions and feelings that distract you from what is really here, then I suggest to join 'Desteni I Process'. If you wish to remove all the fear of survival, hunger and wars from this world, then research and support the 'Equal Money System'. And soon we will have a true heaven on earth.

14 May 2011

2011 - My grandmother > Self-Forgiveness and Self-Correction

This is the excerpt of my finished and approved Advanced Mind Construct assignment of the third most influential person in my life as part of self-realisation online coaching program 'Desteni I Process' where we face our accepted and allowed subconscious mind patterns that trigger immediate emotional reactions. In the first step, called 'Ranting and Raving' we write down everything that comes on our minds about topic that we currently walk. Then in the following two steps, called 'Paragraphs' and 'Skeleton' we narrow the amount of information in order to expose the main points, and in the next three steps, called 'Memories', 'Components' and 'Self-Forgiveness with Self-Corrective statements', we expand by digging deep into our minds, expose all secret memories, identify the forms of our self-deception within these memories and finally defuse those emotional triggers by taking full self-responsibility with tool of Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective statements.

Step 1 > Ranting & Raving:

My grandmother was a very big protector for me. My grandfather died a few years ago, so she has been living alone since then. She is a very active lady, constantly doing something, assisting other people, involved in the senior club, and she is a great cook. I used to come and visit her for a weekend, usually at Fridays or Saturdays at the evening, and she would prepare me a great feast. She constantly baked cookies and cakes, and when I would arrive, she would prepare me fried potato chips, fried chicken or fish and green leaves salad, since I preferred those dishes the most. I would just lie on the sofa, and she would cook for me with great joy. In the mean time, I would watch movies, since I did not have a TV set at home, and I would watch them until early in the morning. Then I would spend the night at her place and the next morning I would go home.

About three years ago she fell and broke some major bone and had a great pain and needed assistance. Since no one of us had time to assist her all the time, we decided to be the best to sell her apartment and to move her to the retirement home. She fully recovered now and is active again. Now she lives in a room with some other old lady who has trouble walking, and she is assisting her. Since now she does not have a kitchen of her own, she assists in the retirement home kitchen and she collects and is given some food as award and she then saves it for me. Lately I come to see her at Sundays and pick her up at 8:30 after the breakfast. We put all the food for me and also for others from her religious group in the bags, and then we usually go to visit the grave of my mother/her daughter who committed suicide two years ago. We tidy up the gravestone and light some candles. Then we go to my place where I pick the food for me from the bags and put in into the fridge, and in the meanwhile she visits her friend in the neighborhood or irons my laundry.

At 10:00 I drive her to the next village where she joins her Jehovah Witnesses religious group. My grandmother has much resentment towards my father since she believes that he used all the money from selling her apartment for his own needs, and she also resents my brother for being such nasty towards me. But I encourage her to forgive herself all that judgments and live here in peace with everyone. My father does not want to eat any food that she bring from the retirement home since it is basically forbidden to transport the food out of the retirement home, but she can not help herself to stop doing this. So I allow her to feel as someone who can support me a bit, and I am also thankful since I do not need to buy much food in the store. I though have a bit of a bad feeling since it is forbidden to transport food out of the retirement home

Step 6 > Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Statements:
  1. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to react to grandfather’s behavior due to my expectation that he must behave nicely and speak polite to his wife, instead of realizing that every expectation or ideal of how one must behave is a believe, accepted from other people, and that however someone behaves, I must not emotionally react but breathe and stay here.

  2. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to connect my grandfather’s behavior to his experience of suffering in the Dachau concentration camp and defining his behavior as self-pity, instead of realizing that whenever I made any assumption that someone is behaving in regards to his past experiences is my own created believe and it has nothing to do with the actual someone’s expression in this moment.

  3. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become angry when my grandmother offered me the meat dish while I was a vegetarian instead of realizing that if someone offers me some dish that I do not want to eat, it is up to me to decline it while remaining stable inside and that there has never have to be any reason for any emotional reaction.

  4. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to lose motivation while explaining my grandmother my perspective about the diet, instead of remaining patient and stable within, breathing effectively and continue with explanation until she will finally get it.

  5. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become inpatient with my grandmother since I defined her as too old and incapable of understanding what I am saying, instead of realizing that it will take a lot of time and enormous patience in order for everyone to understand the principles of self-responsibility and what takes to practically manifest heaven on earth.

  6. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to decline the food from the starting point of proving who is right and wrong and trying to prove that I am right, instead of realizing that the only valid judge if the food is appropriate for me is my physical body and it is best for me to listen to my physical senses and eat whatever and whenever my eye, nose and tongue indicate that some food is good for me.

  7. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that the senses of my physical body are not valid and that I need to pick my diet based on what other people and books tell me is right, instead of realizing that we all have unique body, that there is no diet that is best for all, and that is best to ask my physical body to tell me what food is the most suitable for me.

  8. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel bad when I decided to eat fish and defining this as my grandmother winning over me instead of realizing that if I decide something, based on what is best for me, it does not meter who gave the suggestion to do that, and that there is no reason to have any good od bad feelings, but just to accept this decision and remain here.

  9. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to imagine how my grandmother is selling the batteries to her clients and how she enjoys doing that, instead of realizing that whatever I imagine in my mind is self-deception, a lie, and has nothing to do with the actual events end experiences of other people within these events, thus it is best not to imagine anything anytime and ask about the exact actual facts.

  10. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself the feelings of envy in regards to imaginative activities of my grandmother, instead of realizing that any created feelings towards people in my imagination is double self-deception, and that even in real life I should never compare myself to anyone and not allow any feelings and emotions towards anyone since they are all the result of separation.

  11. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to associate my grandmother’s activities and her benefits in regards to that activities and wanting to do the same things in order to gain the similar benefits, instead of realizing that whenever I compare myself to anyone, I separate myself from what is here and loose myself in the mind, thus it is best to always only observe other people’s activities, breathe effectively and remain here without allowing any thoughts or desires.

  12. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think about what benefits will I receive when grandmother gives me something, instead of simply accepting things from anyone if I can practically use them and then store them and use them whenever I need them, without going in my mind and thinking about all possible scenarios in relation to things that are given to me.

  13. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be afraid if someone would stop while carrying the bag full of food that grandmother gave me due to perception that my life is depended on the food in the bag and that if someone will stop me, my life will get compromised, instead of realizing that I have enough money to buy me plenty of food to survive, and even if I am prevented to receive the food from my grandmother, I will still be fine.

  14. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel bad about breaking the rule of the food not being allowed to be transported outside the senior home, instead of realizing that I have never actually checked if this rule is really in place, and that since everyone in the senior home is allowing my mother to pick and collect the food, they are obviously allowing her to do with the food whatever she wants, and that if I am braking any rule, I will only know that if someone will inform me that my actions are not allowed, so there is nothing for me to actually having to worry about.

  15. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to admire my grandmother for her actions, defining them as generous, and becoming envious about her, instead of realizing that actions of people are just actions that bring consequences and I am also capable of performing any actions the same as anyone else, so it best not to define others and their actions as something more than me an my actions, but to remain stale within and do my self-movement towards what is best for all.

  16. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to prevent my grandmother to do my laundry due to my created belief that I will this way over-exploit her and that she better rests due to her advance age, instead of realizing that whenever someone wants to assist me, I can simply allow the assistance since it will relief some of my jobs, and not allow myself any definitions about what others are capable on not capable of doing.

  17. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to want to do everything for myself in order to feel good, instead of realizing that this way I am limiting my expansion, so it is better to start collaborating with others in order to make much more things done.

  18. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that my grandmother has over-criticized my mother and is thus responsible for the suicide of my mother/her daughter, instead of realizing that each one of us is responsible for what we accept and allow and thus my mother is the only who is responsible for allowing and accepting the thoughts and feelings that eventually made her to commit suicide.

  19. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel responsible for my grandmother to forgive herself all the feelings of blame towards my mother, father and brother, instead of realizing that there is nothing more that I can do besides explaining her how we are all responsible for our thoughts, feelings and emotions and teaching her by my own example of remaining here, stable within and never giving up on anyone.

  20. When I want to express my perspective to someone, I understand that I others can get to understanding only when I became one and equal with them and explain them as I would like to have explained if I was in their shoes, so I remain here, with unlimited patience, and explain the points slowly and clearly until people reach full understanding of what I want to communicate.

  21. When I am offered food, I look it with my eyes, I smell it with my nose, I taste it with my tongue and then accept it if I find it appropriate for my human physical body and if I am hungry in that moment, other wise I decline the food without while remaining here and stable within.

  22. When I am in doubt if I am breaking some rule or law, I do not allow myself in the state of doubt, but check the rules and laws until I am totally clear what they demand from me and then I walk within this system without breaking any laws and agreements and slowly change the system and laws as one and equal with the system and remove or change the rules so that the system starts to support everyone equally and becomes manifestation of environment that is best for all.

  23. When I see someone doing something, I observe the physical actions and pictures moving in front of my eyes while remaining stable within, one and equal with the person that I observe and keep my awareness that what others do, I would be able to do the same if I would be in their bodes, but since we have different bodies, we have all different physical abilities, but are all equal in terms of unlimited expression within current limitations of our physical bodies.

  24. When someone offers to physically and practically assist me, I accept the assistance while breathing effectively and remaining here with understanding that if I have some things that need to be done, it is supportive if someone assists me and thus saves my time to do those things, since it is not important who does what, as long every single action is the result of self-expression and executed with use of principle of equality of all living beings.

  25. When I notice that some being is harming other I do not allow the abuse and take actions in order to stop the abuse, while being careful that I am one and equal with the being that I want to stop from being abusive in order for the being to be able to understand the consequences of its actions, accept self-responsibility and correct itself towards not harming others anymore.

So if you wish to become emotionally stable, please research 'Desteni I Process' online program that will teach you how to become self-honest and responsible human being that acts upon principles of equality of all living beings and does what is best for all. And if you decide to assist others in this process, you can become and agent and eventually a buddy and thus earn a lot of money. If you want me to assist you in this process, enter my name 'Valentin Rozman' and my student number '140' when you register. Let us all become better human beings and create heaven on earth!

05 May 2011

2011 - Broadcasting equality

Today I have attended a 5-hour seminar where Slovenian general representative for JVC professional video cameras and video editing workflows presented the latest solutions for TV broadcasting. Technology has changed a lot, tiny Secure Digital cards have replaced the cassette tapes and fibre optic cables are replacing copper cables. There is no more black box devices and big mixing tables, the whole workflow has been digitised and moved to computers, so now you can run the whole TV station on one single Mac Pro computer.

I have already purchased one professional JVC video camera, the most powerful iMac computer and Adobe software for video production, so I am now able to produce high quality videos. All I need is to learn and master the hardware and software so it will take some time before I produce some large video project. Some projects will be commercial nature in order to bring me money and some will be activistic in order to support Desteni and the solutions to better the humans with online training Desteni I Process and the world system by implementing Equal Money System.

Due to computerised workflow, it is not so hard now to run whole TV station or channel. I have been observing development of Studio 12 production who started a dew ago with production of single short videos and interviews to raise the public awareness about problems in this world, and they made videos publicly available for playback on their web site. Now the videos have accumulated to very large quantity and they have started to air them on the network and are replayed 24/7. So it would be cool to also create a TV channel for Desteni where videos about equality and self-realisation would be aired. These are all the potential, waiting to be manifested in the future in order to speed the process of creating heaven on earth.

2011 - Bulding self-trust

Within communication with other I have been noticing how my self-trust has increased by speaking to others in self-honesty and within principle of what is best for all. I am paying attention to my thoughts and I stop them whenever I notice them, and do not accept any justifications about what they are good for. I focus on my breath, and if thoughts are too strong, I speak out self-forgiveness and massage my physical body in order to ground myself and return to what is here. I keep explaining people how emotional reactions have only destructive consequences in spite of general believe that emotions are important component in our lives. People try to convince me that I am cold, since I do not allow subconscious emotional reactions, instead of they realising that they are the ones who are in fact not able to live here and support all life equally due to theirs mind end emotional possessions that is manifestation of separation from what is actually here.

In the past a lot of subconscious fear emerged due to my allowed and accepted believes that I need to behave nicely and do what others say and disregard the consequences of my actions in the perspective of totality of existence, but now I have started to take more and more self-responsibility for my actions and not allowing myself to do anything that results in harming other living beings that live with me in this reality. I am careful that my actions are not based on my self-interest, but on what is best for all. Being the administrator of the FaceBook group that I created a few weeks ago is a great test for me where I constantly have to be careful not to act from the point of being something more, but to treat others as one and equal and direct them towards self-realisation by introducing them with practical functional tools that Desteni presented, especially the online training, called 'Desteni I Process'.

I experience myself that I am taking more and more control of my conscious mind, but there is still a lot to do. I sometimes experience subtle subconscious and unconscious emotional reactions that manifest as itching on the skin. So I do not fool myself by allowing the believe that I have purified myself totally, since I have in fact hardly begun to scratch the surface of my mind. Ego is great master of self-deception, but I do allow him to posses me anymore. I stop all my self-interest and do onto others as I would like others to do onto me. I stared to give more in order in order to receive more. I plan and invest into projects that are supporting world equality, especially the 'Equal Money System' that will practically manifest heaven on earth. I do all my Desteni I Process assignment, write at least one supportive blog per week and many more blogs and vlogs, in order to support myself in the process of self-realisation more effectively. It is all about self, since self is that creates reality, thus reality will improve with aligning of self with the principle of equality and what is best for all. I stop all energy possessions, I birth myself as life from the psychical and support others as one and equal till eternity.