31 October 2011

2011 - Facing my reactions in regards to psychology study

It has been now four weeks since I started psychology study at Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, and I allowed myself some emotional reactions during the class that would be cool to face.

The first major point is that we were taught to be two different approaches towards observing some phenomena. The first is the Common Sensical approach and the other is the Analytical Research. The definition of common sense as we are taught at the psychology class is to observe something without taking into consideration your own mind projections and the mind projections of the observed person. And the analytical scientific approach is to eliminate the determinism of both the observer and the subject. Since at Desteni we define common sense as that what in time accumulates into what is best for all, and since I also titled my new book "From Enlightenment to Common Sense", I emotionally reacted towards psychological definition of common sense. Based on the definition that we were taught it would be more appropriate to call psychological common sense (translated in Slovenian language as The Healthy Mind) to be called uncommon sense (translated as The Sick Mind).

Then when we talked about the statistical analysis of the subjects, the teacher used the term 'population' or 'inhabitants' to describe the humans who live in the certain area. I made a comment about why are only humans considered as inhabitants of certain area, totally disregarding the animals and plants. The reacher explained that in regards to current case we were referring only to beings that have ability of introspection, and only humans are those with this kind of ability.

Next, when we talked about statistics, it was explained that in psychology as in many sciences we are unable to measure certain phenomena with precision, thus we have to accept the approximate values. I reacted due to my deeply rooted perfectionistic pattern and ideals that everything must be perfect and exact. Especially from the modern sciences I expected to be exact and reliable since they define laws that all of our society is based upon. The scientists are well respected people who earn a lot of money and have great power of persuasion to win cases in courts. But since it was explained that there is always certain level of human error in every scientific measurement, how can then someone claim to be right and know the facts? Science is thus nothing but lie and consequently all our society is based on lies and deceptions.
  1. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the emotional reaction of anger when hearing the psychological definition of common sense (healthy mind), instead of realizing that it is in fact used as expression when someone wants to argue its own opinion without explaining the points that claims are based on.

  2. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the thoughts of how also humans and animals should be considered as inhabitants when I heard the word 'inhabitants' during the psychology lecture, instead of realizing that teacher only used this world as the not most appropriate term for the human inhabitants, and was not being deliberate ignorant or spiteful towards other living beings like animals and plants.

  3. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing to believe that science is exact and that it has to be exact, instead of realizing that there is a limit to ability of how we can measure every single thing and how everything is relative.

  4. When I participate in the class, I focus all my attention to what the teacher has to say, I do not make any assumption about why some world was used and what it refers to, but rather ask and make the point clear.

25 October 2011

2011 - What about families in an equal money system?

In the current family system all the power has the one who earns most of money, and this is usually the male. Since children have no direct financial income, they are dependent on their parents. Children thus need to obey parents in order to survive and receive from them everything they need. Kids also have to accept the belief system of the parents in order not be in conflict with the parents regarding any opinion. Parents are also physically larger and much stronger than children so they also use physical force to shape children as they choose to. Grownups in this era, since they have to work many hours per day in order to earn enough money to support their families, have also very little time and patience to raise children properly. They use quick fixes, allow hyperactive children to get drugged and sedated instead of changing the way of living so that children would develop physically and mentally properly.

Current economic system puts a lot of pressure onto each member of society so that everyone is rushing and competing to become a winner and get the money. Children grow up in isolation and violent conditions of home, lacking social contacts with other humans, animals and plants, and becoming not much more than a living dead. Life in kids is suppressed, joy of living annihilated, and many commit suicide. This is the way our current society exists. Human is raised up as destroyer of all life, as separate from fellow living beings and perceives to be some more important form of life than other species. We have managed to walk on the moon, but we are incapable of walking in the shoes of those who suffer here on earth. What is the point of discovering other planets if we bring destruction everywhere we put our foot? This must stop, this must end.

As the solution to all this problems, we propose an Equal Money System that will guarantee dignified life for all. No abuse will be allowed, not even behind the walls of the private apartments. Each family generation living as separate is not natural. Native tribes know it much better and children are raised by all generations and many people of all ages so that every child develops a respectful social attitude towards all. They are also surrounded with many animals and plants and thus understand that we are all interdependent and interconnected. Not as the so called civilise people who poison and trash ground, rivers, seas and air in order to enjoy the good feelings. Equal Money will stop the cause for greed and profit, and natural balance will be restored. Every kid will receive the best education, regardless which part of the world will be born into. Everyone will receive enough money for dignified life from birth to death. No human, animal and plant will starve anymore. And instead of separate and isolate family constructs, we will become one big global family, respecting and supporting each other equally. So let's do it, let's make this world as soon as possible the best place for all.