18 December 2016

Day 143: Why do my feet and legs feel cold?

You are reading the 7th consecutive blog post about cold feet or cold legs symptom that I have been experiencing for about last 10 years. For the full context of this process, I invite you to firstly read my previous related blog posts titled (1) The cause for cold legs where I discovered that one of the causes is separating me from myself by creating a constant self-criticism character, (2) Home remedy for cold feet where I walked the first contributing memory of my father painfully punishing me in my early childhood, (3) Solution for perpetually cold feet where I expanded the previous point of blame from perspective of defensive character that I develop in regards to my father punishing met, (4) Why are my legs always freezing cold where I faced the third important memory of being bullied by classmates during the first years of middle school, (5) Cold Feet Symptoms, Causes and Treatments where I went into my memory of not being accepted to middle school of photography and design and (6) Natural Cure for Cold Feet where I walked the timeline of being under pressure while working at my father's family business. In this blog post I will be facing the last event that I feel is relevant to my cold legs symptom which is breakup with my first girlfriend after three years of living together.

In the previous blog post I described how meeting a girlfriend was for me like an exit ticket from the tyranny of my father since at the time where I worked in his family business I was slowly conditioned into workaholism and I was not able to motivate myself enough to move out of the house to my own apartment and start developing independence. However when I met my first girlfriend at 24 years of age, moving to own apartment was much more easier since I did not do it alone. Moving to our own flat gave me also the practical reason to enforce eight-hour workday and a salary since before that I worked from morning to evening, even weekends, and I received no payment so I had to ask my father to buy me what I needed.

So when I started the first serious relationship with a girlfriend, I had a vision how we would be creating independent life and not allow any more to be pressured my any of our fathers. I expected from my girlfriend to watch my back and to deflect all attempts of breaking our unity. However while I was able to stand up for myself, she started to give in and continued to work overtime in each case where her father would demand from her to do so. And not only that, she also became a double agent and functioned as mediator between me and my father. I felt deeply betrayed because of that. Despite of all that, I continued to maintain the relationship with conviction that until at least one of the partners is dedicated to keep the relationship together, it will somehow work out. Those believes shuttered when after three years of living together, my girlfriend left me with explanation that she does not feel safe.

That event produced a devastating blow to me and I felt like I am incompetent partner and not able to be a good provider. After period of deep grievance and mourning, I decided to assure that such defeat will never happen to me again. It was the beginning of my dedicated research of psychology, human relationship and spirituality that has continued to this very day with great benefits for me. Eventually I realised that living alone in my own apartment and working as a freelancer was the necessary change that I definitely needed in order to have time and quiet space for introspection and self-reflection. If my girlfriend and I would have had kids, our lives would be very different and maybe we would eventually also break up which would produce even worse consequences for our children. I think that everyone should live alone and work without being influenced by their parents for several years in order to look at the inherited mind patterns and transform them as many as possible in order not to transfer them to their offspring.

Now is the time to look at these described events and take back my power by applying self-forgiveness for the points where I abdicated self-responsibility and created character of victim:
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to believe that I myself as a single person do not have enough will to find my own apartment and demand a salary from my father in order to start developing my independence while I was working for him. I realise that I am the only one who is needed to change current situation in my life and that I do not need to be in any kind of relationship with some other person who would act as additional motivation. When and as I feel that I am not comfortable with how situation in my life is and my mind is creating thoughts like: “Now is not the right time for change, best to wait until you meet some other person that will assist you in making the change together!” to stop and breathe. I then take full control of my life and do the necessary change with awareness that I am the only one that I am waiting for.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to have specific expectations about the person that I am in relationship with and holding on to relationship with hopes that other person will eventually change and align with our agreement. I realise that some humans have deeply rooted mind patterns and that it takes years to transform them and that some do not want to change even if supported with great effort. I commit myself to when and as I engage in a relationship to clearly express my expectations and minimum standards of behaviour and to set a deadline about how long I am willing to tolerate deviations. If the other person does not respect our agreement, is consistently and for significant period of time breaking the agreement, I commit to end the relationship and move on. I realise that my integrity comes first and I am not allowing anyone to compromise my core principles and life vision. There are a lot of people in this world and best to find someone who is aligned with me to satisfactorily level.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to feel betrayed and sad if after a specific period of time I separate with a person that I have been in relationship with. I realise that I will be in life meeting many people and I will create with them certain relationship that will last as long as I need to realise some points and learn something and then we will go our separate ways in order to meet new people that will assist us to gain additional realisations. I commit myself to when and as I break up with someone and my mind produces thoughts as: “You are a bad and incompetent person and you have screwed up a precious relationship and you should be ashamed about that!“ to stop and breathe. I then fully accept the situation with realisation that coming together and breaking up is a perfectly normal part of life and that eventually death will part us from everything and everyone in this physical existence.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to believe that physical intimacy is something essential for my physical body and that I absolutely need some sex partner in form of another human being. I realise that my physical body is constantly touching something like the ground, the chair, the bed, and primarily the clothes that I wear. Then instead of looking for someone to be gentle and to caress my body, I can give such sensations already to myself in form of Abhyanga full body massage with warm oil or go to a massage to some professional. Also if I feel that my body needs to move or stretch itself, I can do some yoga asanas, go dancing, hiking, visit a gym or masturbate. When and as I sense that my body is craving for some physical sensation, and my mind is saying to me: “You need some girlfriend that will hug you, have sex with you and perform different sport and social activities with you!“ to stop and breathe. I then see what king of intimacies and activities I have projected onto someone outside of myself and rather look how I am totally able to satisfy those needs by myself.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I have to walk the process of self-transformation for many more years in order to clear additional mind pattern before I decide to have children. I realise that there are many layers of mind patterns within each of us and that one lifetime will probably not be enough to clear them all. I commit myself to when and as I contemplate about having children and my mind is telling me: “You are still full of shit so best not to have any children since you will transfer all you current limited believes to them and thus you become a criminal!“ to stop and breathe. I then in case of me meeting a proper partner to have kids with to be open to create my own family since children are also a cool support and assistance as they mirror your own patterns and thus enable quantification of the process effectively.  
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11 December 2016

Day 142: Natural Cure for Cold Feet

You are reading the 6th consecutive blog post about cold feet or cold legs symptom that I have been experiencing for about last 10 years. For the full context of this process, I invite you to firstly read my previous related blog posts titled (1) The cause for cold legs where I discovered that one of the causes is separating me from myself by creating a constant self-criticism character, (2) Home remedy for cold feet where I walked the first contributing memory of my father painfully punishing me in my early childhood, (3) Solution for perpetually cold feet where I expanded the previous point of blame from perspective of defensive character that I develop in regards to my father punishing met, (4) Why are my legs always freezing cold where I faced the third important memory of being bullied by classmates during the first years of middle school and (5) Cold Feet Symptoms, Causes and Treatments where I went into my memory of not being accepted to middle school of photography and design. In this blog post I will be facing the next event that I feel influenced me psychologically in causing my cold legs syndrome which is resentment towards my father for pressuring me too much during my employment at our family business after I finished the middle school.

So, my father was originally a chimney sweep and my mother worked as midwife. Then my father progressed and became head of steel factory air purification system. After that he started to produce innovative products for the steel industry that already in the start of my middle school study developed in our family business. But then my father imported sign-making CNC machine from USA and due to recession in steel industry, we transformed into visual communications company. That was the breaking point since me and my brother became main production workers and my father took a role of bringing in the orders and providing all the tools and materials for the production. I as the only one skilled with computers was assigned tasks of digitalisation and vectorisation of logos, cutting them from self-adhesive foil rolls, assembling and mounting the signs and I also did the pre-press and films production for department of screen-printing that was managed by my younger brother.

The problem was that I was in the position where I had to spend most of time sitting in front of computer and using keyboard and mouse to create designs that were then used in my sign-making and also in brother's screen-printing department. The tasks that required direct involvement of my brother were only preparing the printing screens and initial phase of printing machines alignment and for printing of complete number of orders he was able to use additional hired man power. However every phase of the computer related and non computer related manufacturing process in my department was so demanding that I was the only one with sufficient knowledge and skills. And I had also the biggest responsibility since every mistake in the initial design process that was then reproduced before it was discovered meant a big time and financial cost for our company.

Additional nuisance was that my brother during his childhood develop a character of a joker and had been constantly seeking attention like by crawling silently under the table and scaring me. So while he had excessive time and wanted to play with me, my new job required a full focus and quiet environment. Then he even started to seek additional attention from my father in form of finding any mistake that I would make that day and when my father would return home from trip to clients, he would tell on me. My father then came to me and started to criticise me with anger for reported mistakes and he also could not comprehend that I only made a little progress with computer designs while he made many deals with the clients and traveled with his car hundreds of kilometres in the same time. The bottom line is that I was constantly pressured by my father and I had to do my job with less mistakes and much faster.

This progressed to the stage where I have been working from morning to evening even during weekends and I felt that whatever I do and no matter how much I try, I will never meet the expectations of my father. I was deeply disappointed that he treated me even worse than any other employee that worked in our company while I expected from him to understand and respect me more than others since I was his son and part of the family. I felt like the lowest level slave and disciplined to obey and perform as instructed by my father without seeing any way of escape. I felt into a trans-like state where I started to perceive the virtual computer reality as more real that the outer physical reality. Eventually I had to seek professional help and started to visit public psychologist. Sessions where I was able to speak out my mind without being criticised assisted me a lot and I was able to regain sufficient level of mental stability. However I still felt trapped and I knew that as long I would live in the same three-storey house where we had manufacturing facilities in the ground floor and my brother and parents would live with me in the top two floors, I would be still treated only as a production slave.

When I met my first girlfriend while I had as representative of our company visited the home business of one of our biggest client, I saw the opportunity of escape. Just couple of weeks after I met my girlfriend, we decided to move out of houses of our parents into our own flat. When I told my father that I am moving out, he made an incredible big emotional drama believing that I am by moving away telling him and all the world that he is a terrible parent. Then in the next four years, my parents firstly influenced my girlfriend and me to move twice to a new apartment closer to their house. And my father continued to pressure me and also used my girlfriend as a messenger who tried to convince me to work at my father's company for a bit longer and do yet some additional urgent jobs. All this accumulated to the point where my girlfriend decided to break up with me and move out from my apartment. This was the breaking point where I then decided to completely stop working for my father and started working as a freelancer.

Now I will look at relevant interactions and regain my footing by forgiving myself all the projected points of separation where I made others responsible for my own decisions in events as described above:
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to work as the only computer specialist in our company while if I really wanted to could persist in educating co-workers to be equally skilled with computers as I was. I realise that decision for me to work as the only IT guy was also influenced by me and other family members to allow the most responsible work to be shared only among family members in order to keep the business in boundaries of our family line and not wanting to expand much to also include those who are not part of our bloodline. The starting point was to keep it small and manageable to fit the available space in the ground floor and not needing to build additional manufacturing facilities or even a new factory on a new location. When and as I look at the memories of the period when I was employed by my father and my mind produces thoughts like: “I suffered because I was pressed to much by my father and he is the one who has the full responsibility for that!“ to stop and breathe. I then see and realise my own participation in the events where I was equally responsible for the decision of working alone since it also fitted me best considering all the circumstances in that period of my life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to be mad about my younger brother who has been constantly seeking the attention by secretly scaring me while I was working with computer. I realise that I did not take time to explain to him how my new job requires me to focus and that I can not allow myself to be distracted anymore. I commit myself to when and as I am doing some task that requires full focus from me and then someone disturbs me and my mind goes like: “What the fuck, just tell this guy to go away and leave me alone!“ to stop and breathe. I then take the time to openly and in detail communicate with the guy who wanted my attention to see if it is something urgent, to explain peacefully that I am doing some job where I do not want to be disturbed and if my attention is needed to schedule a time where me and the guy would be able to get together and communicate about the desired matter.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed for the good feelings of being something more to direct my decisions about how to deal with work tasks. I realise that I had listened to many conversations where my father praised my achievements in front of our family company clients and I felt good about it. Thus I decided to work alone in order not needing to share the deserving attention with anyone else which was pure expression of my self-interest. I commit myself to when and as I contemplate the approach how to get some job done and my mind is trying to convince me into thinking like: “Best to do it only by yourself and not allow for any co-workers to mess up things!” to stop and breathe. A then rather consider all the options, including sharing the work load with others and do it in a way where best interest of the client is considered and also the interests of all other people who have necessary skills, will and time to assist in completing the job in the most professional, timely and cost-effective way.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to give relationship with my parents the most important meaning among all the relationships in my life. I realise that while my parents were the one who provided for my survival in my early years of my childhood and thus started to consider me as part of themselves, my responsibility is also in teaching them that children are also independent beings that need to develop sovereignty and not constantly counting for their parents to save them when they get into trouble. I commit myself to when and as I have some challenge in my life and my mind goes like: “Immediately contact your parents and firstly see if they are the one who can help you!“ to stop and breathe. I then consider all the options that anyone that I know can assist me with and treat my parents equally as anyone else who can help me. And I commit to especially see for myself how I created the situation, how I can get out from it by myself and how to change in order not to get in any undesired situation again in the future. 
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to victimise myself during the period of being employed by my father where I felt that I worked to much and had too little time to relax myself and develop my own independent personal life. I realise that during all my career there I had in very single moment the opportunity to negotiate working hours and my free time however it was myself who became overexcited by computers and creating sign and satisfying clients. I commit myself to when and as I plan my daily tasks and my mind is producing thoughts like: “Isn't that job just so excited? Why don't you do just some more tasks and you will relax later.“ to stop and breathe. I then look at how my physical body feels and what is telling me and always consider my well-being as top priority at all my decisions. I realise that work is never done as there will always be something to do. So best to relax regularly and take good care of myself in order to avoid unnecessary consequences in form of pain, illness or injury.
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03 December 2016

Day 141: Cold Feet Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

This is my 5th consecutive blog post about cold feed or cold legs symptom that I have been experiencing for about last 10 years. I will be here showing you a way of treatment that addresses the root psychological or spiritual cause as the accumulated traumatic memories from the past. For you to understand the full context of this process, I invite you to firstly read my four related blog posts titled (1) The cause for cold legs, (2) Home remedy for cold feet, (3) Solution for perpetually cold feet and (4) Why are my legs always freezing cold. In this blog post I will be walking the next major memory imprint that attributed for me to lose my footing and grounding which manifested my cold feed. The event is me not being accepted to the graphic design middle school that I applied for and thus decided to rather attend machine engineer middle school where I experienced many traumatic experiences as described in my previous blog post. So instead of walking the next event in the timeline I am here taking one step back since I feel that this event is also very much related to me becoming disappointed about my life and creating a personality of suppression.

When I had to decide what middle school to enrol in, my primary option was the Design & Photography Middle School in Ljubljana city. Soon after I applied, I received a notice from that school that they received much more applications than there were available seats. I had to take qualification test which I to my great disappointment failed to pass. I was faced with decision if I am to wait for one year and try applying again at the same school or to immediately start studying at any other middle school where they had enough seats and I would be thus accepted without having to take any qualification tests. I think it was my parents to finally convinced me that enrolling into Mechanical Engineer class at Jesenice Middle School would be the best option since it is also a kind of design process which includes a lot of drawing. It seems to also be a good decision since my father couple of years ago started with our family business where we started to produce metal constructions for industrial air purification systems and other small products from metal for the Jesenice Steel Factory where most of the people who lived in the city were employed from.

Being turned down at design school was very depressing for me since I considered it as an escape from my parents who started to suppress me more and more. I was not allowed to go out in the evenings or at weekends and I was constantly needed to assist others in our metal shop. I did not like the smell and feel of the metal since there was a lot of dust and paint vapours that were created in the manufacturing process and the materials were very cold. I had no opportunity to express myself creatively during the production process and there were constantly short deadlines so I had a very little free time. Consequently I was not able to develop my drawing and design skills so that I would have a chance when competing with other kids who also applied for design school. Many had much better background since at least one of the parents was professional painter, designer, architect or photographer and my parents were none of such kind. I had to teach myself how to draw and paint without and family assistance and support. Deeply inside me I felt that this was the correct profession for me.

Several years after my father stated with metal related family business, he once visited innovation fair in United States as representative of Jesenice Steel Factory and decided to import computer controlled self-adhesive foil sign-making machine. I was very excited about that and during my middle school I started to experiment with this revolutionary technology that almost totally replaced manual sign-writing profession. This was a kind of graphic design process however instead of drawing with hands, I used computer, software and the mouse that very limited my creative expression and also influenced my mind in becoming very restless and stressed. Due to international recession in metal industry that soon followed, my parents decided to completely transform our family business and we completely switched to sign-making and screen-printing services. Since my parents knew nothing about computers and graphics, my brother and I became the main producers and my parents managed the business from perspective of providing clients, materials and performing accounting. However even here I was not able to express myself creatively since my father did not understand design and cherished only the speed of sign-making and screen-printing.

Such environment created big frustration within me, I started to loose my mind and had to visit psychologist for the first time in my life. When I met my first girlfriend we decided to move together to an apartment quite far away from our family business in order to escape from the tyranny of my father. But he continued to press on me that resulted in breakup of my girlfriend and me couple of years later. I then decided to completely stop working for my father and work only as graphic design and photography freelancer. That finally enabled me freedom of creative expression and I enjoyed it very much. However I still used only computer tools for creative process and was not comfortable with hand-drawing. Internally I felt restless, my mind pressed me and also due to incredible shock when my girlfriend decided to break up with me, my passion switched from creating designs to discovering how human mind works and what is the meaning of life. Even though I still enjoy graphic design to this very day, I feel that I am lacking the basics of colour and design theory and core drawing skills that prevent me from excelling as a graphic designer. Thus I am thinking about how completely different my life would be if I would be accepted into design school in distant Ljubljana city where I would be safe from oppression of my father, probably also prevented from being bullied from classmates and definitely immensely supported in developing my deep design passion. 
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to compromise myself by taking the easy way and decided to study machine engineering instead of persisting and making sure that I study what I actually want. I realise that there are always the quick and the right options in life. Our minds tend to prefer shortcuts that create undesired consequences and time-loops while if we listen to ourselves/being the path might be longer and more challenging but also more fulfilling and satisfying. I commit myself whenever I find myself at the juncture where there are two or more option and my mind produces thoughts like: “Take the easy and fast way since why waste time and suffer!” to stop and breathe. At such moments I rather look within myself and see what I truly want and move towards that that goal no matter how long it will take and what obstacles I will have to face.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to blame my parent for influencing my decision about what middle school to attend instead of realising that at the end it was me and no one else who made the final decision about that. I realise that my parents tried to be responsible and did consider all the options that they saw however since I was not passionate enough about attending design school, they directed me towards decision that they considered to be best for me and at the same time also best for the future projected family business. I commit myself to when and as I am in conversation with someone about what direction to move myself considering the mutual plans and my mind produces thoughts like: “Your personal desires do not really matter since it is more important to fit in and do what others want from you.” to stop and breathe. I then communicate clearly and directly about what I feel is my life vision and mission with others and stand firmly on my principles.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel regret about me not immediately deciding to study at design school, believing that it would save me many years of troubles and assisting me in developing myself into much better and satisfied graphic designer. I realise that my imagination about how my life path would be and what experiences I would have if I would take middle school for design might be very different from what they would actually be. While design school should be supportive to develop design skills, I might still be experiencing there influences from authoritative teachers and bullies since no school is perfect and all in a way limit self in regards to full self-expression. When and as I look back to my options that I decided not to take in the past and my mind produces imagination about how my life would look like if I would take those paths, I stop and breathe. I then rather consider my current options and learn from actual past experiences to make better decisions that would compromise me as little as possible, where I would be able to express myself fully and where I would at the same time also be able to support all life as one and equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that he best way to lear something is to enrol in some public school instead of realising that most public schools are based on the military way of disciplining and shaping of individual into obedient follower. I realise that best way to excel in something is to learn from the masters as apprentice and from their books and courses where they have shared their knowledge and realisations. When and as I want to learn something and my mind is telling me: “Look for the closest public school or university and apply there since you will get a certificate of completion that will enable you to get a good paying job very fast.” I stop and breathe. Within realisation that quality of public schooling is very low, diplomas do these days not mean much, permanent employments are thing of the past, I rather decide to be self-taught and study from many better and easier available sources of knowledge that would enable me to excel in my profession and thus enable me to take care for myself much more effectively.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that my core passion is becoming a designer and that this is what I absolutely must focus to develop myself towards in my current life. I realise that definition of a designer is very limiting and that I as a living being have many more potentials to express myself and to perform much more tasks that to only do graphic designs. I must consider that my desire to become a designer could not actually be my life mission but only a preprogrammed idea based on how I have been influenced by my parents and environment that they have created for me where creating with Lego bricks was for example one of things that I was given the opportunity to play with. When and as someone asks me what my life passion is and my mind would serve me a thought like: “Tell them that you are a graphic designer!” to stop and breathe. I then rather expand and explain what are all the things that I am interested in and how actually I am not limiting myself to any specific profession since I want to express myself in a myriad of different ways.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to resent public schooling system and teachers for influencing me in a way where I feel that I have been abused, limited and suppressed. I realise that also the public schooling system has many historical influences from governments to ideologies and individuals. People who become teachers have different starting points and abilities and combining all together, each class, school and national education system is a bit different and provides different experience to an individual pupil. When and as I think about my educational experiences and my mind produces thoughts like: “Those nasty teachers have abused and harmed me thus I have the right to hate them!” to stop and breathe. I then put myself in the shoes of every teacher that I have met and see that I would probably act no different that they had. So instead of wasting time by thinking about the past and feeling sorry for what I have become, I rather bring myself back here into reality and see how I can invest time into perfecting myself since this is where I have the power of making any real change.
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24 November 2016

Day 140: Why are my legs always freezing cold

Are you always having freezing cold legs? Well so do I and if you want to discover true root cause for cold feet symptom, you have came to the right place. However I will be not talking about temporary solutions to cold legs like warm baths, but psychological cause that resulted in physical energy flow in the leg meridians to become blocked. So we are talking here about cutting edge holistic medicine approach. I will be in this blog post walking the first step of the second traumatic experience that contributed to my cold legs syndrome. For you to understand the full context of this process, I invite you to firstly read my first three related blog posts titled (1) The cause for cold legs, (2) Home remedy for cold feet and (3) Solution for perpetually cold feet. While in the previous posts I have walked the point of being painfully punished by my father in my early childhood, I will be focusing here on the second consecutive memory of past event in my life which is being bullied by classmates during the first year of middle school.

During kindergarten and 8 years of primary school I do not recall any traumatic experiences of me being bullied. My however case is special in terms of me changing primary school every 2 years due to capacity, logistics and practical reason that resulted in me not being able to create deep relationships with my classmates. The only bad thing that I remember about primary school is that there were regular physical fighting among pupils that sometimes resulted even in broken arm or leg. But when I started to attend Jesenice middle school where I enrolled for the 4 year Mechanical Engineer study programme, I decided to sit in the first row in order to see and hear better, also due to loosing my hearing ability on my left ear. First annoyance that I remember is that some of my classmates from the rows behind me were constantly throwing balls of paper and also gum into my hair. Some even came to my desk and stole calculator or a pen and teacher did nothing to solve this problem. We were simply too big class of over 30 restless pupils with one teacher who did not know hot to handle it. I also had a classmate that was sitting at the same table with me on my right side who constantly teased me and sought my attention until one day he deliberately smashed my pen and I decided that this is enough. We agreed to meet after class in the park in order to have a fight. It was my first fist fight ever and in spite him claiming that he was skilled in boxing, I managed to win the fight and after that we strangely became best friends. Also at gym class I was pushed and pressed by some classmates who were in the hockey team and had need to prove that they were better than others. Such disturbance created big stress in my life and my grades were at the end of school year so bad that I had to take the same year again.

All described events however did not attack any specific detail of my physical body, only my personality as a whole. But there were also two of my classmates who started to pick on my lips. I never had any thought that there is something unusual about how I look until they started to make fun of me due to my lips that supposedly were bigger than normal. I felt embarrassed and did not know how to respond. I did then decided to pick one of the bullies back and started to make fun of his protruding ears which was effective self-defence since he then stopped bullying me. I did to some level felt that bullies are picking others due to their low self-esteem and and simply picked some detail about others that they were able to target. But there was one event in the public bus for my daily commute where one little girl accompanied by her mother asked me: “Why are your lips so big?“. That created a backchat in my mind like: “Kids are pure and if they notice something than it must be true that my lips definitely are too big! So also my classmates were right! Oh no, my lips are too big! What should I do now?”. From that moment on I wrapped myself with even deeper feeling of shame and I just wanted to hide myself somewhere so that no one else would ever notice that my lips are too big. I was even wondering that if me being a caucasian race had some African ancestor since they have especially big lips.

Later in life I had a girlfriend who was madly in love with me and she even admired my lips. To that moment I never imagined that big lips could be even an advantage. And I also was attracted to some movie actress who had full sensual lips. Well if one looks at it with practical perspective, fuller lips can be even more sexy than slim lips since they have more soft flesh and kissing someone with big lips should be more enjoyable. They act as a buffer when kissing in order for couple not to smash agains hard teeth of each other. There was also some lady who observed me from a distance when I was outside enjoying the sun and she complemented how beautiful my smile is. In the past years I improved my self-esteem significantly and from initially being extremely camera shy, I am now able to give a speech to big crowds without any much problem. I do like how my head looks like from the front, but I do not like my profile very much. Instead of the chiselled features, by head has more soft features, especially under my chin. I remember my mother explaining that I developed some struma or goitre due to some nutrient deficiency in my childhood. Thus when I see pictures or video recording of me form some public event that someone took from the side, I criticise my looks and feel unpleasant.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself not to understand that if someone judges the way I look, it is not about me but about their accepted and allowed ideals about how humans should look like. I realise that people, including me, are under deep influence of the media and entertainment industry where in the fashion magazines and movies, models and actors have been selected with a very specific looks and then even photoshopped afterwards in order to create ideals of perfection that can never be achieved in reality. I commit myself to when and as my looks are judged by others, and my mind goes: “Oh no, something is wrong with me since how others see me must be correct.” to stop an breathe. I keep my awareness that whatever others think that I should look like is their projected ideal that they personally have created in their minds so they are the ones who have the responsibility to take such projection back to self and to accept everyone else as the way they are.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that if a young child is saying something to me than it must be true since children are pure and innocent and can not lie. I realise that children in fact do ask due to ignorance and can find some parts of someone's body unusual, but they do not say it from the starting point of spite but due to pure curiosity. I commit myself to when and as some child is asking me about certain aspect of my looks and I get thoughts like: “They are judging me and not accepting me the way I look, thus I must be ashamed about my looks.” to stop such thoughts by focusing on my breath. I simply explain to them that people look different and that our physical bodies are results of genetics without allowing any thought to create assumption that they are being biased.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that a specific design of the body is necessary in order for one to fully accepts itself and achieve highest self-esteem. I realise that many others who have even been born without legs or feet or have a specific facial feature have achieved complete self-confidence and that it is not about how one looks like but about accepting your looks regardless of your body design. I commit myself to when and I observe myself in the mirror or on the photos and videos and my mind produces thoughts like: “Look how your head looks different comparing to the movie start and models. You will never be accepted by other looking like that!” to stop such comparison by returning focus back on my breath. I observe images of my physical body by fully accepting the way I look without allowing any movement in my mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to only observe and compare my looks to looks of certain celebrities and not seeing how people in my close surrounding have different shapes and sizes of their bodies. I realise that I might have been incarnated in any of the body of humans that exist on this planet which look very different and many of them have big disabilities that I have never even imagined of having them. I commit myself to when and as I walk down the street and my mind goes: “Look at that perfect guy on that billboard advertising men's fashion and how his body looks different to me.” to stop such thoughts by breathing. I then rather observe other real people around me, how their bodies, heads and faces look different from each other and realising that variety and diversity of looks is actually what makes humans interesting to observe and enables us to visually distinguish and recognise each other.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself not to realise that people get bullied not because of how they look but because they emanate low self-esteem and thus are attracting bullies that target individuals with low self-esteem in order to mask their own self-esteem. I realise that regardless of how someone looks, they will always be attacked and bullied by those who do not accept themselves and project envy and hate towards others. I commit myself to when and as I meet someone who points out something about my looks and I start to think: “What about if what they think is true and I must change myself in order for others to accept me fully.” to stop and breathe. I assist that guy by reflecting his projection back to him and assisting him in understanding why they developed such ideals and releasing them.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to believe that people who very much fit current media ideals of beauty are never bullied and criticised, are always accepted by others and have no relationship problems in their lives. I realise that such people also have their specific challenges like thinking that people like them only because how they look and that others consider them only stupid puppets. And that there is also a big competition in beauty and fashion industry that creates bullies and rivalry that can develop in massive obsession like very nicely portrayed in the movie The Neon Demon. When and as I see someone who fits ideals of beauty and I start to think like: “Good for them, they have a perfect life thanks to their looks.” to stop such thinking by breathing. I accept them as one and equal with understanding that many of them may struggle with fears of loosing good looks and suffer from bulimia and anorexia.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to give a very important meaning to a single opinion expressed by others, regardless if I received praise or criticism. I realise that automatically attaching weight to perspective of others is allowing others to influence my perception of how I see myself and thus compromising myself. I commit myself to when and as someone says something about me and I think: “What they say about me is what I truly am.” to stop and breathe. I listen to opinions of other and understand that most of what others say is projection of their own mind patterns where they do not consider others as one en equal and just want to say something to fit in and survive in the best way they are able to.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to develop a shameful character after some people have criticised the way I look. I realise that whenever I act emotionally to what others say about me, I harm myself. I commit myself to when and as someone criticises me, and I go like: “I am being attacked and must hide and protect myself by lots of emotional energy that would separate me from current reality.” to stop and breathe. Within realisation that emotional energy can always be only temporary escape since it diminishes sooner or later, I rather face with the one who is criticising me with full awareness that I am a physical being and can not be harmed by any word.
In relation to this blog post, I invite you to assist also yourself with awesome self-assisting tools within DIP Lite course and to listen to educational audio titled A Victim of Bullies from the Life Review series at Eqafe web store with hundreds of extremely supportive educational items that hold answer to any imaginable question about life and this existence.

18 November 2016

Day 139: Solution for perpetually cold feet

For those who have perpetual cold feet and legs like me and have discovered this blog let me firstly explain what kind of remedy I am going to talk about. It has been proven that our minds plays a major role in creating medical conditions and that our thinking patterns are in most cases also the cause for cool feet and legs. To understand why is that and to get a broader context, I invite you to firstly read my first two related blog posts titled The cause for cold legs and Home remedy for cold feet. After cross-referencing my writing in the latter blog post with the New Kinesiology practitioner who is also my Desteni I Process life skills and self-mastery online course buddy, I will be in this blog post walking deeper dimension of my past experience that contributed to manifestation of my cold legs that she pointed out. While in the previous post I released all emotional attachments to traumatic childhood events where I was painfully punished by my father, I will be in this post deconstructing the other part of the consequence where I have created a specific self-definition and self judgement in order to punish myself.

So in the previous blog post I explained, how the result of my father punishing me using painful methods was my reaction with anger and resentment as immediate response. However the other long-term consequence was creation of prevention and avoidance mechanism in order to protect myself from experiencing pain again in the future. Parents usually do not take time and patience to openly and clearly communicate with their children, often due to their believe that children will not be able to understand the explanation. They mostly use only orders and commands and justify them as they are the the parents and authority. This results is suppression within the child and creation of coping and survival mechanism. In relation to my parents punishing me without me fully understanding why, I also developed a character of being an obedient servant or a slave that immediately does exactly what other say without any objection.

I have lost my power as a men and have in a sense been castrated and turned into eunuch. I have become a policeman where in my head I would constantly hear voices of my father that police and criticise all of my actions. I have started to suppress myself; my expression, wants and desires and began to look only about how I can please others, especially my father. I have lost my voice and became quiet introverted person that is not able to be heard by others. I have lost my footing and grounding, that literally manifested as my cold feet, showing me that I have no capacity to stand and have thus been constantly falling when attempting to achieve anything in my life. This also explains my vision during first hypnotic regression session into past life where I found myself in a female body, recently raped by violent invading viking and I have then allowed myself to be publicly lynched by hanging due to being labeled as impure without ever taking an opportunity to say a single word in my defence. With use of specific tools as anyone can learn to use them by enrolling into free online course DIP Lite, I am now going to release this construct of self-suppression:
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to respond to being punished by my father by developing a introverted personality where I would stop trying to voice myself in order to protect my integrity and capacity. I realise that while as I child I had much less physical power and limited vocabulary to express myself, I am now a gown man with ability to voice myself and fully communicate with others. I commit myself to when and as I feel that I have been misunderstood by others and my mind starts to produce thoughts like: “Better not say anything that would anger them since this will only make situation worse!” or “There is no point is saying anything since they are not be able to understand me.“ to stop and breathe. In situations where others wrongly accuse me, I am taking power back by clearly, directly and strongly stand my ground and defend what I feel is true and right. I am no more protecting my outer character of being a nice person while my true inner being is being diminished more and more. I say till here no further, I am drawing the line and no one is ever again allowed to infiltrate my personal space.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to parts of my father enter my mind where he has started to police, criticise and control every of my action with thoughts or voices in my head that prevent my full and unlimited expression. I realise that by allowing and accepting such viruses in my mind, I have become mentally sick and thus incapable of reaching my true potential. I commit myself to when and as I live my daily life and my mind is coming out with thoughts like: “Are you sure that you are doing it right? What about if you are wrong? What will the others think about you?” to immediately stop such thoughts by focusing on my breath. Instead of being directed by automatic voices in my head, I rather for a measure of what I should do and what not use the principle of what is best for all with consideration of all beings being one and equal as life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear criticism of others, thinking that if others will not like me, I will not be able to survive in this world. I realise that while such might be true in my first several years after my birth where I actually my sole survival was completely dependant on my parents, I have slowly grown into a boy that is able to find food, shelter and whatever needed to survive in this world. I commit myself to when and as others have something to say about me to listen, hear and see if what they are saying is an actual fact and a precious feedback about my past actions or is it their own mind projection, based on their own accepted and allowed limitations, lies and believes that have nothing in common with the truth as universal physical reality. If someone shows me something, I commit to always use mu self-honesty to look into myself and to use principles of what is best for all and equality and oneness and give that person a feedback where from my perspective they are correct in their observations and where and why I see that in other statements they are not aligned with reality and acting based on their pure self-interest and separation from life as the illusion of the mind.
In relation to this blog post, I again invite you to assist also yourself with awesome self-realisation tools within DIP Lite course and to listen to educational audio titled Emotional Manipulation Games from the Parenting - Perfecting the Human Race series at Eqafe web store with hundreds of extremely supportive educational material that hold answer to any imaginable question about life and this existence.

13 November 2016

Day 138: Home remedy for cold feet

This is the first blog post related to my initial post titled The cause for cold legs. Contrary to popular home remedies for cold feet where one can assist oneself temporarily with some physical intervention, I will be talking here about psychological causes and permanent solution for cold feet that everyone can effectively apply also at home. Because it has been indicated that cold feet is usually the physically manifested consequence of events from the past when one has separated itself from self. For detailed context please read my previous blog post since here I will be focusing on the next step which is analysis and deconstruction of the first event in my past that I feel is related to the condition of me having cold feet and legs for over a decade. And the the first event that I can remember in relation to self-judgement is being physically punished by my parents in early years of my childhood.

In the initial years of my life I have been living with my parents and my younger bother in a two storey apartment building with four apartments. I have shared one medium sized room with my brother and he has was sleeping on the upper deck of our bunk bed. I do not remember much about what my brother and I were doing in the first 10 years of my life, but I do very much remember a specific punishment that my father applied when I have obviously done something wrong. The punishment was to kneel for quite a long period of time in our doorway after my father would layer some rice on the floor in order for the pain on my knee to be much grater that pressing just agains a flat ground. I would have to keep my body straight up and my hands on the back. I would stay in such position crying until my mother would be able to convince my father that I have suffered enough.

What is strange is that I do not remember details of any event that lead to consequence of me being punished in such way. I however do remember my parents telling me about two occasions where I did significant damage to the apartment. One was due to throwing some heavy objects at my brother that resulted in shattered window glass while we were chasing each other around the flat. And one was by me flooding the bathroom in order to create a sea like environment to play with my brother. However I think I was punished by kneeing for much lesser offences like doing something to my brother where he would then tell on to our father and he then decided to discipline me in described way. The bottom line is that I have been outraged at my father using such cruel punishment. And he also used to spank me very hard with his belt in other occasions. I had thoughts like: “Parents should never hurt their children!” and “How come that my father is not able to find any other way od raising me that using brute force?”. Thus I developed a resentment and anger towards my father and started to feeling sorry for myself, creating a self-victimisation character for myself and thus separating me from myself.

However any of such emotional reactions is a representations of abdicating self-responsibility for playing own part in the timeline of events. And not remembering what I have done and what I could done different in order for the consequences to be different is a convenient excuse for me not wanting to take full self-responsibility for my own life. Because every moment that we participate in becomes part of ourselves and creates a memory that we are able to access if we only decide to. This does not mean that we must now instantly recall every single moment from the start of our existence to current moment, however it is important that we make sure to remember with what kind of thoughts, emotions, words and physical actions we have participated in the most traumatic past event for which we solely blame something or someone out of ourself while claiming absolute innocence of self. Thus I will now take back my self-responsibility and pick parts of myself that I have separated myself from by analysing my past memories connected to being painfully punished by my father. I will be applying tools of self-honesty, self-forgiveness, and self-corrections as taught in the excellent free online course DIP Lite that I recommend also to everyone else:
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to use forgetfulness as convenient excuse to abdicate my responsibility for what I have done in the past and to claim innocence for everything that I am not able to remember. I realise that I am fully responsible for every thought, emotions, word and deed that originated from myself and that if I have forgot about them in the later stage, I am still responsible for the consequences that have manifested based on my involvement in past events. Thus I commit myself to look into myself where all memories of my past are stored and to take back my power of creation to fully embrace all dimensions of the past events where I have played my role as co-creator.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see the events in my past only through eyes of self-interest where I have believed that no matter what I do, no one has right to harm me in any way, especially my parents. I realise that I have also harmed others, especially my brother however I have abdicated responsibility for my action by claiming that I have just been playing and that any my action during the play should not be taken seriously and I should not be hold accountable for the results of the play. I commit myself to look at the memories of my actions during play time and take full responsibility for every single of my actions.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to tease my brother and seek his attention and to in a similar way also seek attention from my parents in order to experience positive feelings of being accepted. I realise that I have acted from a point of self-interest where I have just wanted to have fun while completely disregarding other individuals around me and their personal interest. I commit myself to when and as I have desire to entertain myself and have fun, not to jump carelessly on other but to also see and understand their current state of the mind, their willingness to play and to interact with them in such a way that they do not feel unpleasant or even feel pain.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself not wanting to understand that my father had used force and pain to discipline me only in occasions where I did not want to listen to his preceding verbal warnings where I had the opportunity to stop myself, however I did not. I realise that my father decided to physically hurt me only when he exhausted all other ways of trying to communicate with me in a nice and pleasant way. I commit myself to always respond to first attempt of someone trying to communicate with me and to also understand their point of view.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to label my father as violent tyrant that has without any reason decided to inflict pain on me instead of realising that he has purely responded to me behaving as careless individual where I have created damage and pain for my brother and my parents. I commit myself to fully understand and accept my father and his responses while playing a role of my parent since he has done all in his power to be the best father for me and my brother, considering all the limitations that he also accepted and allowed during his childhood and later years. I am thus greatly thankful to my father for all the care that he expressed by being more that good provider for our whole family.
In relation to this blog post, I also recommend listening to educational audio titled Growing Apart from the Parenting - Perfecting the Human Race series at Eqafe web store and engaging in DIP Lite free online course where you will learn how to become a master of self-analysis and true healing.

07 November 2016

Day 137: The cause for cold legs

I have had cold legs and feet for many years. I do not know exactly how long ago this cold legs syndrome became part of my life but it appeared around 10 years ago when I was about 30 year of age. I remember visiting a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner for a treatment and he was surprised how cold and dripping wet my legs were. I also had massive back pain at that time. I received a cupping treatment and a leg massage and I have been prescribed a special tea to drink. I also visited an Ayurvedic doctor that checked my ayes, tongue and pulse and gave me a back massage with a stick, she sticked acupressure balls to my auricle, prescribed a regular Abhyanga fully body self massage with warm oil and I was suggested a regular participation at her Yoga classes. I assisted myself also with purchasing a electric heating pad for under my feet while I was sitting at my office desk. And at that time I experimented with acupressure foot massage, and started to take barefoot walks and hikes in nature and took warm leg baths occasionally. The cold legs situation might have decreased slightly but it never went away and I am again experiencing cold legs to such a level that it strongly distracts me from my tasks, especially during working for many hours with my computer while sitting on the chair behind my home office desk. So I started to research in depth what might be the real cause for my cold legs and what would be the effective cure for that.

Around 6 years ago I stumbled on Desteni group that amazed me with detailed description of the cause for current situation in this world, including the state of humanity. They also assist with explaining about the cause for illnesses and diseases and most of such knowledge is accessible in form of audio recordings at Eqafe web site. The closest explanation that I found was the 3 part audio series about the Restless Legs Syndrome. But since my legs were not restless but cold, I needed to find more specific explanation. Luckily at Desteni they are also training a New Kinesiology practitioners that are able to connect and look at the situation of your own physical body also at long distance. So I arranged a session with such practitioner and she pinpointed two primary points that contributed to my cold legs condition.

It tested out that the first point was the projection towards myself. I must have experienced some desire or fear about 5 years ago and projected it in my mind onto another person or the future or a thing in my environment. I must have seen something happened to somebody else and I interlaced the fear onto myself. My mind then created a connection - saying: “This will become me or might become me”. Within my personality design it uses fear at specific points in time to compound experiences. So even though the cold feet has been part o my mind-physical relationship for more than 20 years, the reason why it tested as 5 years ago is that it is showing predominant personality design but the fear aspect of it solidified entire design into quantum physical state of existence. It is a multi faceted dimension that goes beyond just the physical symptoms of cold legs and feet. So it is not that it happened 5 years ago but that a memory from that time pertaining to this design is what I am to look at.

The first memory that I proposed was an event where ex boyfriends of my last ex girlfriend called me on the phone and announced that he is about to get in his car, come to my place, kiss me on my cheek and put a bullet through my forehead. It was the most intense life threatening situation that I can remember. However the practitioner tested this and said that is not the relevant memory. I am to look at a memory where I came face to face with seeing myself and said: “Oh god, is that who I have became?”. It must be something that I can relate in the last few years of having some judgement in a moment where I did not like what I saw within me in some way from a perspective of me as a person or a personality. The next memory that came up within me was that I spend all the money from selling of my apartment and not managed to establish a business that would generate a reliable and steady income for me. Practitioner tested again and said that the relevant memory is not about money but a point where I looked myself as a person, as my personality: “Valentin”.

Then I suggested a memory of my decision after I have for the first time established my own business to rather work alone than employ other people. The practitioner said that this is one aspect of it as me “Valentin” as self provider and worker and contributor but that there are other aspects as well. I am to look at my entire personality as who I am as a partner, a friend to others, as my thoughts, as I saw myself when I was alone. It is a situation where we don't even know if we like ourselves, when one knows the truth of yourselves, our fears and thoughts and desires and we don't like what we see. And then when I was to look myself like this a shift had to happen where for a moment I did not like what I saw. What the mind then did was to create this into a self-judgement where I separated away from myself based on that dislike of self. Where the fear came in is where my mind firstly used my personality design that came from my father which is difficulty to accept self and difficulty with the unification and acceptance of all parts of self. So it is to be a personality design that came from my father's side as being very strict and stringent with self and in the mind holding onto the judgements of self and moving farther away from real intimacy with self.

I then looked at myself and said that generally I do not like what I do, not knowing who I am, how the existence functions, all the lacking bricks in the wall, not knowing what is true and thus not having a solid ground for my decisions and thus also consequences of my decisions were not as what I expected. Finally practitioner confirmed that this is the primary cold leg design which originates from the experience of separation of self. She explained that what the mind did when I was more like early teens is that it developed onto this platform personality and it started developing my self view and relationships with other people and money based on this uncomfortability with self as a basic foundation personality. Then what it did as one example of a projected fear is that it would use thoughts such as: “Oh no look at this thing I did wrong.” or: “Look at the way I look or why did I do that wrong.” and it charged it with fear energy and compounds that one thought towards self and projected it deep into the mind as a concrete self view. For example I might not even be that consciously aware of what I am saying because these fears have been more solidified into the deeper quantum layers of the mind and then into the quantum physical.

So when my legs and feet are cold and distant, what I am accessing are the residual personality effects which will at times get worse depending on how my self views and fears are personified. For example if one day I have a thought such as: “Valentin why cant you just get that right!” then the mind charges that thought with its energy and connects it into the personality design of: “Distance with self”. When this happens it would be very useful to look at the week or few days before it happened to see what subtle thoughts and experiences and judgments and self fear points did I participate in or experienced. Even if it is just one small very fast moving thought like fast judgment in a moment like: “Come on Valentin, just work harder man!” it will move fast. What is happening is a very big process in the background where the mind charges the personality design with that thought and this in effect exists equally inside the physical in the legs and feet as the physical location of that mind system.

Thus I am to look at who I am in relation to myself, which is relationship with self based on this design of separation from self. Because what is important to grasp here is that firstly a personality genetic design exists. This design creates thoughts and feelings and experiences to create separation from self. To work with it I am to acknowledge that this is a part of my primary personality. How it fuels itself in micro moments with thoughts and fear about myself into the personality. So I will work with writing out firstly how the personality design looks like and how it works as this is necessary to defuse the system. And the next part is to catch the thoughts and experiences that I have fed into the personality. Because usually these big personality designs, even if we understand them, they are more difficult and take years to defuse as one stops participating in it. What practitioner suggested was for me to see if I can look at what she described as this personality design of separation from self into my own words. Then I am to send my writing to her and she will add the information and assist with understanding as it is not always easy to see it fully.

In the following posts of this blog I plan to face and defuse this cold legs design. If anyone else is also struggling with cold legs and feet, I suggest to read my next posts about that. And if anyone is looking for a personal assistance about their cold legs design or any other health, relationship and similar issue, they are invited to connect with Desteni and their New Kinesiology practitioners by firstly introducing themselves at Desteni Forum.

16 October 2016

Day 136: Tolerating my mind

Recently I listened one of the latest interview from awesome Eqafe online information resource titled Tolerating Your Mind that is part of The Crucification of Jesus series. Then I also received a demand that I need to produce at least 4 blogs or vlogs in English language in order to qualify for Desteni I Process course sponsorship. I managed to produce about 4 vlogs per month in the previous months but they were all in Slovenian language that they are not able to cross reference. This created a backchat like: “How will I able to manage to produce also 4 blogs and vlogs in English language besides content that I produce in Slovenian language?” and “If I will manage to produce only 4 blogs and vlogs in English language, would it not be a great loss to people who understand only Slovenian language since I am one of the rare individuals in Slovenia who produces Desteni related content in native language?”. And my existing backchats are: “How much of public content should I produce in addition to all the private writing within the DIP course assignment that I need to do?“ and ”Where will I get time to walk additional process for the points that are not part of my current DIP course assignments and are too sensitive to share them in the public?”.

Within the Tolerating Your Mind interview it was exposed how many that walk Desteni process do not do sufficient blogging and vlogging. And since some of us, including me, are walking the process already for many years, it is expected from us to be an example and walk the process even more effectively than those who are newcomers. So even if we do equal amount of the process that the newcomers, we are actually doing less than others. And I agree that we should be involved more in practically walking the points and sharing precious information and tools to others with greater results. I was reminded before about my point of only hoarding the information for myself but not giving forward to others enough. And this brings me to the question of why is that? Is it only the lack of time or are there some personal points that makes me feel uncomfortable when being in the limelight? From the process that I have done in the past, I can say that it surely is more the latter and that it is thus important to walk the points of self-judgement and fear that are part of my assignment within the Agreements - Redefining Relationships that I am currently walking.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to tolerate my mind as it is something benevolent that only occasionally creates emotional reactions. I realise that there are many deep mind layers that prevent me from activating many potentials that are within me. I commit myself to when and as my mind produces backchats like: “You do not need to blog and vlog anymore since you have already achieved the quantum phase of the process!” to understand the fact that I have not walked fully even the conscious layer of the mind. Thus when such thoughts emerge, I stop and breathe and commit myself to do much more writing in order to speed up my personal process of transforming mind patterns.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to stay in my comfort zone of my apartment where little to no patterns of mine are challenged and thus creating an illusion that if I almost never emotionally react that my process is close to being done. I realise that when I go out and meet new people, especially a big crowd, a get a lot of backchats and emotional reactions that make me uncomfortable in the public or when dealing with a specific individuals. I commit myself to when and as my mind create a backchat like: “It is enough to focus only or the law and money projects that will improve this world since you have achieved sufficient level of emotional stability!” to stop such thought by focusing on my breathing. I commit myself to continue with walking of my personal transformation process in order to consequently become also more effective with other projects that I am involved in.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to manage my personal and group projects almost only by using my mind, believing that I will manage to analyse, organise all execute all tasks simply by thinking, and discarding tools of speaking and writing. I realise that practical results show the contrary of what I think as I ofter am in state of overwhelmingness and using entertainment like watching movies, eating, sleeping and masturbation to relax myself and escape from such overthinking. I commit myself to when and as my mind would produce backchat like: “Why bother to waste time by writing since mind is much faster and you could solve more points in equal time only by thinking!” to disregard such claim as false and focus on my breath. I commit to reserve time where I would write my backchat in order to slowly and meticulously analyse it and come to realistic practical solutions of how I will visibly move forward. I also commit to do better planning, especially with use of tools as GTD - Getting Things Done methodology explains.

19 March 2016

Day 135: Using kinesiology to identify mind patterns

Within our Desteni group there is now a cool support of two woman who mastered the new method of kinesiology by which it is possible to communicate with the physical body and get a feedback about the current challenges that someone if facing. So recently I had the first session with one of them due to my pain in the the lower back. What she tested out was firstly an archetype of engineer, which is someone who takes a concept and who then creates and works out schematics and designs that allow that concept to function and work in the way that it’s intended to, implying that in some area in my life within myself, I am embodying this definition.

A few positive expressions of the engineer are: (1) Wanting control over their environment so that they can manifest the plan and design and vision that they have in mind, thinking that their design is superior, (2) Believing self to be of superior intelligence, (3) Seeing other or most humans as emotional and irrational beings, (4) Seeing themselves as more stable and rational than others.

And the negative expressions are: (1) Dissociated from life by only seeing everything and everyone as cogs in a machine, (2) Lack of empathic skills, (3) Not hearing other beings by placing value onto their vision above all else, (4) Rigidness and inflexibility in thinking, (5) Not connecting with other people and beings, (6) Locked in intellect, (7) No sensitivity for nuanced social behaviour.

The point in my lower back, indicated that I am having positively charged backchat in relation to myself so positively charged backchat in relation to myself be like glorifying myself so now the issue that I am dealing with specifically is that I am having perceptions of the people around me which are creating internal conflict. I am to ask myself about the emotional conflict that I have been experiencing in relation to how I perceive the people around me in my immediate environment. Especially negative backchat about one specific person which is a negatively charged perception of that person which I then identified as my father. And then the positive backchat is in relation to myself and this a polarity is created. The issue is that I am essentially seeing an aspect of myself in my father that I don't really want to see or be honest about with myself which would be about the selfishness or being selfish. Thus the solution would be for me to look at where I am being selfish.

Another solution that tested out was to live a words care, direct and humility. Care seems pretty straightforward, indicating self-care, as in giving yourself the care that I am looking for from my father. Direct means to be direct with my father, meaning to be to the point when dealing with him, and not in the back of my mind, looking for support and care from him. So in other words, like taking the feelings or emotions out of the equation in my relationship with him.

Soon after my kinesiology session I started to apply some of the suggested change. So when I had a business Skype conversation with my father I was careful not to want to impress him or seek his attention and I simply asked him what he wants from me. I then focused on execution of what he required and when he after that engaged in some emotional discussion with me, I payed attention not to play his game anymore. I simply redirected his attention by asking him if there is something else that I am able to assist him. This approach worked as he calmed down and we ended a conversation for that day.

I am now also going to write some additional self forgiveness statements which will assist me in transcending my mind patterns:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to desire care and attention from my father. I realise that being dependant from others to care for me is creating a starting point of lack within me and constant requirement of seeking attention which is the exact word that my father is living. I commit myself that whenever I would communicate with others and my mind would produce thought that start to persuade me that I have to impress others I stop and breathe. I then change my communication with others from starting point of equality and awareness that I am the only thing that I need to be fulfilled.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame my father for being selfish. I realise that I have been blaming him for something that I also have been doing in my life. For example I am not accustomed to give tips to servers or to give gifts to others and I do not celebrate birthdays anymore. But if I look at my father, despite of mostly caring also for his self interest and doing things generally to get attention from others, he always gave me some more money than I requested and he made sure that me and my brother had our needs more that covered. So I commit myself to be more generous, to give more and not to be scared anymore that I will lack things as we are living in the world of great abundance.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to behave like what I do is the best and that others must join me and follow my lead as my plan is perfect. I realise that others equally participate in co creation of this world and that they have their own ways of perceiving what is best and what path is optimal for them. When and as I communicate with others and my mind wants me to explain my perfect plans to them, I stop end breathe. I rather ask them what their current situation in life is, what are their challenges and how they plane to achieve their goal. I commit to only give them my perspective if they request for it or if I see that their plans have some mistake that would cause them or others big problems if not changed.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see others only as cogs in the machine. I realise that we all have our own baggage and that we all, including myself, have I lot of work to do before we stop acting as insensitive machines. I commit myself that whenever I meet other people and my mind would start analysing them and finding nothing but flaws, to stop and breathe. I then open myself and communicate with them in a relaxed and gentle way, have some fun and make sure that others feel comfortable in my surrounding. I decide to evolve my social life by going out, visit clubs, mingle and fit more in with the rest of the crowd.

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