16 October 2016

Day 136: Tolerating my mind

Recently I listened one of the latest interview from awesome Eqafe online information resource titled Tolerating Your Mind that is part of The Crucification of Jesus series. Then I also received a demand that I need to produce at least 4 blogs or vlogs in English language in order to qualify for Desteni I Process course sponsorship. I managed to produce about 4 vlogs per month in the previous months but they were all in Slovenian language that they are not able to cross reference. This created a backchat like: “How will I able to manage to produce also 4 blogs and vlogs in English language besides content that I produce in Slovenian language?” and “If I will manage to produce only 4 blogs and vlogs in English language, would it not be a great loss to people who understand only Slovenian language since I am one of the rare individuals in Slovenia who produces Desteni related content in native language?”. And my existing backchats are: “How much of public content should I produce in addition to all the private writing within the DIP course assignment that I need to do?“ and ”Where will I get time to walk additional process for the points that are not part of my current DIP course assignments and are too sensitive to share them in the public?”.

Within the Tolerating Your Mind interview it was exposed how many that walk Desteni process do not do sufficient blogging and vlogging. And since some of us, including me, are walking the process already for many years, it is expected from us to be an example and walk the process even more effectively than those who are newcomers. So even if we do equal amount of the process that the newcomers, we are actually doing less than others. And I agree that we should be involved more in practically walking the points and sharing precious information and tools to others with greater results. I was reminded before about my point of only hoarding the information for myself but not giving forward to others enough. And this brings me to the question of why is that? Is it only the lack of time or are there some personal points that makes me feel uncomfortable when being in the limelight? From the process that I have done in the past, I can say that it surely is more the latter and that it is thus important to walk the points of self-judgement and fear that are part of my assignment within the Agreements - Redefining Relationships that I am currently walking.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to tolerate my mind as it is something benevolent that only occasionally creates emotional reactions. I realise that there are many deep mind layers that prevent me from activating many potentials that are within me. I commit myself to when and as my mind produces backchats like: “You do not need to blog and vlog anymore since you have already achieved the quantum phase of the process!” to understand the fact that I have not walked fully even the conscious layer of the mind. Thus when such thoughts emerge, I stop and breathe and commit myself to do much more writing in order to speed up my personal process of transforming mind patterns.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to stay in my comfort zone of my apartment where little to no patterns of mine are challenged and thus creating an illusion that if I almost never emotionally react that my process is close to being done. I realise that when I go out and meet new people, especially a big crowd, a get a lot of backchats and emotional reactions that make me uncomfortable in the public or when dealing with a specific individuals. I commit myself to when and as my mind create a backchat like: “It is enough to focus only or the law and money projects that will improve this world since you have achieved sufficient level of emotional stability!” to stop such thought by focusing on my breathing. I commit myself to continue with walking of my personal transformation process in order to consequently become also more effective with other projects that I am involved in.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to manage my personal and group projects almost only by using my mind, believing that I will manage to analyse, organise all execute all tasks simply by thinking, and discarding tools of speaking and writing. I realise that practical results show the contrary of what I think as I ofter am in state of overwhelmingness and using entertainment like watching movies, eating, sleeping and masturbation to relax myself and escape from such overthinking. I commit myself to when and as my mind would produce backchat like: “Why bother to waste time by writing since mind is much faster and you could solve more points in equal time only by thinking!” to disregard such claim as false and focus on my breath. I commit to reserve time where I would write my backchat in order to slowly and meticulously analyse it and come to realistic practical solutions of how I will visibly move forward. I also commit to do better planning, especially with use of tools as GTD - Getting Things Done methodology explains.

19 March 2016

Day 135: Using kinesiology to identify mind patterns

Within our Desteni group there is now a cool support of two woman who mastered the new method of kinesiology by which it is possible to communicate with the physical body and get a feedback about the current challenges that someone if facing. So recently I had the first session with one of them due to my pain in the the lower back. What she tested out was firstly an archetype of engineer, which is someone who takes a concept and who then creates and works out schematics and designs that allow that concept to function and work in the way that it’s intended to, implying that in some area in my life within myself, I am embodying this definition.

A few positive expressions of the engineer are: (1) Wanting control over their environment so that they can manifest the plan and design and vision that they have in mind, thinking that their design is superior, (2) Believing self to be of superior intelligence, (3) Seeing other or most humans as emotional and irrational beings, (4) Seeing themselves as more stable and rational than others.

And the negative expressions are: (1) Dissociated from life by only seeing everything and everyone as cogs in a machine, (2) Lack of empathic skills, (3) Not hearing other beings by placing value onto their vision above all else, (4) Rigidness and inflexibility in thinking, (5) Not connecting with other people and beings, (6) Locked in intellect, (7) No sensitivity for nuanced social behaviour.

The point in my lower back, indicated that I am having positively charged backchat in relation to myself so positively charged backchat in relation to myself be like glorifying myself so now the issue that I am dealing with specifically is that I am having perceptions of the people around me which are creating internal conflict. I am to ask myself about the emotional conflict that I have been experiencing in relation to how I perceive the people around me in my immediate environment. Especially negative backchat about one specific person which is a negatively charged perception of that person which I then identified as my father. And then the positive backchat is in relation to myself and this a polarity is created. The issue is that I am essentially seeing an aspect of myself in my father that I don't really want to see or be honest about with myself which would be about the selfishness or being selfish. Thus the solution would be for me to look at where I am being selfish.

Another solution that tested out was to live a words care, direct and humility. Care seems pretty straightforward, indicating self-care, as in giving yourself the care that I am looking for from my father. Direct means to be direct with my father, meaning to be to the point when dealing with him, and not in the back of my mind, looking for support and care from him. So in other words, like taking the feelings or emotions out of the equation in my relationship with him.

Soon after my kinesiology session I started to apply some of the suggested change. So when I had a business Skype conversation with my father I was careful not to want to impress him or seek his attention and I simply asked him what he wants from me. I then focused on execution of what he required and when he after that engaged in some emotional discussion with me, I payed attention not to play his game anymore. I simply redirected his attention by asking him if there is something else that I am able to assist him. This approach worked as he calmed down and we ended a conversation for that day.

I am now also going to write some additional self forgiveness statements which will assist me in transcending my mind patterns:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to desire care and attention from my father. I realise that being dependant from others to care for me is creating a starting point of lack within me and constant requirement of seeking attention which is the exact word that my father is living. I commit myself that whenever I would communicate with others and my mind would produce thought that start to persuade me that I have to impress others I stop and breathe. I then change my communication with others from starting point of equality and awareness that I am the only thing that I need to be fulfilled.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame my father for being selfish. I realise that I have been blaming him for something that I also have been doing in my life. For example I am not accustomed to give tips to servers or to give gifts to others and I do not celebrate birthdays anymore. But if I look at my father, despite of mostly caring also for his self interest and doing things generally to get attention from others, he always gave me some more money than I requested and he made sure that me and my brother had our needs more that covered. So I commit myself to be more generous, to give more and not to be scared anymore that I will lack things as we are living in the world of great abundance.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to behave like what I do is the best and that others must join me and follow my lead as my plan is perfect. I realise that others equally participate in co creation of this world and that they have their own ways of perceiving what is best and what path is optimal for them. When and as I communicate with others and my mind wants me to explain my perfect plans to them, I stop end breathe. I rather ask them what their current situation in life is, what are their challenges and how they plane to achieve their goal. I commit to only give them my perspective if they request for it or if I see that their plans have some mistake that would cause them or others big problems if not changed.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see others only as cogs in the machine. I realise that we all have our own baggage and that we all, including myself, have I lot of work to do before we stop acting as insensitive machines. I commit myself that whenever I meet other people and my mind would start analysing them and finding nothing but flaws, to stop and breathe. I then open myself and communicate with them in a relaxed and gentle way, have some fun and make sure that others feel comfortable in my surrounding. I decide to evolve my social life by going out, visit clubs, mingle and fit more in with the rest of the crowd.

If you want to learn more about the process of self realisation that will speed also the transformation of your life into something better, I invite you to sign up for DIP Lite course > http://lite.desteniiprocess.com

31 May 2015

Day 134: Correcting myself for the better future

In the past several weeks I have been experiencing increased resistance to read and write. Soon after I would start using computer and check email and social messages, I would start indulging in YouTube videos, mostly war related, especially with sniper or tank ingredient. Also when checking FaceBook timeline I would get distracted by news, especially about technological advancements in robotics and military equipment. This would increase anxiety and fear about the future where some are predicting the start of World War III in 2016 and Elon Musk is warning about development of artificial intelligence that will wipe out the whole humanity. With all the global video and internet surveillance I have become quite worried about the future of humanity. With all the information overflow I am asking myself if I should follow the technological development and risk of becoming introduced also to the possible negative effects that creates anxiety or if I should ignore all the news all together and enjoy the peace of my ignorant mind.

So in order to distract myself from worrying I watch action movies on YouTube, till midnight or even a bit longer. I want to to forget about the unpleasant reality of this world. This resulted in postponing my business tasks so unanswered emails and contacts that need to be digitized started to accumulate. Consequently also the money income became more compromised and that created even more anxiety. Thinking about what is solution to this problem I came to conclusion that it would be best for me not to follow all sort of social media posts since it is mostly negative and depressing. I have remove the fear of missing out something important. There is so many information out there and it is constantly being produced in more larger quantities every day. One simply can not keep peace of the mind if it is constantly bombarded with all sorts of news. Selection is needed in order to absorb only the programming that is supportive for the personal development.

What I have also not done in the past weeks is to support myself with writing. Sure I did a lot of vlog, one in Slovenian language each of the past 320 days and also one per week in English language. However I see that no tool can assist in calming the mind as effectively as writing. So I commit myself to write each day in order to become aware about what I am doing and to have the ability correct myself. My priorities will be development of my business projects that have also the effect of improving this world. So regardless of what will happen in the future, I will make best use of my available time here on Earth to make it into what is best for all. I will develop my personal skills, slow down and do what is necessary to make the projects happen. I have allowed myself too much to get easily distracted with all sorts of new ideas that my mind is constantly producing. I need to focus on one or very small number of projects and persist in pushing them forward until they will become fruitful. Whenever I experience unrest, anxiety, overwhelmingness, fear, worry or similar feeling, I commit myself to immediately start writing and supporting myself. Writing will be my best friend that never lets me down and is always by my side as well as my breath that is of course also very cool companion.

So from now on I will be setting all my visions, goals and tasks in writing which will assist me in solidifying and stabilizing myself. Every day in the evening I will overview the past occurrences in the same day and prepare the plan for the the following day. I am also opening a special private blog where I am to write all the brainstorming and specific writing about my personal and professional life. No more thinking as I have realized that thinking is too abstract, too fast and it easily distracts me from what I want to achieve in my life.

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14 March 2015

Day 133: Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

Couple of years ago I discovered recordings of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares television series. The main star is a chef Gordon Ramsay and the mission is to within one week convert a failing restaurant into a successful business. I become inspired about Gordon since he does not fear to say what he has noticed to be the cause of the unsuccessful business. He is fair about his observations, does not prejudge, listens firstly carefully, does detailed research, observes and communicates and then only faces the troublemakers with the facts. In order to get to the person, he is not afraid of speaking loudly, shouting and using the F word. His approach proved to be very successful so he became a sort of a role model to me. It reminds me on Bernard Poolman who also supported people effectively by using very loud and direct voice if necessary.

Lately I started to watch Gordon's TV series again and discovered his additional series. In order to research what contributed to development of his intense character, I found out by reading Gordon Ramsay's Wikipedia page that he had a violent alcoholic father, they moved a lot and his initial football career was full of injuries and disappointments. Gordon's face also looks swollen and capable of receiving strong punches. While in his shows he assisted many people, his cooking perfectionism and short temper are quite concerning. I enjoy watching his shows however they seem to me over dramatized and do not show all the important life perspectives in order to gain full awareness about how this world system actually operates.

What I learned from Gordon and Bernard is that standing up and facing others with their bullshit is very important to achieve a personal transformation. I have for too long been afraid of speaking up due to having a father with a short temper that resulted in me developing as introverted person. So it is time for me to step up and take charge of my life. Only if I develop fearlessness I will be able to assist others. However I realized that supporting others in such intense way can not be faked. One needs to developed a high level of self-honesty in order not to pre-judge others and support them as one and equal. And what is the most important is to teach by your own example.

However what I miss at Gordon's approach is hiding the bigger picture. For example in his shows he analyzes and fixes failed restaurants and hotel in just several days. The breaking point is when his design team magically refurbishes the interior of the business over night into a fresh and appealing space. However they do not explain the details about where does the money come from, how come that architectural transformation can be done is such quick time and if the business owners are then bound to pay for the renovation. So this is generally the problem with the public display where only the shocking details are exposed and then how mystically one hero is turning the situation around like he is a sort of god or magician.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself not to investigate what is behind the scenes of every situation that I face in my life. I realize that thinks do not just magically function and that there are many dimensions involved in order for some structure to exist and operates. When and as I observe some organization and my mind starts to produce thoughts that things in this world are just he way they are and that is is not for me to mess with them, I stop and breathe. I commit myself to become a detective of life and to investigate every detail about how this existence works in order to gain full perspective and awareness that will enable me to be effective in making this world the best place for all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to indulge in watching TV series where the shows are specifically edited in a way to create emotions and to present only several perspectives of the situation in order to not question the current global system. I realize that reality is much more complex and that if I am to live in this world effectively, I have to know as many details as possible. When and as want to relax and my mind would invite me to watch some entertaining TV show, I stop such thoughts and breathe. Instead I rather get a book that would expand my awareness, like autobiography of a person that I admire in order to become familiar with all the timeline that resulted into creation of a particular character.

18 February 2015

Day 132: Demolition of the invisible wall

Lately I have been bumping into invisible wall. I am not referring to a vertical structure that prevents me from accessing a specific location, but a mental wall, composed of a thoughts and emotions that prevents me from performing specific tasks that are needed in order to achieve certain business goals. These tasks are part of a direct sales activities and are such as generating leads, making phone calls, scheduling meetings, executing presentations, making sales, asking for referrals and following up. All these are simple physical activities that do not require big muscles, however they are strongly related to mental activities. Thus my challenge is to penetrate the invisible wall in my mind.

I have been engaging in many different sales activities in the past and I have been one of the most successful salesman, earning high commissions. So what has changed, what is now the difference? Well firstly the media is full of information about financial crisis. There are constantly reports about how government is facing a money deficit, how cuts and savings are necessary, how even banks do not have enough money, so constantly the media programming about how there is not enough money for even the basic needs of the people, let alone to be able to afford more valuable product like I am currently selling. Consequently my mind if producing thoughts that there is no point of even trying to make any sales since no one will buy as there is not enough money.

Secondly as one of the most prominent patterns is my accepted and allowed character that I play within relationship with my father. He wanted for others to consider him as a loving father that takes care for the basic needs of the family and protects his children from all the evil of this world. Thus me and my brother were not allowed to go out in the evenings and at weekends in order not to make friends with peers that possess bad habits and consequently start indulging in drugs and alcohol. And then he also started with family business where I have been executing work task on the computer as I have been instructed by him. So my life survival tactics have been developed in form of a person who is quiet, waits for instructions of others and then the money comes automatically and mysteriously as the reward for doing what I was told to.

The third thing is that I am selling a new product with high value that requires a lot of sales steps and managing a lot of information. Previously I did a small orders for just few clients and when there would be no orders, I would take break for several hours or even several days. I started to enjoy such free time where no one demanded nothing from me. Now I am developing a much larger business with network of hundred of salesman and many thousand clients that will need to be managed basically for all my life. This requires a robust information management system and a constant overview and situational awareness of all the business points in any time in order for the business to develop properly. So comparing to my previous life style, the new business venture looks like a suicide mission.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as character of obedient and humble person that waits for the orders from my father and immediately executes any given task and then stops moving after the task is completed. I realize that while I am still doing some tasks for my father and he is still consequently assisting me financially, such relationship is not supportive for my life and prevents me from acting as independent person and manifesting my own projects. I commit myself to live my own life as my father does not exist anymore and as he does not support me financially anymore and to generate my own sources of income by building my own business.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe the media news about the financial crisis and lack of money. I realize that media is focused on the shocking negative perspectives of society in order to generate attention and also to infuse fear into the public since the media owners have their own agenda that is not for the benefit of all. I commit myself to when engaging in sales activities to proceed with sales steps without any imagination about how much money the person that I am contacting currently possesses. My mind is not able to know the financial situation of any person before I actually ask them and receive a reply.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that by managing a large organization one will have less free time to relax and do fun things. I realize that any owner of a business is able to hire professional managers that can run the organization effectively and thus creating a lot of free time for the owners. I commit myself to when and as my mind would enter a state of overwhelmingness to breathe, slow down, assist myself with writing and move forward with digestible steps. There will always be ways to solve any problem if one moves with the speed of the physical breath by breath.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself not to use the tool of speaking and writing whenever I bump into the invisible wall of my mind. I realize that the mind will constantly create new walls in order to prevent me from moving forward and that they will not disappear on their own in time, but will exist and persist until I face them meticulously and deconstruct them brick by brick, thought by thought until the mind runs out of bricks and then only will I be free to move anywhere without any limitations.

28 December 2014

Day 131: Overcoming addiction to watching movies

A pattern has rebuild in relation to watching movies. It started about 20 years ago when I begun to work in the pre-press department of our family company. Computers were the main tool to do graphic design so I was sitting and watching the monitor from morning to late afternoon. When I would finish my daily tasks, I went up stairs into the living room and turned on the TV. Watching moves relaxed me and I would would watch them also on the TV set in my bedroom till late evening. This developed into such addiction that I finally decided to sell the TV set in my bedroom and also couple of years later, when I moved to my own flat, I decided not to have a TV set.

I still do not possess a TV set however I have a desktop computer with a very large screen and I watch many of the movies and video content with online availability. Recently I noticed that I increased the quantity of movies that I watch per week and I need to stop this since it interferes with my other responsibilities, especially business tasks. I am currently in the final stage of developing a new business where I would have to do in-home presentations for a very valuable product. There are couple of things that create psychical resistance in moving forward.

One is that I want the presentation to be prepared in such perfection that it would create the best impact and as much sales as possible. Every in-home visit is the final stage where hot leads have been funneled through many marketing steps, from creating a web site, advertising, collecting leads, making phone calls and scheduling meetings. Thus I want to make sure that every in-home presentation is properly done by explaining the client all the benefits and saving that they will get by purchasing our product. 

Second thing is the significant change of work tasks. Up to now I made my living mostly by doing a design work for regular clients. It was cozy to work in my nice home office and I did not have to do much traveling. My new job demands me to move much more since it is I who will be visiting clients on their home so I will have to plan trips, use the car, navigation and have to be dressed in a business suit in order to get the job done.

Third issue is the increased responsibility due to managing a much bigger project that ever before. As a designer I had not further requests after I delivered the order. The product that I will be selling now however will require many years of customer support and I expect to have many thousands of clients. So it will definitely require a quite different life style and mindset as before. I will have to get trained in team management and leadership skills and will have to handle much more informations.

All these issues contributed to creation of resistance which manifested as procrastination by watching movies. Now it is up to me to change this pattern and direct myself by becoming aware of this patterns and changing them by applying self-forgiveness and self-commitments.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to indulge in moves. I realize that moves can be addictive since they take one in the imaginary world where one has no responsibilities but to watch and enjoy the pre-programmed life scenario. Thus a moderation in watching is necessary in order to balance the fun and work responsibilities. When and as I am faced with a job task and my mind creates a thought that invites me to relax some more by watching a movie, I take a deep breath and stop. I use common sense to evaluate the priorities and then decide if situation qualifies for some movie fun time. I commit myself from this moment on not to watch more than one feature film per day.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself the feeling of anxiety about the complexity of the new business that I am involved in. I realize that no matter how big the project is, everything can be faced by slicing the elephant into a digestible pieces. When and as my mind tries to grasp a large quantity of information and creates a thoughts that this is too much and wants to create a feeling of overwhelmness, I take a deep breath and stop. I direct myself by chopping big tasks into small steps, define priorities, allocate required time and move myself based on the plan. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel bad due to need of wearing a uncomfortable business suit while making the presentations. I realize that suits are of different quality and while most are not very comfortable, custom tailored suits can fit the body perfectly and thus support the physical body effectively. When and as I am to change my clothes and my mind start to produce thought of associating business suit with the word uncomfortable, I take a deep breath and stop. While my current dress has become a bit tight, I commit myself to invest my first profits into buying myself a comfortable suit that would make my presentations nice and cosy.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be afraid that my in-home presentations will not be effective. I realize that every presentation that one starts to do will lack perfection initially and thus it is best not to count on doing the first sale very soon. When and as I am about to do a presentation and my mind produces thoughts of doubt about my ability to achieve success in sales, I take a deep breath and stop participating in the mind. I return myself here and respond to any questions that the clients might have until they are informed properly about all the benefits of our product.

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30 November 2014

Day 130: Got cold

Two weeks ago I got cold and it is just now that I am getting completely ok. The situation started with getting unpleasant feeling in my throat and then it started to leak out of my nose. The phlegm was initially very thin and it gradually became dense. It irritated my nose and thus I started so sneeze and at the end due to change of viscosity it irritated my throat so I started to cough.  A very common situation however I did not expect to get sick since I have been in perfect health in the past several years and was also proud about that. So when I got cold I felt embarrassed and ashamed. It was like I mismanaged my life and allowed the compromise my physical body.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that sick people are irresponsible losers and that if one is eating healthy and excessing regularly it can not get sick. I realize that there are also other influences that contribute to people getting sick. Especially now where the mind consciousness system has been inverted and viruses can access deeper levels of the human bodies, getting sick has become more frequent occurrence than before. I commit myself that when I see myself and others getting sick and my mind would start judge myself and other, convincing me that one is completely responsible for own health, to see this as mind deception and return by awareness back here by focusing on my breath. I understand that there also other influences that can harm our health and despite of eating healthy and exercising regularly, our physical bodies can become compromised by outside influences and thus a disease develops.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be proud of my good health and to claim the credits for it. I realize that my physical body is a complex system of many microorganisms that collaborate without my awareness. I commit myself that when and as my mind produces thoughts about how cool I am because I am not sick, to see those thoughts as lies, to take a deep breath and return my focus back on my physical body. 

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