25 June 2011

2011 - Evil wins when good people do nothing

There is a general perception in our society, that our countries are governed by our elected politicians, that they know how to to their job and that they do what is best for all. So all what we need is just to relax, go to daily work, obey laws, pay taxes and everything will automatically be taken care of. I am writing this blog while sitting on the grass near a tree which has brunches that touch the ground, in the middle of Tivoli park of Slovenian capital city Ljubljana. It is partially overacted sky, with middle temperatures, people are doing sports in near surrounding, laughing, having fun, and it all seems just perfect. But this scenery is only a part of the whole reality. Our planet is big and there are many things going on not nice at all.

For example yesterday I had some business to do in the middle of the city and I parked the car at the parking house. When I returned and wanted to pay the parking fee at the parking machine, some woman approached and asked: "Do you have any change?". So while mine life is currently pretty ok, and I have enough money to cover my monthly expenses, some people are so desperate that they need to bag for money. But there are also some that abuse bagging and have become professional beggars. You never know if the person who is asking for the money is really in trouble or if it wants to deceive and play with your emotions in order to make you to give the money.

While I went to the post office to collect the post, there was some guy sitting on the bench with some strangely swollen red face, holding a cardboard sign before him. He could also be begging for money in order to receive the medical help. So while I am quite healthy, and I can afford to pay for medical assistance if I get hurt or ill, others do not have enough money to be properly taken care off. And some also abuse this point and make it their profession. I heard there are some organized groups who come even from other countries to big cities where they collect money by making other people to have pity for them. There is always some guy who organizes this events, collect peoples with different disabilities and places them in frequent street areas. Disabled people then beg for money all day long, the organizer provides them with food and drinks, and at the end of the day, he picks them with the bus and provides proper sleeping place for them. Professional beggars earn several times more than average people who are employed in factories. Thus no surprise why some factory workers even decide to become professional beggars.

Why do we allow this? How do you like if someone bags you for the money in the middle of the street? And you even do not know it it is real or fake. Do you want to stop this? Then you will have to take some actions. Because all that exist is the way it is because we allow it, because we do not care and only want to live our individual small lives, our limited reality, and ignore others. We say: "Everything is the way it should be. God knows why some suffer, so it is not my business to mess with God's creation." But what is God, where is God? We do not see it, we can not point it out, and it can not answer our questions. But if you look around, you will notice that everything is the way it currently is because of the past actions of different living beings, especially humans, who are actually the ones who move things around and make things work the way they are, based on our agreements or laws. So it is us who actually create, it is us, who are in fact responsible for the way things currently are. Thus we have the power to make this world a better place by taking self-responsibility and correct this reality.

The problem is only that we all need to take self-responsibility. Currently the majority is acting only based on their self-interest. So we need as many people as possible to become aware of this fact and join the actions that are best for all. At Desteni we have initiated the movement and are building a group that connects people who are willing to take self-responsibility and want to do what is best for all. So we are inviting everyone who wants to make this world a better place to join us and participate in creating a system that will provide for every living being equally. Our program is called 'Equal Money System' and it is a political solution that will change social values and the laws in a way they will not allow any more abuse, hunger and wars. This is our agenda, our goal, but the details about how this system will actually operate still needs to be discussed. We have the Equal Money Forum where you can join, research how current money system operates and how we can change it in the way that everyone will have enough money for decent life. So I invite you to join us in order to create heaven on earth as soon as possible. Thanks!

2011 - How I met Desteni

I have been raised in a family where we had our own business, so I was provided with basically everything that I desired. However I also had to work long hours and obey my father who was the boss. While I had enough of physical necessities, I was not very fun about the way how our relationships among family members developed. There was a lot of self-interest, deception, accusation, projections, so I became more and more frustrated. I did not know how to fix this until I met I girl who was in similar condition and we decided to move together to own apartment in order to be able to sort things out. But after living together for three years, she left me with excuse that she does not feel safe. Since we had enough money, shelter, clothes, time, and I did not abuse her in any way whatsoever, I was desperate, not knowing what I was doing wrong to deserve this.

So it was in year 2000 when I was left alone in my apartment and firmly decided to find out what is going on in peoples minds. I wanted to know what life is, what all is about, who and what I am, and what to be careful about in order not to make the same mistakes. Thus in the past 10 years, I practically researched every field that involves human behavior, our physical body, and also what is going on after death. I read holy books of all big religions, participated in religious and new age spiritual groups, and also researched western and alternative medicine. This is because I noticed that some rush on the skin around my genitals developed and it started to itch me each time I found myself in some unacceptable situation. I tried yogas, tantras, reiki, angles and every other possible solution, but it did not helped me in any way whatsoever.

In the fall of 2009 I stumbled upon Desteni videos on YouTube where some beings were speaking through interdimensional portal. It was quite odd to see the deep inhalation and exhalation process at the beginning and end of the videos, but what has been said, made a lot of sense to me. I continued to watch videos for many months and then decided to join the forum. In January 2010 I applied for 'Desteni I Process' course that was called 'Structural Resonance Alignment Training' at that time and I am continuing with the study up to this day. I can testify that the process assisted me more than everything that I experienced in past 10 years of my spiritual practice together. I became more stable, I stopped the emotional reactions within myself, the skin condition healed, and I am now digging deeper and deeper in my mind and defusing all remaining points of separation.

While I immediately embraced Desteni message with great enthusiasm due to my past experiences, I understand that many are not able to become opened for Desteni to the extend that I have become. It is disheartening to see how some people become even Desteni haters and make troubles to the group who actually wants to make this world a better place for all. This is basically due to lack of understanding what Desteni is really about. They notice just some aspects of Desteni and immediately compare and connect it with some stories, movies, news reports and books that they have heard, watched or read in the past. But Desteni is nothing like anything that ever existed. Never has any individuals or groups started to take self-responsibility, never has anyone done what is best for all, never has equality among all living beings been lived here practically. So I suggest everyone to take a deep breath, slow down and read all the material to become acquainted what we actually do. And hopefully you will also join us in the effort to remove all the evil from this world for good.

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12 June 2011

2011 - Make-up Artistry

I settled down in the new apartment in Ljubljana and equipped my photo studio with studio flash lights and light shaping attachments like soft-boxes and reflectors different shapes. Then I started to research surrounding streets. I few days ago I stumbled upon interesting company just a two block away that sell professional make-up material and also teaches how to do make-up for different occasions. I went in and introduces myself as the new neighbour photographer and expressed interest to find out more about make-up, since this is part of the photography business. They told me, that in few days they will have a free 3-hour basic personal make-up workshop, so today morning I went there in order to find out the basics of make-up.

About 8 woman came to the workshop and I was the only male, since the workshop was about teaching the personal make-up for the females. One of the woman was asked to be a model and the make-up artist with 15 years of experiences started to show us how to do the make-up. The most important thing is to do the make-up in the way that it is not or hardly noticeable. It is about illusion, about convincing others that this is the way you really look. So if you have a heavy make-up, then others will notice it and they would not believe you that this is you. These were the justifications that make-up artist made. She told us, that it is expected, especially in the business meetings and if you work with customers, to wear a make-up in order to become more beautiful.

Well for me as photographer, it is functional and practical to do some basic make-up to the person who wants to be photographed since if one has a very greasy shin, the light bounces of the oily skin and produces reflection. The human eye sees the person differently that the camera that captures every single detail. So since the photo is intended to be observed for a longer period of time, it is practical to do some matte make-up in order to remove the reflections, but I would not recommend to go beyond this point. If someone wants to change the looks in order to become something more and better, like more beautiful and attractive, this is manipulation and deceptions and I do not support this.

The fact is, that we have started to judge people upon their looks and not upon who they really are as beings. So for me it is not important the looks of someone, but what are the behaviour patterns of someone and how one is able to be be responsible for its actions and the lever of awareness about how this reality operates. There is no such thing as beauty. The make-up artist observed attendees of the workshop and told to some females that one has beautiful skin, the other had beautiful lips, some had beautiful eyes, but this is just a self-deception and projection. The skin is in fact not beautiful. It can be more smooth, with less blemishes and pimples, with equal tonality, and this are the true fact.

One must understand that beauty is a personal judgement and is the polarity opposite of the ugliness. The standard for the beauty is social and cultural programming. Where standards are different, the definitions of beauty are different. And everything that changes is not real, it is a lie. So the definition of the beauty is always a lie and a personal projected judgement. Whenever you judge someone as beautiful, at the same time you judge others as not beautiful or ugly. Thus you separate the reality to acceptable and not acceptable. You create friction between what is here and real and what are the illusional ideals that you have allowed and accepted in your mind. The consequence of this judgement is the friction that produces energy of good and bad feelings and emotions. This energy is blinds you from seeing what is actually here.

So I suggest everyone not to trap yourself in the polarity definitions of the mind like beautiful and ugly, positive and negative, right and wrong, since use of such judgements is the cause of all suffering in this world. Existence can exist in balance only if all the parts of existence are equal. Thus no one can exist as more or less important than other. To find out how the mind works, how we deceive ourselves and each other with point of separation in our minds, and how to effectively remove all this mind viruses, I invite you to join 'Desteni I Process'. And in order to bring equilibrium in the world social system, I recommend researching the 'Equal Money System'. This are all the solutions of Desteni group with thousands of free articles and YouTube videos that are extremely assisting in realising why suffering exists in this world and how to remove it practically and effectively. Join group who does what is best for all and walk with us as equal in building the heaven on earth.