28 June 2020

Day 197: Changing my response to conditions that pressure me

In relation to my previous blog post, I am here continuing with looking at the accepted and allowed believes that I am limiting myself and losing my personal power with which is also being reflected in my still slightly persistent lower back pain. So when I am looking at the timeline of the back pain starting to occur, I see that it relates to me starting offering my coaching services in January 2020 which I decided for exactly with the starting point of empowering myself and being able to establish a more reliable source of income for myself. I created my business website, placed signs about my new services to office windows and the main building entrance, and started to discover what marketing strategies would work best for that line of business. There were three coaches who contacted me which coach new coaches how to be very successful at the coaching business however I did not want to focus on doing international online coaching like they are doing it. I wanted a real human connection and thus planned to go out and personally visit the local business managers and offer my coaching services to them.

Just when I had a plan to start going out on a daily basis and presenting myself to potential clients, the coronavirus shutdown occurred and my plans went down the drain. Many businesses in my local area closed down and I could not reach the owners as I initially intended. I considered the personal approach as something that would establish rapport much more effectively and I find online communication much more limiting in that respect. And the global shutdown was also something that was new and created a lot of insecurities in the lives of people. I considered coaching as a tool to support others at looking and finding solutions in themselves easier. However, I felt like I would not be able to help others during the corona situation effectively since their inner world became very unstable. It looked to me like my coaching services for others would be a waste of their and my time because the global situation out there has been constantly changing. Thus any solution that my clients would come to based on the coaching with me could soon become outdated. This is why I rather focused on doing my own research about what I and others could expect in the future based on the hidden global political agendas that were not reported in the mainstream media.

In other words, I used the global shutdown to retract, to be still, and to observe what the future will bring. However, I noticed now that some took different tactics and have seen the coronavirus crisis as a business opportunity. Slovenian business incubators even had lectures with titles like: “Never Waste a Good Crisis“ and encouraged the creation of startups that would focus on solving the new problems created by the global shutdown. Some people have thus worked on import or production of face masks and some have developed solutions in terms of how to work and study from home for example. Many have reacted to such activities with disgust since they treated the government measures as an act of war on people and everyone that would make a business out of it as an unethical war profiteer. And I also did not want to be seen as that. Even when I posted on my Facebook profile that I am offering a free initial coaching session to everyone who needs to find a new economic solution for themselves, most people placed a strong negative comment bellow it. Thus I saw others as being in shock and due to their fear of survival and that it was pointless for me to try to talk to them with common sense.

I was also influenced by the suggestions of other coaches never to execute a free coaching session. They saw it best as only to have a short free preliminary chat with a potential client in order to see if they are a good fit. And when offering free coaching others would not see it a valuable and would also not be sufficiently actively involved in their part of the coaching process in order to have the desired effect. I considered that since I have already in the past years produced over 500 vlogs that people can use for free to support themselves that it is fair that when I have professional coaching with others to be paid and thus fairly compensated for all my past efforts. I even had a perception that by me calling my contacts and offering coaching to them I would only disturb them even more and that leaving them in peace would be best to do. Because being left alone by others and having a quiet time is something that I personally enjoy as the necessary healing process after the period in my life where I suffered a lot.

My general perception was that many people have lost their jobs, a lot of businesses have closed, even permanently, and that there is a general panic going in our society. Yet I saw also that many kept their jobs, some businesses have flourished more than ever due to increased demand, and new jobs have opened as the response to the corona crisis. While many people are not much picky in terms of what kind of work they do, as long as they are able to perform it and earn good money with it, I am not so very used to work just to get me bye. One reason for that is that I have been employed by my father right after secondary school and after that, I have been self-employed and have been doing what I preferred. So the decision to do some work that does not resonate with me was from my perspective an act of giving up on myself and becoming a failure. And I was also concerned about what would others think about me if they notice me working some common and low-paying job. However, considering the current much more drastic global situation I am wondering if I should look for other opportunities just to generate sufficient money for the rent and food. Yet from another perspective maybe the corona lockdown has been enforced exactly for the reasons of population self-diminishment and giving up on doing what my life mission is would be their victory and my loss. 

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to perceive the coronavirus shutdown as an act of war on people and anyone that created profit by it as an immoral war profiteer. I realize that I am unable to know what were all the contributing factors that resulted in our government ordering us to stay at home and to wear a mask and what is the real agenda behind it. I commit myself when and as I see a massive change in a social situation and my mind is producing thoughts like: “This must be a result of the satanic global elite wanting to enslave humanity even more and kill us as many as they can so you must not participate in that plan in any way!” to stop and breathe. Instead of going into a self-victimization mode and refusing to accept the new reality, I rather see the new opportunities that have opened up and decide how to make the best of it for me to apply my personal potentials in order for the outflow of my actions to be best for all.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to financially rely on my father and expect that he will always find a way to get enough money for me in case if I am in financial trouble since he was able to do that all the times before. I realize that also the situation in his life can change dramatically like it actually did due to coronavirus shutdown and that eventually, he will die someday, so relying on him is not a sustainable option. I commit myself when and as I think about the possibility of not having enough money to cover for my monthly expenses and my mind is producing thoughts like: “You can always count on you father to get the money since he is very capable and proud and will never allow you to starve.” to stop and breathe. Instead of counting on my close relatives to assist me, I rather establish additional sources of income and create financial reserves in order to be safer in case of even more drastic unpredictable situations than the current global shutdown.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to live my life with the attitude to demand from others to provide a stable and reliable social system where I can relax, enjoy and express myself without fear of survival or going into a self-victimization tantrum whenever I notice that my current level of living comfortability has been even slightly diminished. I realize that I have become quite spoiled and also attached to what I have and experience on a daily basis instead of taking life more lightly, like a sort of game, where we all leave our human physical bodies eventually anyway. I commit myself when and as I notice my comfort zone being threatened and my mind is producing thoughts like: “I demand freedom, safety, and a guaranteed survival since I am entitled to it!” to stop and breathe. Instead of acting like a child, I man up, take care of my survival according to all the available options and do best to make this world best for all, allowing myself to enjoy the experience and live relaxed, without emotional attachment to anything.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to continue using memories of my past negative experiences and traumas to limit my expression and ignore all the abundant opportunities and potentials that are available to me. I realize that by stepping out of my comfort zone there is so much more that I can do and achieve. So I commit myself when and as I look at life and my mind is producing thoughts like: “The past is what you are and do not even try to do anything that is not a reflection of your suffering and trauma!“ to stop and breathe. Instead of constantly projecting what has happened in the past onto what is here, I end all projections and live my full potential.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be afraid of having a lot of followers and pupils, believing that I would not be able to handle the number of their comments, messages, and the influence of their opinions, especially the negative ones. I realize that this has been the reason why I have not expanded more in terms of executing lectures, seminars, and talks and have rather kept my business services small. I commit myself when and as I plan my business activities and my mind is producing thoughts like: “Keep it small so that you will be able to manage all the interactions with every client personally since other people are not reliable in terms of collaboration on the projects.” to stop and breathe. Instead of fearing to work with others, I learn how others are able to successfully run big operations so that also I will be able to direct a team of people for the mutual benefit.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be outraged and shocked by experiencing consequences of the coronavirus global shutdown due to the belief that humanity has reached so high level of awareness and that we are being so connected via the internet that surely no global catastrophe can ever happen again and we will be able only to increase the quality of life for all living beings on this planet. I realize that changes are the only constant in life and that I also like to innovate and experience new things, especially the ones that challenge me and help me grow. I commit myself when and as I look towards the future and my mind is producing thoughts like: “Look what kind of misery the humanity has caused in the past so be very afraid what will happen in the future.” to stop and breathe. Instead of looking into the future with fear, I decided to look at it with excitement in the anticipation of wonderful surprises that destiny is entertaining me with and making my life incredibly interesting.

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17 June 2020

Day 196: The mind blowing failures out of proportion

In relation to my previous two blog post, I will be here looking at some more related limiting beliefs that I am obviously still holding to. I estimated that in the previous post I hit the target and that I will be able to successfully release the lower back pain, however, it is still persisting. I also went to a mountain hike over the weekend that usually assists me at decreasing the back pain however it did not have much of an influence. During the hike, I have been listening to Eqafe supportive educational audio on the topic of victimization that I listed at the end of the previous blog post. That assisted me a lot to become more aware of the mechanism that the mind uses to trick us into applying the personality of a powerless victim. So with an enhanced perspective, I intend for this blog post to be even more effective in addressing the core issues for the lower back pain.

A major point that I became aware of is how I have been conditioned into a lifestyle where I do not have to think much about the money and where my survival is more guaranteed that in many other countries. First influential experience is, of course, my childhood where my parents took care that we had enough food on the table, I was raised in a peaceful post-word-war-II era with a socialistic system where the needs of every one were taken care of very good and cheap credits to build houses were widely available. My father progressed with the climbing of the corporate leader, became a part of the steel factory management, and then also developed the family business that has been very profitable and enabled us to build our own house. I had resources available to enjoy all kinds of sports and got my own car. The problem, however, was the relationships that eventually forced me into moving away with my girlfriends in order to maintain sanity and prevent additional degradation of my physical health.

However even after my girlfriend and I started to live in our rented apartment, my parents insisted on taking better care of the finances. Since they saw me paying our apartment rent with the salary that they gave me as wasting of their own money, they bought a small apartment on a credit and forced me and my girlfriend to move there as a much better investment of their money. And after I decided to start my own business due to continued conflicts in our family business work environment, they additionally forced my girlfriend and me into moving to a new larger apartment where they took care of the credit. They justified that decision as giving me my inheritance in advance as an act of equality in relation to my brother who after I moved out of our house had the whole flat available for himself. So while I started to build my own business, I had no monthly rent expenses, and thus I was able to invest most of the profit into business and develop it more easily and faster than most others. This also enabled me to take enough time for my personal growth after my girlfriend decided to leave me and move away due to all the mental pressures from the side of her and my parents.

When the financial crisis hit also our country in 2008 and I started to accumulate debt for the first time in my life. I decided to sell my apartment and move with my new girlfriend to Ljubljana. This was also the first time of me having a lot of liquid capital from the sale of my apartment so I allowed myself to live with much greater monthly expenses than ever before. Initially, I built my businesses mainly around my personal interests of survival, maintaining a small circle of family and friendship relationships, and self-expression. And especially after discovering Desteni in 2010 and visiting their farm in South Africa, my focus has become creating the biggest positive social impact possible no matter the cost. I also looked at the money from selling my apartment as a form of blood money that has been accumulated on the cost of the suffering of myself and many others. So all my following activities were a form of repentance to balance the bad karma of many generations within my bloodline. It was not my plan to spend all the savings from the sale of my apartment however all the sequence of events sadly lead to that.

For example, I wished for my girlfriend to assist me with the development of the Equality Store for the international sale of wearables for promotion of the Equal Money System however she decided to compensate her bad self-image with staring to attend the school of cosmetics in order to somehow feel more pretty. I decided to earn money by restarting my photography business for the duration of my study of psychology however the tsunami hit Japan and the delivery of the photo studio equipment took 6 months instead of expected 3 weeks. After my girlfriend finished her study, we created a mutual business where I executed personal counseling and she did the classic massage therapy. Until her outburst of envy towards my female classmates, death threat by her ex-boyfriend towards me, and Desteni's decision to end global promotion of the Equal Money System resulted in my decision to end the relationship with her and move to the city suburb. All the multi-level marketing opportunities that I engaged afterward and that looked so very promising at the beginning also all crashed down after a couple of years.

In the year 2013 when I moved to Maribor city, I finally spent all my savings, and I had for the first time in my life ask for the social support money. I felt very embarrassed about that since I considered that as an act of personal failure. In the following period until this day, I engaged in several business projects where I wanted to positively influence the global situation and where the project leaders promised me a lot of financial compensation for my work. Despite my best efforts, it resulted in no earnings in fiat currencies and a lot of earnings in non-exchangeable digital currencies. I definitely could at that time generate sufficient fiat currency if I had accepted working for a minimum salary, working something that I did not like, or moving and working in another country. However, I simply refused to make such a compromise and decided to focus on combining my passion, freedom of expression, and changing this world into something better for all living beings. I just can't figure out why fate has placed so big obstacles for me and tried to force me into giving up.

Like why just after I decided to return to offering personal services in form of a Life Coaching this year, the global Coronavirus shutdown happened which is very similar to the global financial recession occurring after I just started to offer my personal counseling services in the year 2008. It is like the matrix is preventing me from assisting others to raise their awareness by shutting down the economy of the whole world. And also why I got seriously injured when I started to become the leading moneymaker as the PIRS business directory salesman, why the Bitcoin collapsed right after I started to make profits by investing in it and why the Spurt and Equality Keys currencies have still not become convertible, which looks like the matrix is trying to prevent me from generating income in any kind of currency. And why only girls with conflictual personality came into my life instead of some girl with a business-oriented mind and strong emotional stability contacting me with a desire to be in a relationship with me which looks like the matrix is preventing me to create a family and raise the children that would with their high awareness present a threat to the current global system. I could go on with even more examples of my efforts being sabotaged by dear Mrs. Faith but let's leave it with these. Let's do now some correction of my thinking pattern as taught at the Desteni I Process online courses:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to hold onto memories of the past experiences and to define myself with them instead of releasing myself from the past and making the best use of all the potentials that are available to me. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thought like: “If you want to know what you are and what you are capable of, just look at your past and know that such will also be the future.” to stop and breathe. Instead of projecting my past into the future, I live every moment as a fresh start and expand myself by learning new skills, improving current capabilities and tapping into many available resources to multiply them to create a world of abundance where we all live in harmony, mutual support and collaborate as one and equal.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to copy the personality of self-diminishment and self-victimization from my parents and use it as a valid manipulation and survival method instead of realizing how harmful such character is since it contributed for my mother to totally ruin her physical health and eventually committing suicide. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thoughts like: “It is very useful to show to others that you are week and incapable of taking care of yourself since they will feel sorry for you and help you to survive in this cruel world.” to stop and breathe. Instead of taking away my full power of creation as an equal in this world, I take charge of my life and stop the harmful pattern of victimization from transfering itself into the next generations once and for all.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to justify my envy and spite towards others by being a Slovenian national since our culture is to pull each other down and not allowing anyone to stick out and to succeed more than others. I realize that while in some other countries there is a more supportive environment for personal and business growth, I can still challenge myself by continuing living here and redefining what it means to be a Slovenian. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thoughts like: “Be aware that you are part of a very small nation with a slave mentality who has little to know leadership character so you also behave like that.” to stop and breathe. Instead of defining myself by my nation or its general mentality, I decided to live free of any labels and direct myself by the principle of what is best for all no matter where my permanent residence is located.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to look at my past relationships and business experiences as a collection of failed attempts to achieve success due to not being married and having own kids yet and spending all the money from the sale of my apartment instead of becoming at least a millionaire by now. I realize that whatever my previous decisions were, they were all a result of my awareness and circumstances at that time that assisted me to grow and to become a better version of myself. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thought like: “Look at many others in your age, like your younger brother who has a wife, two daughters, and a stable business, or look at Elon Musk who created a multibillion dollar business, so better be ashamed of who you are.” to stop and breathe. Instead of comparing myself to others of my age,  I change my relationship to my memories of the past into something much more supportive for me and others.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing for my mind to ignore most of the positive experiences and achievements in my past and to for the most of time serve me only the memories of the negative experiences and achievements while at the same time blowing them out of proportions instead of realizing that number of positive past events and its effects far more exceed the negative ones. I commit myself to when and as my mind is producing thoughts like: “Just remember how many times in the past you started something and you failed so it is fair to see yourself as a loser.” to stop and breathe. Instead of focusing on the negative past memories, I consider all the events that happened in the past as the equal and natural outflow of the consequences, not of just my decisions but of all beings in this world combined.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to see myself as an insignificant individual with a very limiting mental capacity that is not able to handle the complexity of this world. I realize that experience of overwhelmingness is a result of me going into my mind and overthinking things that I face instead of becoming equal with every singel challenge and using mathematical precision to break it down and walk it bit by bit until I take full ownership of it. I commit myself to when and as I face a challenge and my mind is producing thought like: “Just look at how complex this thing is, imagine everything that you will have to do to handle it and how you are incapable of coming to a complete solution in your mind.“ to stop and breathe. Instead of using the limited capability of my mind to face a challenge, I use the support of the physical to write down all the components of the challenge, collaborate with others, delegate tasks, and use all the available resources to tackle the challenge until it is completed.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to lose interest in increasing my mental capacities, gathering new knowledge and enhancing my capabilities due to a belief that I am already quite old and that the capabilities of my brain will from now on only slowly diminish. I realize that no matter how old I am, I can apply many mental exercises, use the tools like TechnoTutor to increase my processing power and my long-term memory, assist myself with eating healthy food, taking supplements and breathing pure oxygen, so there are many potentials that I have not tapped into yet. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thought like: “You are on the half path of your life and you will from now only become older with only lower capacities that you currently have.“ to stop and breathe. Instead of allowing to project the negative future in my mind, I make the best use of all the possibilities to increase my mental capacity and allow for new discoveries and potentials to assist me in expanding myself even more that I can currently imagine. 

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to justify losing my interest in participaton of doing anything particular in this world due to seeing it as very unstable and unreliable with all the constant wars, financial crises, global pandemics, and possibly even worse catastrophic events in the future. I realize that the only constant in existence is change and that whenever I become attached to a certain form or pattern and project it in the future, I create an expectation and fear of change and loss that eventually results in a disappointment. I commit myself when and as I observe this world and my mind is producing thoughts like: “Look at how unpredictable this reality is and whatever you decide to do, there is a great probability that you plains will fail, so why even bother trying to do anything.“ to stop and breathe. Instead of being seriously attached to the expectation of a certain outcome, I take life easily, consider it more as a game where everything is constantly changing and where we all in time have to swap our bodies and expressions and where I am part of one as the life that can actually not be harmed by anything since there exists no one but itself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for living the character of a responsible and serious person who demands to be taken seriously, expects others to be equally serious, and does not tolerate being laughed at by others. I realize that I have limited myself by such a character that I have used it to compete with my brother for the attention of our parents since he decided to live the character of a funny person that is skilled at extracting laughs from others as part of his survival mechanism. I commit myself to when and as someone is laughing at me and my mind is producing thoughts like: “Look at how they are making fun of you and bullying you, so resent to anyone that is not taking you dead seriously all the time.” to stop and breathe. Instead of holding onto my polarity extreme of a serious expression, I balance it by equally applying also the expression of relaxation, fun, and laughter towards myself and others.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to interprete anyone laughing at me as an act of attack on me and taking it personally due to my past experiences in the secondary school where some classmates picked certain parts of my body and made fun of them which resulted in me started to think that there is something wrong with how I look. I realize that I was partially responsible for others bullying me since they were responding to my low self-esteem and my self-perception of intellectual superiority however their decision of communicating their discomfort about that was a reflection of their lack of treating me as one and equal and a projection of their own insecurities and experiences of being bullied by others. I commit myself when and as someone laughs at me and my mind is producing thoughts like: “They are laughing for the purpose of bullying you so it is valid to feel uncomfortable and spite towards them.” to stop and breathe. Instead of allowing for words, sounds of actions to have influence over my emotions and self-image, I join laughing with them since some even say that a laugh a day keeps the doctor away and even I actually enjoy watching comedy on a regular basis very much.

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12 June 2020

Day 195: Exposing My Justifications for Self-victimization

As I have exposed within the previous blog post, I have been experiencing points of limitation that have been also reflecting in the slight back pain that has been persistent for the last couple of weeks. According to the Structural Resonance document, the location of the pain indicates that this is related to the POWER point. As explained also in the 2-part educational audio Lower Back Pain at the Eqafe library, it is mostly related to patterns of judgment and suppression about the things that one sees within yourself. So whenever one compromises self, makes self inferior or less than, or creates a consequence or gives self up for something or someone, and through that diminishes the power of one's expression, the potential of one's life, and thus victimizes self, the lower back will flare-up. It is also a consequence of running from self, not having enough time for self, and being occupied with doing things for others. And not allowing self during the day to take time to self-reflect and change.

So definitely I can look at the decision that I will be offering services of coaching as a possible point of limiting my self-expression. From one perspective I decided for the profession of coaching as the form of deliberate self-limitation since there are countless numbers of options for decisions in every single moment about what to do. Thus I feared that I will not be able to develop a business and consequently get enough money to sustain myself if I do not limit myself. This actually is not true since I do have the option to continue living on social support by continuing to be interested in every single thing that I stumble upon and be more of a curious researcher of life that is not focusing on any particular part of assistance. Yet during the coaching sessions, I am kinda performing such research since I am listening to life experiences of others and thus learning about new things and expanding myself.

I can say that what I find the most limiting in the coaching business is the scheduling process and all the stress related to that. So the first phase is to inform others about my service and attract them until they decide to order it. The next step is to book a meeting. And whenever I have something in my calendar there is the need for me to be prepared for that event. Since time is a very intangible thing and also relative, it requires regular attention of time-measuring devices. So instead of being relaxed here, I have to compare the booked time with the current time displayed on a clock, calculate the time difference and estimate how many things I will be able to do until it is expected from me to execute the coaching. Due to my desire to be punctual a not wanting to miss or forget any scheduled meeting, I become restless and can not fully focus on things that I also want to do besides the coaching.

This restlessness or nervousness increases especially with the scheduled time approaching. If I have nothing scheduled during a day I, for example, eat whenever I am naturally hungry, rest when I get tired, and for as long as I wish and do whatever I feel doing at any specific moment. And when I have meetings scheduled I have to plan all activities so that I am not so hungry during coaching sessions and also not too full to distract me from being able to perform as coach effectively. Also, I am seeing how the weather or low atmospheric pressure makes me more sleepy and tired. Since coaching sessions are booked at least hours if not days or weeks in advance, I can not tell how good will I feel at the time of having to perform coaching so I can not assure to be the best that I can be during each coaching.

Next, there can be many issues also from the side of coachees. Like they forgetting the scheduled meeting, them not feeling well, or being late, or in some times also arriving too early. So this also creates the need from my side to send reminders to clients, check the situation from their side before the meeting, and becoming prepared a bit early before the scheduled time. And then if they are late I also become nervous, disappointed and angry end even more if they do not show up at all. So all this planning and worrying disturbed my inner peace and does not allow me to stay relaxed. It was less stressful when I did a creative work and by getting one client, I could do just one job for them for hours, days, weeks, or even months. A business of coaching is quite different since sessions are as short as just half an hour and usually not more than two hours long. So I have to meet many clients in one day to be fully booked.

And while the design work was something visual, the coaching is a form of inner transformation that is much more intangible. It requires me to listen and remember what others are telling me, process what I have heard, decide about my response, and repeat the whole process over and over again. The fear here is that I will forget the information and not be able to effectively execute the reflective part of the coaching. So I take notes during coaching which I do by hand in case of life coaching and in the form of typed computer notes when executing online sessions. And while some other forms of conversational supports are a more one-time thing, coaching is usually a long process that is being performed in several sessions within several weeks or even months. Thus it requires me to remember or to keep records about the coaching related to the previous sessions so that I can assure that goals set in the initial coaching session are being reached.

This is also why many coaches do not charge their services by the hour but offer different packages. They are finding out what the needs and desired goals of the prospective clients are and then they estimate what package would fit them best. Such shaping of services is something new to me and I have yet to learn the benefits of it for me and the clients and how to apply it also into my coaching practice. There were also some coaches that contacted me in order to teach me how to succeed and earn a lot as a coach however no one resonated with me and I found their approaches something that I did not want to use. Most rely on international video coaching from their homes and using social media to get the clients. However, I got a bit tired of sitting in from of computers for long hours and prefer to meet clients in person so I planned to personally visit the potential clients in my local area. And just when I was to go out to do that, the Coronavirus quarantine started to be enforced, so I became quite frustrated about how unpredictable events are preventing me to execute my plans over and over again.

Then I also wanted to connect with other coaches in Slovenia in order to pick their brains and learn what business model works for coaching best for our nation. While the existence of a coaching method has been something that I discovered just recently, I was surprised for how long it has been used in my country and what level of standards have been established for that profession. A coaching society of Slovenia has members claiming that one can simply not perform as a good coach without having training that took at least a couple of years and regular supervision. I considered having performed very well as a coach for my past clients since many had so deep breakthrough moments that surprised even me. And I have many years of other kinds of studies about how the mind works, including measurable progress at my personal process of inner transformation, so I had high confidence in my abilities. However, after reading about how others are defining a coaching profession, my self-esteem in that area dropped a bit.

Throughout my life sequence of events developed me into becoming quite self-reliable in terms of learning the necessary knowledge to be able to do what I desired. And I also did not need any confirmation of my peers in order to gain sufficient self-confidence to work in certain areas. However, I noticed that what I lacked were depth and connections. In my life, the environment and people in my surrounding changed quite frequently so I learned how to function independently. And many experiences with other people were pretty negative so I also learned that others can not be trusted. I do fear that if I join any professional association, others will again start to limit me and influence me negatively. This is the reason why I prefer to work and also to live alone since I have already enough work with facing my own mind and lack the capacity and time to be able to also address the point of separation in the minds of others. Or so has been my justification for living in my current comfort zone.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define my chronic feeling of sadness and heaviness as disappointment and powerlessness as the result of seeing others as being possessed by their minds to the level of not being able to comprehend me and seeing me as one and equal. I realize that I have been, and still am to a level, possessed by my own mind and thus equally unable to fully comprehend others and treat them as one and equal. Thus I am actually sad about how I am possessed by the mind and not yet sufficiently being able to direct others to completely drop their possession which is also what I want for myself. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thoughts like: “There is no use of trying to release others from their minds since you are not capable of doing that so best to just protect yourself by living in isolation.” to stop and breathe. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I look at my achieved progress of releasing myself from the mind and what progress was made by others and continue to walk the process of supporting myself and others towards the total release of any mind possessions in the whole humanity.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define others as individuals who will sooner and later hurt me due to becoming blinded by the energy of their minds and emotions and that this is the reason why it is best to develop myself professionally alone. I realize that whenever others have harmed me it was due to my own separation within my mind that rendered me incapable of seeing and treating them as one and equal since I have been purely socialized and resonated superiority since this is how I have been raised by my parents who struggled with a feeling of inferiority. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thoughts like: “Do not join any professional group since you will not fit in and they will not be able to accept you as an equal.“ to stop and breathe. Instead of fearing others and losing hope in advance, I join professional networks and take full self-responsibility about how others respond to my presence, words, and actions.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to firstly get excited and uplifted about seeing the potential and after a while of doing that thing to lose the excitement soon after I face obstacles and challenges of moving towards that direction. I realize that I have allowed myself to be directed by the good feelings of the positive expectations and thus experiencing strong highs and lows instead ob directing myself based on the principle of what is best for all and pushing myself through every kind of energetic resistance with dedication, persistence and firm focus. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thoughts like: “You have the right to feel heavy since you have experienced disappointment so take sufficient rest to gather enough positive energy to move you forward.” to stop and breathe. Instead of allowing myself feelings of emotional tiredness, I take time to reverse-engineer the timeline of events that I have used as justificaton for such feelings and remove any energetic conditions so that I can be directed purely by the principles.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to lose interest in moving myself and doing anything particular due to accepted belief that there is no stability in this existence, that it is just a game or a play without any firm rules and that no matter what kind of goal I set it will avoid me achieving it. I realize that while there are theories that everything is energy and vibrations and that there is nothing tangible, the physical world does actually stand the test of time and is here and quite stable no matter if I believe differently. I commit myself when and as my mind produces thoughts like: “This world is just an illusion so by doing anything in it you will just be trying to make this illusion real.” to stop and breathe. Instead of believing my mind what is telling me, I realize that the problem is that the mind which is an actual illusion is trying to turn reality into an illusion by constantly taking my attention away from my breath and from what is actually here. Thus I decide to ignore any thoughts that justify me not moving in this world and do as many movements in a day to make this physical world the best place for myself and all others.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear that others will use words against me and enforce to consider their words as more powerful since they have labeled them as a rule or a law. I realize that others can have the power over my words only of I react to their words with emotions and that I am able to stand and speak for myself and explain in common sense that all words have equal power. When and as I receive a letter or a message from anyone and my mind is producing thoughts like: “They are citing a law so I must fear the enforcement in order to avoid harmful consequences for myself.” to stop and breathe. Instead of assuming the power of others through their words, I take equal power of my words to respond to them and disqualify every point of assumed agreement with me which has not been established between myself and others as direct agreement within full awareness.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be a quiet guy who learned that silence is the best defense and that it is not much use of trying to explain others what I see and feel since they will not be able to comprehend me. I realize that while the words are symbols to whichever one can have a different definition and emotional energies attached, there offer a significantly clear form of communication that I can use to interact with others. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thoughts like: “The ultimate power is being completely quiet since it is futile to explain anything to others by using words.” to stop and breathe. Instead of giving my power away and victimizing myself by projecting a negative income no matter which words I use, I do my best to use words to come to an agreement with all the others where interests of all involved are being considered so that we can co-exist in a bigger harmony.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not being aware of the power of asking and using assumptions about what others think, say and do instead of cross-referencing things by placing questions until I am sufficiently clear about what the reality actually is. I commit myself when and as see the words and actions of others and my mind is producing thought like: “Use your intuition to create an explanation what is the reason and meaning for others saying and doing things and do not disturb and take their valuable time with unnecessary questioning.“ to stops and breathe. Instead of interpreting the words and actions of others in my imagination, I stick with the physical and verify the facts so that I can avoid being in a wrong state of interpretation as much as possible.

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06 June 2020

Day 194: Allowing myself to be pushed to push myself to push others

In January 2020 I took a certified Life Coaching course. I became very excited about how powerful the coaching approach is in terms of assisting coachees in a relatively short time period to reach very high awareness of their life situation, to identify the obstacles, and to find solutions to overcome them. I found coaching to be something that I can deeply impact others by while allowing me not to activate my past selfish character of wanting to feel good by impressing others with the amount of advanced knowledge that I acquired. The fact that coaches are not supposed to be people who give advice, consult or teach and that their main purpose is to only mirror coachees, felt very liberating to me. However, there are some aspects of the coaching business that I do not like.

I learned from one of the coaches who is teaching his Natural Enrollment Method that establishing trust is an important part of the process to get clients. And it takes a lot of time to build rapport to the level where others become comfortable with opening themselves to you as a coach. So while coaching is very powerful it also requires readiness from the coachees to be vulnerable and courageous for them to get the most out of the coaching process. There must be a willingness to change and investment of time and money from their side in order for the coaching process to begin. And for that to happen there is a requirement from me to initially invest a lot my time and money in order to present the power of the coaching process to them and also to present myself as someone who is highly qualified for effective execution of such services and that I am also someone who they can trust with absolute certainty in terms that I will keep whatever they share with me to myself.

In recent months due to the Coronavirus or Covid-19 global event, I found it hard to get enough clients for my coaching business. One factor was my own fears about how far the changes within society will go and how that might influence me personally in a negative way. So all the media information that portrayed the virus as something very dangerous and the quarantine and economy shutdown as something justified definitely distracted my ability to focus on running a coaching business. Instead of investing my time in promoting my services, I spent many hours in research what is actually going on behind the scene of supposed global virus pandemic. And I have been occupied a lot by sharing interesting discoveries about what is the most probable truth all over the social media networks. I also had doubts that I would actually be effective with my coaching services to assist others since the global situation has been changing very fast and has impacted everyone extensively.

What I also noticed is that with the coaching business I definitely am pushing myself out of my comfort zone and consequently I have been experiencing a resistance. A point that I find most challenging is the energetic addition to feeling good. A great number of my past activities have been driven by wanting to prove to others that I am better than them in terms of my knowledge and skills. Consequently, in order for me to maintain my status as a superior being, I did not allow others to reach my level of excellence. That manifested in the form of being envious towards others, analyzing their activities and exposing any of their imperfections, and bullying them for that. So while I am now pushing myself to genuinely assist others to become the best version of themselves, I sometimes experience energy lows due to the persistence of the previous wiring of my mind.

Coaching has also introduced a new dynamic to my life in terms of scheduling. Previously I have been working on projects where I did not have to be so strict with time. For example, when I was doing a creative job and someone ordered me to produce some design or a photo, those were projects that took days, weeks or even months to complete. So just one client kept me occupied for a long time and I had the freedom to work on the project whenever I felt inspired during the day and thus not having to look at the clock very often. And in regards to working for my father, I fit his needs the most if I am available for him as soon as he calls me and to work as long until what he needs from me has been completed. Thus I find it more comfortable if there are others who contact me and give me work because they know what to expect from me and I can take all the time that is needed for me to complete the works to a level that I am satisfied with. And I preferred to have as much free time as possible after executing my creative work until I would be given the next order.

At the business of coaching, there must be people who order the coaching services in order for themselves to be pushed out of their comfort zone. In order for this to happen something has to happen for them to motivate them into desiring to be pushed out of the comfort zone by the method of coaching. And for me to sell the coaching method in general and then me as the coach that others would want to hire, I have to initially push myself out of my comfort zone. So I am also pushing myself to be in groups of people like Destonians that push me to increasingly push myself to push others and thus we have become many who are pushing each other out of our comfort zones in order to break free from of our limitations and to expand ourselves as much as possible. Consequently, we would in time not push each other down anymore due to desire to be more than others but push others up to the level where we can coexist as equals and live our utmost potentials.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define my father as someone that I must maintain my relationship with my whole life since I owe him for raising me and that I have to take care for him when he will be older and less capable similar than he took care for me when I was a todler and also less capable of taking care for myself. I realize that my relationship with him is based on him wanting me to feel like I owe him by him telling me many times that I have not repayed yet even for the milk that he purchased for me in my childhood years. I commit myself whenever my father wants me to do something and my mind produces thoughts like: “I have to serve him fast and well since I owe him my life.” to stop and breathe. I then with gratefulness for what he has done for me consider how I can fulfil his current needs however without allowing him to extort things from me by diminshing me and making me feel bad since that is just his projection of his own lack of self-trust and feeling of inferiority as the consequence of his childhood experiences that include loosing his father at a very young age.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to consider opinion of my father as more important that opinions of others and consequently doing mostly things which I can impress him with. I realize that by me wanting to impress my father I am equally diminishing myself like he is diminishing himself by wanting to impress others and consequently I am responsible for this limiting pattern of selfish interest and energetic addiction to continue in our bloodline. I commit myself when and as am deciding what to do, and my mind produces thoughts like: “Do something that you will be able to impress your father positively as much as possible with so that he will be proud of you.” to stop and breathe. Instead of that I decide for activities where I consider all life as equal and that have a long-term consequence outflow that are best for all being in this world.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that I would not be able to handle big projects since I get exhausted alreday by doing small projects, especially when I do design activities for my father. I realize that feeling of exhaustion comes from the negative energy of feeling heavy as the polarity of my desire for the positive energy of upliftment that is generated when I feel proud and as someone more after I have done something for my father and he then praises my work, especially in front of other people. I commit myself when and as I do things for other people, especially for my father and my mind it producting thougths like: “Do things in such a way that you will be able to feel good about yourself since positive feelings are what life is all about.” to stop and breathe. Within the realization of how any energetic experience, regardless if being negative or positive, is exhausting my physical body and eventually creating the feeling of polarity oposite, I decide for my starting point for doing anything to be creation of something paractical and tangible, that contributes to making this world a better place for all.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to present my advanced knowledge and computer skills to my father with intention to impress him and intimidate him in order to maintain my superiority towards him instead of realizing that I am by such attitude being the same kind of bully that he has been many times towards me in the past. I commit myself when and as I communicate to my father and my mind is producing thought like: “Show him that he is not able to grasp everthing that you are capable of knowing and doing so that he will be able to admire you.” to stop and breathe. Instead of that I decide when and as I communicate with him to become one and equal with him in terms of using vocabulary that he is able to understand and to also take time to teach him computers skills so that he can increase his capability of independently using the latest gadgets and devices. 

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30 May 2020

Day 193: Tricks and Traps of being a Grammar Nazi

Recently I read a finalized document with a list of words in relation to some projects created by other authors. Some words were singular and some were compound words of two singular words. However, all of the compound words were missing hyphens and thus they were grammatically incorrect. I then posted my observation to a chat group with the authors of the list and started to explain how using the hyphens is important in order to convey the message correctly and avoid misunderstandings. I compared writing words similar to the writing of mathematical formulas where if separators are committed, the final result of the formula will be different than expected. I attached a Quantum Language video with a clear explanation of how low grammar skills make you vulnerable to manipulations from the legal system and how using the correct grammar can empower you.

However, I was pointed out that I can not expect everybody to comprehend words in the same way as I do and that this is beyond my control. I rephrased their answer and what came out is that I was misunderstood because I started to explain the importance of using hyphens and presenting them as a mathematical equivalent instead of just simply explaining that I suggest some grammatical correction of the word list. When I looked at why I decided for a more complex explanation I realized that previous to that I have pulled up a recent memory where I noticed someone else also avoiding hyphens when writing compound words. So I associated both events and compounded it myself in my mind as something that needs to have a deeper explanation because I saw it as a repeating pattern. And I considered the list of words as a document that others will use to learn how to correctly write compound words and thus damage with long-term consequences would be created. Besides that, I already expected from the authors of the list to be more responsible in terms of using correct grammar so I emotionally reacted with disappointment and outrage.

What also came up in the further discussion was that during communication with other members in the groups one should not be so careful about every single grammatical mistake. Because members are from all around the world and each of them is on a different level in terms of language skills. So the point of working together is not to perfect the language but to achieve other the goal of the group that is beyond the vocabulary. That reminded me of the event where year are I have been speaking to a friend of my father about some advanced discoveries and I have perceived my way of communication with him as something that is very normal. However, he told me that he does not comprehend what I am saying, despite us speaking the same language. That surprised me since I could not see at that time how I did not make any effort to level my way of communication to match the vocabulary of the person that I am speaking to. In the past years, I already discovered that one of my characters or behavior patterns is trying to impress others with the advanced secret knowledge that I have gathered. And I have not been only sharing the knowledge for the purpose of impressing others and feeling good about my superior know-how but have also used more advanced vocabulary and grammar for the same purpose.

In a similar way, the legal system works since it uses vocabulary and grammar that is quite different than how common people communicate. They even have their own Black's Law dictionary where definitions of the words are different than in common dictionaries. My language research was thus also for the purpose of protecting myself from any legal attacks by others. However, I have never pushed myself so far to really excel at grammar, not in Slovenian, nor in the English language. Previously my motivation was self-centered and energy-based and I commit myself to change this. I commit myself to slow down and to perfect my Slovenian and English language skills for the purpose of better communication and collaborating together to bring a better world and to also use Quantum Grammar to effectively establish agreements and protect those who are not able to do so due to their weak language skills.

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18 May 2020

Day 192: My greatest fears

Within one of the recent chats of our Desteni support group for self-perfection, we were discussing how to face the emotional challenges related to the Coronavirus or Covid-19 global shutdown. It became clear that what the majority of people are afraid of the most is not becoming infected with the virus and becoming sick but something else. One of the biggest fears, in general, is, of course, dying however since the death statistics were not as bad as presented in public media, that was not the main issue. The main problems that people saw were related to a lack of food that could cause starvation and as it was also evident from popular memes, the biggest fear was lack of toilet paper, lol. Except that in Slovenia the product that people have purchased the most was actually the yeast. I am now also going to look at what my biggest fears for me personally are in relation to the recent global situation.

So as I wrote in my previous blog post, the biggest change for me was that the source of income from my father that I have been relying on was gone and thus I was not able to pay for the rent anymore. However, in relation to that, the actual fear was that the landlord would lash out on me with anger and thus disturb my inner peace with a projection of his emotional energy. Or maybe he would even demand that I move out of my current apartment. And this situation was also related to my feeling of shame and discomfort since several years ago I was also not able to pay for the rent for several consecutive months. I still owe him that money and occasionally the landlord still brings this point up and I feel uncomfortable about that. In a way, I did pay him for that missing rent however it was in the form of alternative digital currency that was expected to become convertible to fiat currencies very soon however that did not happen to this day. So regardless of him having the funds on his account he, equally like me, is not able to use it in a practical way. And also a girlfriend of the landlord that lives nearby has several months ago made an attempt to convince the landlord to make me move out due to her predictions that I will not be able to pay for the rent due to her false perception that my monthly income was far less than it actually was. Thus I am also uncomfortable that her predictions became true although the actual cause now is something very different and also she could not predict that. I have read that currently, one-third of the people in the United States can no longer afford to pay for the rent so knowing that I am not the only one with such a challenge does assist me a bit. And what I see is that beneath this feeling of shame and discomfort there is my old main pattern of fearing to be judged by others and not wanting to display any of my mistakes publicly. My father at the end of each year has been proudly announcing to the world that he is completely debt-free and I also wish to be able to say that however in recent years I was not able to do that.

What is also related to the lack of money is my dependency on social support money for the past several years that is also something that I am not proud of. Because of that my father is seeing me as a looser and has shamed me many times and I do not want to experience that ever again. However, I am not so much concerned about what my father says since I have realized that he is speaking from his own insecurities about himself that he compensates with a craving for attention from other people and the need to be recognized in public as a good person. And I also do not want money to be the main focus in my life since it is just an arbitrary means of exchange in ways that are hard to wrap the head around it. Some people are allowed to create money out of thin air in abundance while others are not allowed that and are even prevented to get it enough to support themself with it properly. Besides that, there are constant periodic financial crises that create worldwide depressions. So regardless of how much money someone has, it can all be taken away in a moment by some completely unexpected event. Consequently, I also do not want to be attached to money while I actually have always been able to find ways to have my basic needs met. And I am researching options and development of global events that have the potential to turn the money into something more stable and fair.

The next point that is also related to money and survival is the vaccination agenda and 5G network. I watched many documentaries that explain how the existence of coronavirus has been deliberately blown out of proportions in order to enforce mandatory vaccination. And that many of the cases where people got sick or even died were connected to the rollout of the 5G network that influenced the human body in a negative way. Then also how if we allow the vaccination agenda and further implementation of 5G, each of us could become controllable and enslaved even more. Or also prevented from accessing your own bank account and food if not complying with the controllers. And how the 5G has been weaponized and can be used to target groups or individuals to disable their body functions or even kill them. Also, we could see how in a relatively short amount of time governments have taken legal measures and public media has focused on spreading mostly negative news that resulted in people's movement becoming restrained and their sources of income diminished, in some cases to zero. So the underlying fear in regards to this point is about the same scenario to be repeated in the future even faster and with even stronger negative consequences for me and others.

Besides initial ranting and raving I now also going to assist myself with the writing of some self-forgiveness and self-correction statements that I learned at the free online course DIP Lite that I also recommend to others:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that due to the current state of almost all people in the world being connected via the internet and making friendships on social networks with thousands of individuals from all over the planet, we now comprehend how similar and interdependent we are and thus we will not turn against each other ever again. I realize that while there exist technical potentials to increase the speed of self-realization, the actual process of real inner transformation takes many years of diligent work and many are still in the beginning stages of this process. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thoughts like: “I can now relax and have complete trust in the future of peace, happiness, and abundance.” to stop and breathe. I then rather keep myself open to any kind of event that might happen at any time and rely on my ability that I will always be able to find a solution to any challenge that I face in my life.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define someone controlling me as something bad and unacceptable due to my perception that I am free, that I need to stay free, and that anything that will limit my freedom has to be opposed with maximum force. I realize that each of us is already living within many physical, mental and spiritual limitations and that sense or state of freedom is relative and can be practically lived only with consideration of the outflow consequences of acts of every single individual in existence since we all share one existence and every action has its consequence. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thoughts like: “Every restriction enforced by others onto me is wrong and I will fight it and protect my current freedom!“ to stop and breathe. I then rather take time to see why the certain new limitation has been established, if it is for the long-term benefit of most living beings and to see how many freedoms I still have that allow me to move, create, express and to provide for my basic needs of survival.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to live the character of a victim due to all the physical, mental and spiritual limitations that I currently experience and that since I am not able to be aware of all the existence and control every detail of it I demand to be taken care of by someone who has more control since I am entitled to be so. I realize that while I am experiencing certain limitations I also have many options to overcome them and expand myself which would be a much better use of time and my potentials than not moving and staying in a state of self-pity. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thoughts like: “You are so small, weak and insignificant so you have the right to be taken care of.” to stop and breathe. I then rather write down all my weaknesses and the options for becoming stronger in those areas and move effectively every single moment in order to become more able and respond to everything that I am facing in my life.

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30 April 2020

Day 191: I can no longer count on my father helping me

The new measures that I implemented in recent weeks, as described in my previous blog post, assisted me in calming down my heart area. Since I stopped spending many hours online following coronavirus related to mainstream and alternative news and long videos about all the possible background happenings, my mental state became sufficiently stable. I now have a routine of checking emails and social media messages only twice per day and I read national media news articles once per day, just to be properly informed about the economic and social changes in our country. I do daily planning of my activities and then I execute them one after another without any deviation. That assisted me in becoming very motivated to wake up in the morning, knowing that I have enough work for more than the whole day. And I get satisfaction from ticking off the tasks that I completed and reviewing the list of all completed daily achievements before I go to sleep. However, I noticed also one relapse that I see connected to a fear point due to some other new situation.

That new situation is the realization that my father is currently not able to assist me financially wise. In the last several years, I have been with approximately constant quantity doing some graphic design and administrative work every single month. And usually, he has been paying me for my executed work pretty regularly every single month. In February 2020 I worked especially a lot for him and I have been looking forward to the earned money. However, that is also the months when our government started to implement the lockdown and his clients did not pay him for the services that he charged. Consequently the following month he was not able to pay me. However, I then also assisted him by preparing the application for the extended financial limit on his bank account. I assumed that he will also pay for what he owns me when the bank will grant him the limit. So I waited and waited and then I called him to check the state of the application. I was quite shocked to hear from him that the bank approved the limit however he already spent all the money on his personal needs like extending the registration of the car and similar.

My father liked to play the character of a savior and has effectively assisted me a couple of times when I was in financial troubles. He is very ingenious and innovative however it looks that the current situation was also too much for him to handle since it is a massive global event that changed the situation in basically all the people on this planet. I often considered how I am relying on him saving me every time I am in trouble and how I also still was playing the polarity character of a victim just to keep some relationship with him as my father. And I often wished for some event to happen so that I could have a good reason to break this attachment to him and become more self-reliant. And now it seems that this global shutdown is exactly what I wished for and I actually am now very focused on developing my own Life Coaching business services that should generate sufficient source of income for me in order not to have to rely on my father anymore.

So I had been pushing my business point forward however I do not find it so easy. The most challenging point for me currently is getting clients. I have been studying any ways of how to get them and have invested many days of researching and testing methods and apps for booking and customer relationship management. I have thousand of contact in my address book, thousand of Facebook friends, and thousands of LinkedIn connections that I am able to use to get for marketing. The challenge is how to merge all the contacts to have a complete overview of all my previous communication with any of my contacts and how to systematically follow-up with each of them without anyone falling out of the sales funnel and to avoid any embarrassment due to forgetting any of my past communication with any of them. So far I could not find and CRM that is able to amalgamate all these sources of information and it seems that I will have to develop some kind of CRM system on my own. And then there are all sorts of decisions I have to make like assessing who would be most prospective contacts and to sort them for the purpose of sequential drill-down.

But the most disturbing thing for me currently is that I have not been able to pay for my rent for the past two months. The rent is being collected in cash by the son of the landlord that also lives in my apartment building. I am meeting him several times per month since he often works in his shed fixing his bikes and experimenting with housing construction using natural materials. Last month when I was not able to pay for the rent the son of the landlord expressed quite a lot of anger about being late with the rent because his father also urgently needed money. I felt very uncomfortable because of that and went into fear. I asked for government support in regards to the rent and I was approved however only for one month and I expect to get the money only the next month. So when the son of the landlord called me if he can visit me to collect the rent for this month I again went in fear about him becoming angry again. Luckily he comprehended the situation and he also showed no signs of resentment while I have been meeting him at the backyard where he has been doing extensive cleaning of the clutter from the attic.

The relapse that is probably connected with all this additional fear of survival manifested as problems with skin cracks between my toes, especially on my right foot. It seems that the circulation and energy flow through my legs again decreased to an insufficient level. I took care to walk a lot barefoot through each day and I even started to do barefoot hiking to the nearby mountain each weekend however it looks like that was not enough. So I decided for additional support in the form of toe socks which I already wore in the past. I ordered a dozen of such cheap socks from China and a couple of more expensive socks from local online stores that would get me through until the overseas shipment arrives. It is not a permanent solution however toe socks effectively prevent shin of the toes to press on each other the moisture between toes to accumulate there. I figured out that my week leg circulation is mostly genetic due to inherited fear patterns from my father. And my job has been mostly related to working with a desktop computer in a sitting position on a chair or with a laptop computer in a lotus sitting position on my bed with my legs crossed. So I do generally do a lot of mental intellectual work where my legs are still and I can not move them a lot. However, I have a plan for my Life Coaching services to be executed also in a standing position or while I walk around my office or even at the nearby path along the bank of Drava river.

I just heard today that the lockdown is slowly being lifter in our country. From today we are able to freely travel to other municipalities without going through the checkpoints with a special permit on their borders and also libraries and schools will start to open gradually with the beginning of the next week. Hopefully, also other businesses will start to be opened again and the financial transfers will get back to normal soon. I heard some predictions that the global economic situation will become even worse due to plans to completely collapse the current fiat financial system in order to then implement a completely new one that will be much better for all being on this planet. So let's see what will actually happen.

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15 April 2020

Day 190: Trying to be prepared for what could happen in the future

In the last couple of days, I noticed how I have become increasingly anxious. This has been reflecting in the form of frequent heath arrhythmia and stronger tremors in the area around my heart. I had difficulties with relaxing enough to fall asleep in the evening and even though the day I occasionally had pressing episodes where my breathing became more difficult. Yesterday while I was sitting in the backyard garden and had a vegetable salat in the sun I felt like my heart was slowly giving up and I got scared about dying soon. I called a doctor on the phone and based on my answers to her questions she concluded that my heart is just fine and what I am experiencing is mind-related. Then I also borrowed a blood pressure measuring device from one of my neighbors. The results showed that my blood pressure and pulse are normal. That assisted to calm myself down pretty much, however, I realized that I need to take additional measures to protect myself from too much stress.

During the coronavirus lockdown, I took a lot of care to handle the situation in a calm and peaceful way, paying attention to not overwhelm myself. I did physical exercises in the morning, took regular 1-hour daily walks, stocked myself with food and continued to work from my home. When I noticed the anomalies in regards to my heart I concluded that daily routine was not enough to ground me sufficiently so I went for a longer and more strenuous hike. I noticed that it assisted me a lot so I repeated it a week later and I decided to do it also on each of the following weekends. Additional measures were cutting down the time spent on social media, removing myself from online dating websites and focusing on my personal needs. I restarted to use the Nirvana app that is a companion software of the Getting Things Done methodology that I discovered years ago by reading a book about it. While in the previous months I did moderate planning of my activities, I have now with that app collected and organized all the projects, tasks and reoccurring events. It now helps me to avoid procrastination and laziness and it assists me in being much more productive each day so I am now much more satisfied with myself.

The following are the related statements of self-forgiveness, realizations, and commitments that I learned to apply at the free online self-perfection course Desteni I Process Lite and I suggest you to also try it out to assist with directing yourself effectively:
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define myself as the discoverer and sharer of the deepest life secrets. I realize that while digging for and forwarding shocking information made me feel good and useful to others, I lack within that to find a way to monetize it and to provide a stable source of income for my basic needs. I commit myself to when and as I look at my passions to ask myself about the core reasons for doing that and to then look at how I can turn it into a business or or doing it as a hobby while providing myself an additional source of income to at least cover all of my monthly expenses.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that I can protect myself from all negative influences the most by researching how things in this world work which means spending a lot of time watching all the available documentaries about secret societies, financial and legal system and every interesting fact that I stumble upon. I realize that there are a lot of contradictive theories that are all very concerning and absorbing all this information has created many fears and insecurities within me. Thus I commit myself to only occasionally follow the sources of information that proved so far to be the most reliable and are in a form that takes as little time as possible from me to digest the infromation.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think that possession of a large quantity of information is the best way to protect myself from all the possible harm. I realize that while the expected result would have to be in me becoming more self-confident, the accumulation of information actually made my mind even more restless and every situation that I found myself in triggered a lot of thoughts about all kind of possible reasons why I am experiencing something and made me confused about how to respond to situations that I am facing in real-time. I commit myself instead of creating assumptions based on accumulated knowledge to rather ask people that I am meeting about what is their reason for doing something. And to also ask other people in the actual situations that I find myself in about what is the nature of any manifestation in my physical proximity.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to build my stability on the information that I gathered in the past instead of realizing that any information that I possess can become outdated and that it could also be false in the first place. I commit myself to when and as I am facing a situation in my life and my mind is trying to assist me by fetching all kinds of supposedly related information that I integrated in the past or trying to associate the current event with any of my past experiences, to stop and breathe. I then rather face every single situation as something completely new and not even slightly related to anything that I know about or have experienced in the past by doing real-time research based on what I can verify by tangible evidence at this present moment.
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31 March 2020

Day 189: How the new Coronavirus and Covid-19 influenced me

We are in the 2nd week of the new Coronavirus shutdown in Slovenia where we are not permitted to travel outside the municipality where we live, with some exceptions. The new government directive is that we must stay at home and go out only for shopping for groceries, occasional walks and to go to work if you are the lucky employee where the business has not been shut down. Now face masks are mandatory on all closed public spaces like stores for example. Public media present the picture of the situation where the hospitals are full of COVID-19 patients while those who have actually visited the hospital say that they are almost completely empty. I have noticed how I emotionally reacted in front of some people in this situation so I am going to do a few self-corrections.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to react with anger when the security guard offered me to disinfect my palms in at the entrance of the store where I wanted to buy some groceries. Within that, I forgive myself for refusing to use the disinfectant with the justification that I do not know what its ingredients are and that it may actually harm me. I realize that the security guard has just been doing his job and that I could explain myself, accept or refuse his offer while remaining emotionally stable. I commit myself to when and as I visit a store and I am confronted with a new situation and my mind is producing thoughts like: “What the fuck is now this? How far will the forcing of things onto me go on? How more strict will the situation become in the future?” to stop and breathe. I decide to constructively analyze the situation, stay stable, ask questions about the reasons for the change, asses possible threats and then decide about my response while considering others as equals.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become annoyed when the grocery shop assistant told me to use the plastic gloves to pick the fruit and then me telling her that I do not believe in what public media is telling us about the danger of viruses. I realize that she was also just doing her job, following instructions of her superiors with thought that this will bring more safety. I commit myself to when and as someone tells me to do something in regards to virus scare and my mind is producing thought like: “I am allowing no one to command me and to tell me what to do!“ to stop and breathe. I then consider also the point of view of those who are telling me things and maybe decide to obey their suggestion since things like wearing gloves can not harm me and is a very small nuisance.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to react with the fear when noticing how people have panicked and went on a mass grocery shopping. I realize that I allowed myself to be afraid of food running out and me having to starve while the government explained that they have food reserves that are enough for several months. I commit myself to when and as I observe compulsive buying in the stores and my mind is producing thoughts like: “Look how people are smart and stocking themselves just to be safe so learn from them and do the same1” to stop and breathe. I then rather consider trusting the government and buying for myself only what I need for the next several days since if I would overbuy, I would contribute to the store going out of items for those who currently need them.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing to fear that the deep state members will use this fake coronavirus pandemic to enforce compulsory vaccination and that I will be chipped and become a slave where my health will also deteriorate due to vaccination and 5G network. I realize that I am creating such fear due to the projection of a negative future in my mind. I commit myself to when and as I notice the new events happening in this world and my mind is producing thoughts like: “Look at all the catastrophes that the deep state will certainly use for their depopulation agenda!” to stop and breathe. I then consider the possibilities of all kinds of scenarios, but pay attention to not overthink and rather remain calm and respond only to actual threats that manifest themselves in my close proximity that I am actually able to protect myself from in a practical way.

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