28 December 2011

2011 - Destructive nature of love as feeling

I just finished a relationship that lasted for almost exactly one year. It started when one girl fall in love with me over internet since we had a lot of common interests. She then very persistently started to call and message me and wanting to meet with me. I in kind a way felt very flattered that someone has so much interest in me, but I was also aware that this kind of obsession is not the best foundation for any relationship. But since I did not want to pre-judge her, I gave her a chance and started a relationship with her.

When we first met face to face, I explained her that my interests are in self-realisation and making this world a better place for all. I told her that we can be only in kind a relationship that we call An Agreement. This is not a typical relationship where two people start living together and start supporting each other personality or ego, but the other way around. Partners are to expose each other's destructive behavior patterns and transform them so that they are not only best for that person, but best for all living beings on this world.

My girlfriend agreed that she is prepared to work on herself, analyze and remove all mind patterns that cause her to emotionally react and that also made her to define me as something more and thus created the energy that she calls love. You see, there are two kinds of love. One is fake love of the mind that is the energy feeling, and other is real love that is based on practical actions of doing onto others as you would want other to do onto you. So one can claim that it is in love with certain person, but his action prove the other way around.

I supported my girlfriend with nice and not so nice approach in order to start her process of self-honesty, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application, but she was not able or did not wanted to grasp the material and do her process. Thus I decided to end this relationship since it was not supportive for me and influenced me in also slowing down my own process. So I am now moving on and I will be prepared to engage in new relationship or agreement only if the other person will be actually willing and able to walk with me in the process as one and equal.

For those who want to find out more about the process of self-realization that I have been involved in for about two years now, Google "Desteni I Process" or visit this URL > http://www.desteniiprocess.com

27 November 2011

2011 - Isn't Equal Money System the death of individualism?

At Desteni we propose the Equal Money System as the way towards equality and providing dignified life for all living beings. Some ask themselves if equality means death of individualism, some sort of death through the sameness?

When you consider individuality, you must firstly observe if you are free as individual in this current world system. You may say that you are free, that you have a freedom to choose, but if you investigate carefully, you will come to an conclusion that every single decision that you make in subconsciously influenced by the fears, mostly by the fear of money lost. Money has become something that you can not live without, to currently you in fact can not execute your individual freedoms. All laws are made in order to keep current system in place and you have to do what the system says in order to receive enough money to survive.

In the Equal Money System you will be practically provided with everything you need and thus fear of money loss and consequently fear of survival will be removed. In the EMS you will not loose your individuality, in the contrary, you will be for the first time be allowed to express yourself as individual living being. So the word Equality in the EMS does not refer to become equal in terms of personality or expression, but in terms of having equal right and opportunities guaranteed.

17 November 2011

2011 - What if I don't want to work for 4 years in EMS?

In the current money system you have to work for about 60 years in order to become qualified for retirement and to receive residual monthly income until you die. And for many people the amount of money that they receive after becoming retired is not enough to cover all basic needs. But even if they receive enough money, majority of people die in 2-3 year after becoming retired due to feeling of isolation and not being useful anymore.

At Desteni we are suggesting an Equal Money System where you will be obligated to work for only 4 years and then the system will provide you with all the things that you need until you die. This is possible because in current system which is based on debt, profit and scarcity, the products are made to break fast, thus it is estimated that up to 90% of all natural resources, energy and time consumption is due to need of perpetuating consumerism. In the EMS the products will be made to last long, there will be no competition, and you will need to work for only 4 years in order to keep the system functional.

Some might now ask: "What if I don't want to work for 4 years?. Well, this question might come up due to associating the world "work" with what work represents in the current economic system. Now you do not have much choice about what you can do in order to provide yourself enough income for living, thus many are forced to have jobs that surpress them and create a lot of stress. Now you go for work due to fear of loosing money, but in an Equal Money System, this fear will be removed, and no one will force you to do anything that is harmful to your mental or physical health.

So expect the jobs in the EMS to be something that will give you great pleasure and you will be glad to work and contribute to the system that will provide a dignified life for all humans, animals and plants in this planet. But since this kind of system can work only if we all work it, there will be no tolerance for those who want to abuse or do nothing to support others. They will be isolated and removed from the system support in order to experience the consequences of their pure self-interest. This is true karma in immediate action where you will receive the same as you give. In time everyone will realize that we are all part of the same existence and that supporting others is necessary in order for you to also be properly supported.

14 November 2011

2011 - What can I do to support the Equal Money System?

So you became aware of the existence of the global political agenda of an Equal Money System that will guarantee a dignified life for all living beings on this world. So what now -- what can you do to support the EMS?

Well, firstly you are invited to dig deep and find all about what EMS is and what is not. Go to the official web site of the Equal Money System which is > equalmoney.org and then read all about it. You are welcome also to get you copy of the first Equal Money Book. Then got to the YouTube and search for the Equal Money System videos. A lot about EMS is also written in the Destonian Wiki. After you have gained a pretty clear picture of what EMS is, they go to the Equal Money forum, register, research the topics discussed so far and then ask whatever you are not yet clear about.

After you finished with research on EMS, you are qualified to spread the word about it to as many people as possible. You can do this by putting the official EMS PicBadge on you FaceBook profile picture. There is also many EMS FaceBook groups and pages that you can join. Share the link to EMS web site on you FaceBook profile, e-mail your friends, and speak about EMS to everyone you meet. Invite them to do the same research that you have done in order for everyone to understand that Equal Money System is the ultimate solution that will fix the problems in this world in shortest time possible. You are welcome also to get yourself a EMS supportive wearables like t-shirts, caps, bags, sticker and similar from the Equality Store > equality-store.com

If you want to fully support the solution of EMS, then you can also start blogging and vlogging about it, donate money to the Equal Life Foundation and let you creativity go wild about the ways of how you can support and share the EMS message. But wait, you can then go even further. In time you will realize that just sharing the message is not enough. Yes, the Equal Money System is the political solution, but it needs to be understood and supported by majority of the people for what it truly is. It is not just about convincing people using beautiful words and getting them to become positively emotional about the EMS. Equal Money is not just another political party or opposition, it is about understanding that we are all part of the same existence and that we can live here and be fully supported from birth to death only if we remove all that separate us from one another and blind us from understanding how we created this reality.

And this is why everyone will also have to transform what is deep inside us. I am here referring to thoughts and emotions which is all the energy of the mind. EMS is the vision of the new world, but in order to make this vision true, we all need to change our patterns of thinking and acting. See, you can not expect to change the output if you do not change the input. So part of the Equal Money System is also the education where you are introduced with knowledge and information about how you mind works and how you can become aware about all your subconscious and unconscious patterns and how to remove those that are the points of separation and conflict by applying simple tools of Breath, Self-Honesty, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Application. There is a lot of free information and forum on Desteni web site, and if you want to go hard-core, then you are invited to join the Desteni I Process self-realisation and leadership development course at > desteniiprocess.com where you will be systematically guided and supported by personal mentor in order to go all the way, deep into the "rabit hole".

Think this is all you can do? Wrong! There is much, much more than you can imagine. Yes, you can go even more crazy about it. You can start studying psychology or political sciences and become well educated about how current system works. See, it will take many dedicated and trustworthy people who will go to politics and push the Equal Money System agenda towards full execution. Thus making Equal Money System a reality can become your full occupation. There is a lot of work that needs to be done before we stop destruction of this planet and create something similar to Heaven on Earth. Many details need to be discussed, billions of people to get educated and huge amounts of laws to be changed. It will take at least 10 to 20 years to start with major changes and several generations to put all necessary points into place. So let's roll, let's do it here and now! We can do it, all the support is available, it needs only the rest to join and become one with life, with the principle of equality and start doing what is best for all.

31 October 2011

2011 - Facing my reactions in regards to psychology study

It has been now four weeks since I started psychology study at Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, and I allowed myself some emotional reactions during the class that would be cool to face.

The first major point is that we were taught to be two different approaches towards observing some phenomena. The first is the Common Sensical approach and the other is the Analytical Research. The definition of common sense as we are taught at the psychology class is to observe something without taking into consideration your own mind projections and the mind projections of the observed person. And the analytical scientific approach is to eliminate the determinism of both the observer and the subject. Since at Desteni we define common sense as that what in time accumulates into what is best for all, and since I also titled my new book "From Enlightenment to Common Sense", I emotionally reacted towards psychological definition of common sense. Based on the definition that we were taught it would be more appropriate to call psychological common sense (translated in Slovenian language as The Healthy Mind) to be called uncommon sense (translated as The Sick Mind).

Then when we talked about the statistical analysis of the subjects, the teacher used the term 'population' or 'inhabitants' to describe the humans who live in the certain area. I made a comment about why are only humans considered as inhabitants of certain area, totally disregarding the animals and plants. The reacher explained that in regards to current case we were referring only to beings that have ability of introspection, and only humans are those with this kind of ability.

Next, when we talked about statistics, it was explained that in psychology as in many sciences we are unable to measure certain phenomena with precision, thus we have to accept the approximate values. I reacted due to my deeply rooted perfectionistic pattern and ideals that everything must be perfect and exact. Especially from the modern sciences I expected to be exact and reliable since they define laws that all of our society is based upon. The scientists are well respected people who earn a lot of money and have great power of persuasion to win cases in courts. But since it was explained that there is always certain level of human error in every scientific measurement, how can then someone claim to be right and know the facts? Science is thus nothing but lie and consequently all our society is based on lies and deceptions.
  1. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the emotional reaction of anger when hearing the psychological definition of common sense (healthy mind), instead of realizing that it is in fact used as expression when someone wants to argue its own opinion without explaining the points that claims are based on.

  2. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the thoughts of how also humans and animals should be considered as inhabitants when I heard the word 'inhabitants' during the psychology lecture, instead of realizing that teacher only used this world as the not most appropriate term for the human inhabitants, and was not being deliberate ignorant or spiteful towards other living beings like animals and plants.

  3. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing to believe that science is exact and that it has to be exact, instead of realizing that there is a limit to ability of how we can measure every single thing and how everything is relative.

  4. When I participate in the class, I focus all my attention to what the teacher has to say, I do not make any assumption about why some world was used and what it refers to, but rather ask and make the point clear.

25 October 2011

2011 - What about families in an equal money system?

In the current family system all the power has the one who earns most of money, and this is usually the male. Since children have no direct financial income, they are dependent on their parents. Children thus need to obey parents in order to survive and receive from them everything they need. Kids also have to accept the belief system of the parents in order not be in conflict with the parents regarding any opinion. Parents are also physically larger and much stronger than children so they also use physical force to shape children as they choose to. Grownups in this era, since they have to work many hours per day in order to earn enough money to support their families, have also very little time and patience to raise children properly. They use quick fixes, allow hyperactive children to get drugged and sedated instead of changing the way of living so that children would develop physically and mentally properly.

Current economic system puts a lot of pressure onto each member of society so that everyone is rushing and competing to become a winner and get the money. Children grow up in isolation and violent conditions of home, lacking social contacts with other humans, animals and plants, and becoming not much more than a living dead. Life in kids is suppressed, joy of living annihilated, and many commit suicide. This is the way our current society exists. Human is raised up as destroyer of all life, as separate from fellow living beings and perceives to be some more important form of life than other species. We have managed to walk on the moon, but we are incapable of walking in the shoes of those who suffer here on earth. What is the point of discovering other planets if we bring destruction everywhere we put our foot? This must stop, this must end.

As the solution to all this problems, we propose an Equal Money System that will guarantee dignified life for all. No abuse will be allowed, not even behind the walls of the private apartments. Each family generation living as separate is not natural. Native tribes know it much better and children are raised by all generations and many people of all ages so that every child develops a respectful social attitude towards all. They are also surrounded with many animals and plants and thus understand that we are all interdependent and interconnected. Not as the so called civilise people who poison and trash ground, rivers, seas and air in order to enjoy the good feelings. Equal Money will stop the cause for greed and profit, and natural balance will be restored. Every kid will receive the best education, regardless which part of the world will be born into. Everyone will receive enough money for dignified life from birth to death. No human, animal and plant will starve anymore. And instead of separate and isolate family constructs, we will become one big global family, respecting and supporting each other equally. So let's do it, let's make this world as soon as possible the best place for all.

11 September 2011

2011 - Improving my interaction with others for better success

I have been observing my behavior patterns when I interact with other people. My observation intensity increased lately due to listening of some audio material that explain how successful people take full responsibility for their lives and how they let themselves to be taught by other successful people in order to change their behavior and make better use of their available time. One of the most prominent characteristics of successful people is to have genuine love or interest for other people, to care for them, and thus build yourself a very attractive charisma. Consequently your open and sincere attitude is accumulated also in many business opportunities that bring a lot of money.

Listening to these material challenges my believe that you can earn a lot of money only if you abuse other people and deliberately manipulate with them to buy what you are selling. I see that I inherited those believes from my parents, especially from my father, who was very critical and cynical towards politicians and rich people, defining them as those who exploit others and steal in very deceptive ways. My father holds a believe that you can earn decent money only if you work hard. He in very innovative in ways how to make money to support himself, but he is not successful in building a team of people that would make even more money. He is full of anger and blame and envy and very short tempered.

In the audio material that I listen, I learn that difference between very successful and less successful people is in taking full responsibility for your life. Successful people never blame others for anything that happens in their lives. They never define anything as bad, but see everything as challenge and opportunity to learn and to make themselves a better person. You always get money from other people, so in order for others to give you money, you need to provide them with something that they want, with something that will improve their lives. Others can sense if you are sincere or if you are just trying to take advantage of them. So being totally honest and truly caring is the key to lasting and increasing success.

When I observe myself and my interaction with other people, I see that I am very uncomfortable with making connections and starting conversations. I need some event to happen in order to break the ice. I need to see some common point of interest before I start sharing myself with others. I need to firstly see the potential of engaging in conversation so that I will get something in return or so that people that I speak with will appreciate what I have to say. Thus I firstly observe others and estimate their level of understanding and compatibility with me, before I consider them worth of contacting.

This point became even more prominent since I started to live with my girlfriend who has much more easy going character and is able to connect with anyone anytime without any judgement or fear. When she finds something or something attractive, she becomes like a child, approaches the subject with funny innocent gestures and voice, extends her arms and touches the subject sweet and gently. One advantage of hers is that she is a woman and they are already by nature more opened and easy to connect between each other, but even among females she is much more childish than others. However she lacks ability of sharing useful supportive content and mostly engages only in small talk.

The harders part of conversation with someone you don't know is starting conversation. One way of how to connect with others is to observe them and pick something that you really like about them. When you approach them you can say: "I really like your tie!" or something. This is cool ice-breaker and it opens subject for discussion. Everyone needs to be accepted and recognized and feel welcome. There is so much criticism in this world, and it is very easy to point fingers, blame, judge and be picky, and it is hard to say something nice about others. It is even harder to give a sincere compliment, without being dishonest and manipulative.

For me it is hard to open myself due to self-judgement, of being dependent on other people's opinion, so I am careful not to make myself a fool or communicate with those who I perceive that will be not interested in what I want to share. I act from a kind of self-protective position where I am more like observer than active participant. I have not yet become person who direct himself towards what is best for all and thus feels no shame or regret. Thus I am continuing with realizing that self-honesty is the key element for permanent succes in life. And it is also about standing for what is best for all no matter what. They say: "The higher the level, the higher the devil", so the one who stands up for life also need to be prepared to face great challenges that come along with this state of the mind.

Many, including me, do not want to disturb others, thus I hold myself back and live rather more quiet and isolated life than put myself in center of attention. I fear that if I would become more opened, others would want my attention, they would want to socialize with me as much as possible and that would drain my energy. I learned that some want to listen and follow others due to not wanting to take self-responsibility for their lives. So they follow easy going people just for entertainment, to distract their attention from the problems in their lives. And this is not what I want to do. I want everybody to take self-responsibility and face everything that they created in their lives. From my point of view, there is enough wisdom in this world that one can easily change their behavior patterns only if decides to stop.

Especially now, where there is awesome Desteni I Process self-development and leadership course available online to everybody, one is able to improve their life significantly. All can find out how mind works for real and get a fast realisation of how we create this world due to acceptance and allowance of repeating thinking and emotional patterns. If one takes full self-responsibility it is possible with use of self-forgiveness and self-corrective application to stop living in the mind and birth yourself as life from the physical. This way you stop being irresponsible observer of what is going on, and start being responsible and active participant that creates world that is best for all. With help of peaceful political agenda of an Equal Money System we have the power to effectively and practically remove also all current legal obstacles that prevent us to live here as in heaven on earth. We are the creator. Let's stop all the inherited evil that we project from past to present and create the world that support all living beings equally.

  1. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself the believe that rich people are all abusers instead of realizing that one can become rich by not caring about others, but there are also a lot of millionaires that care for others very much, and use honesty and integrity as the directive principle of their business.

  2. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself that one can earn decent money only by hard work with own bare hands, instead of realizing that in this way you can earn only limited amount of money, thus you can earn much more if you sell products that are required by a large amount of people, or create a business that provide services for many people.

  3. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself the fear of what will others think of me, instead of realizing that this fear is based in self-judgement and what others think about me is their own creation and projection, thus it is best for me to direct myself in every breath in total self-honesty and self-trust towards what is best for all.

  4. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to be afraid that I will run out of energy if I engage in long conversation with many people, instead of realizing that feeling of being drained always originates from the mind if someone communicates based on knowledge and information and not using common sense, and directive principle of oneness and equality and what is best for all.

  5. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself the believe that it is best for not to disturb anybody an live peaceful life, instead of realizing that I am responsible for everything that exists in this world, thus by not acting and directing others to become self-honest and live here as responsible participants, I allow evil to continue in this world.

  6. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to communicate from the point of hurry, blame, anger and resentment when I see some situation that needs to be aligned with the principle of what is best for all, instead of becoming one and equal with all participants, slow down, be here, and take all the necessary time to give proper information and direct event in order for sufficient realisation is established for the transformation of behavior patterns.

  7. When I meet other people, I become and and equal with them, immediately connect and start conversation with ease and then support others from starting point of self-honesty, equality and what is best for all.

  8. When I speak, I am breathe effectively, stay here, slow myself down, and speak from common sense, from my own personal realisation and thus stay stable and clear all the time, regardless of how long I speak.


06 September 2011

2011 - Perfectionism as the most prominent evil in my life

The most prominent point that I am currently facing with in my process of self-realisation is the subconscious or unconscious pattern of expecting things to be in certain way, as I imagine them in my mind, as ideals of perfections of how I want reality to be. When these ideals are then not fulfilled, I react with subconscious anger that manifest as skin irritation in my genital region. Let me give you some example:

Within development of the back-end distribution center for my Equality Store that will sell licensed promotional merchandising for Desteni world-wide, I decided to implement the 'Web Postal Window' which is the fresh new logistic solution of our national postal company. Usually if you need to send some package, you have to bring it to the nearest postal office and wait in the line. When it is your turn, the postal worker accepts your package, weights it and sticks the stamp in value, according to the weight and country where the package is to be delivered to. You then pay for the stamps, receive an invoice and you are done.

Well, the WPW is the solution where you do not need to go to the postal office to ship the packages, but you do it all at your own business office. However you need to invest in one of the prescribed compatible model of electronic scale which cost around 2000 € and in a termal printer that prints labels size around 4 x 7 centimeters and that costs around 400 €. Then you need to have computer with Windows operating system, since the WPW is the web browser application that requires Microsoft Explorer browser, which is the only browser that does not run on Apple computers that I use. So in order to use the application, I had to buy and install Parallels Desktop virtual machine software worth around 60 € and Windows 7 operating system with price tag from 100 to 200 €, depending on the version. So the sum of total investment in the WPW solution was around 2700 €, not counting the computer hardware.

After you buy all the compatible hardware and software, then you order the qualified electronic certificate at the postal company. The username and password for downloding of the certificate comes in two envelopes, delivered separately. When you successfully download and install the certificat, the computer technician comes and checks if all the equipment is compatible and initializes the WPW web application and makes a test weighting of some object on your electronic scale and prints respective postal label on your thermal printer. You are then qualified to sign the contract with the postal company and receive the instructions and training of how to use their web application.

When you then want to ship some package, you do not need to go to the postal office anymore, but weight the package on your own electronic scale which by USB cable automatically transfers the weight information to the WPW software which then prints respective official postal label on the thermal printer. After you have weighted all the packages that need to be shipped in the current day, you print the collective document and call the postal company delivery wan that collects the packages. You receive invoice and pay for all the postal shipping costs within the past month only at the end of each month. So this solution reduces the time and travel needed, which equal money, towards shipping in usual way.

In comparison to telecommunication providers, when you receive all the modems, routers and movie recording hardware for free and you only pay for the monthly subscription, I was here disappointed since I expected for the postal company to also provide all the necessary hardware for free. And I expected for everything to be sorted out not later than in a week or two, but all the procedure from having to purchase the hardware from all the system becoming functional took over 6 weeks. And even when the system was in place, I was disappointed since the WPW system only takes care for creation of official postal label that is equivalent to postal stamps. So you still need to somehow put the name and address of the sender and receiver on the package either by handwriting or printing two additional larger labels and some larger printer, since the termal printer is too small for this.

I have watched some movies of industrial shipping centers where everything was fully automated, so the system took care for one large label to be affixed on the package that included all the information, including sender, receiver and official postal information. So I was mad that in spite of quite large investment in the WPW system, I still needed to do a lot of additional handwriting or retyping of the same information twice. My expectations were too high, so I become disappointed and angry because they were not fulfilled. And this is only one example from my life where I allow myself subconsciously to hold to some ideal and then created friction and emotional energy of anger when the reality cames out different that I want it to be. So I need to take self-responsibility, forgive myself for living in my separate parallel illusional mind reality, start living here in the physical and accept the current situations in my life the way it is:
  1. I forgive myself for allowing myself to live in my separate illusional mind reality and thus creating conflict between the mind and the physical instead of realizing that life of harmony is possible only if we all live here as one and equal in this solid stable universal reality.

  2. I forgive myself for allowing myself to watch and observe situations and conditions and thus create ideal world in my mind and then become mad if the reality is not the way I imagine, instead of realizing that it is ok to have the vision of better world, but it needs to be created in the physical step by step by firstly accepting the reality the way it currently is.

  3. I forgive myself for allowing myself to define myself as innovative visionary personality, constantly criticizing current situation, imagining how it can be improved and feeling good for in this way defining myself as something more, instead of improving this world from point of oneness and equality, as life, without any good or bad feelings and emotions.

  4. I forgive myself for allowing myself to decide for something, hoping and expecting that things will develop in direction that I imagine, want and desire, instead of pushing myself through point of laziness and do necessary research of the facts so that I get the correct picture of the way the things will develop in this reality.

  5. I forgive myself for allowing myself to connect the high price with perfection instead of realizing that price can be set freely by anyone and it is just a result of decision and is not necessary reflecting the level of quality of some goods and services.

  6. I forgive myself for allowing myself to rush and want to things happen fast, instead of realizing that we live here in the physical reality and it takes time and space and a lot of patience before our imagination takes physical form and shape.

  7. I forgive myself for allowing myself to be dependent of other people's opinion and constantly striving for excellence, being afraid that others will not accept me if I do not prove myself, instead of realizing that life is not about competition and winning, but about mutual collaboration and support so that we are finally able to create a world that is best for all.

  8. I forgive myself for allowing myself to do everything myself in order to save time, effort and money when I order others to do something for me, instead of realizing that not trusting others in not trusting myself and by not allowing others to express themselves, I thus suppress and destroy myself within.

  9. I forgive myself for allowing myself to feel good when I observe and use the things that I possess and thus also feel discomfort when I see other people observe my possessions, instead of releasing my attachment to my possessions and realize that we can live here only when we stop all possessions and share all the available resources, products and services equally among all living beings, based on their physical needs.

  10. I forgive myself for allowing myself to forget that we are all part of the same reality, that we all share this world, thus collaboration from point of equality and what is best for all is the best and only solution to end all evil like scarcity, hunger, violence and war once and for all.

  11. When I communicate with other people, I speak from the point of oneness and equality, I put myself in the shoes/skin of being that I am communicating to, I breathe effectively, I am patient, I speak slowly, clearly, and direct myself and others towards what is best for all.

  12. When I plan something, I set the goal, but allow unlimited time and unpredictable sequence of events before the goal is reached, with awareness that there are a lof of beings in this world that also strive for their goals, so mutual respect and understanding is necessary.
If you want to align yourself with what is best for all, I invite you to join 'Desteni I Process' online self-realisation course and support peaceful democratic solution of an 'Equal Money System' that will guarantee dignified life for all living beings in this world.

27 August 2011

2011 - Robin Hood Tax

Recently I stumbled upon Robin Hood Tax FaceBook group that then brought me to Robin Hood Tax web site. I watched the introduction movie that explains what Robin Hood Tax is about and found out that it is about taxing the banks or the financial sector in order to raise hundreds of billions every year globally. It is suppose to give a vital boost to the public health services, education system, reduce the child poverty and deal with climate change around the world.

The web site is extremely well designed and video material is professional production class. The solution is great since it is a peaceful political idea and a welcome alternative to violent revolutionary appeals that had very increased in its frequency recently. It associates the legendary story of Robin Hood, who in medieval times was stealing from the lords in order to give back to the poor people. However, similar to Robin Hood who was not able to change the system, the Robin Hood Tax is also lacking the perspective of the big picture of all the systems in this world, and it has no power for any lasting change. It is in fact a form of charity that only alleviates the consequences, without dealing with the core cause of the problems.

The fact is, that no minor change and alignment of the current money systems is sufficient to solve the current problems in this world. It is the money system in its totality that needs to be changed in order for every living being to be properly be taken care of equally. The whole mentality and value system that human race has accepted and allowed has to change in order to break free from the inherited evil. It is everyone of us who needs to firstly remove all our mind and behavior patterns that are points of self-interest and separation from others. And then we need to change the laws in order to share all resources on this planet equally, not only among humans, but to consider also plants and animals as equal living beings.

Desteni came with a solution of an Equal Money System that deals with all necessary points in order to change ourself within and to change the outer system in order for all to start living a dignified life. Everyone is invited to research the articles on the Equal Money System web site, participate on the forum, and subscribe for the notification about the release of the first book from the Equal Money book series that will describe all the details of how will Equal Money System function. All are welcome to join us and become One Vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System!

17 August 2011

2011 - Focus only on the positive - start canning the air!

I am sitting at Munich airport, waiting for the airplane back to Slovenia. I attended the introduction meeting of some private club at La Meridiene hotel that gives you access to information that has been so far reserved only for world elite. One of the lessons that I have learned is that you need to have a deep vision in order to become a millionaire. The example was the vision of some guy years ago, that came up with idea to sell a colored sweeten water. All the people laugh at him, saying that nobody will be that stupid to buy his product. This guy is now very rich man and the product is called Coca-Cola.

Another, even more extreme person came up with idea to bottle just plain water. And people of course ridiculed also this man, not being able to imagine why would someone want to give money for water in the bottle, since everyone can simply open the tap in drink it. Now the bottled water is one of the biggest businesses in the world. See, you only have to imagine some product and then convince people to buy it. You simply invest enough money in advertising and convince people that drinking tap water is bad and not cool. This is pure example of Law Of Attraction, when you focus only on the positive and make millions. Now everyone is happy, selling of bottler water is good for you, god for me, and good for economy. Right?

Well, everything is fine if you ignore all the negative that is the byproduct of the positive. Like for example, while I was staying in hotel, I became thirsty, so I went to the bar and ordered some water. They gave me a 2dcl bottle of water and charged me 4 euros. This is definitely good for them, and good for economy, but not at all good for me. Rivers have become more and more polluted, since majority of people do not consider keeping rivers clean, knowing that they can buy bottled water any time. Of course until clean water will be so scarce that they will not be able to afford it anymore and they will die from thirst.

You think that I am exaggerating? Think again. There is a war for water currently going on in some regions of the world, since corporations want to posses as much natural resources as possible all over the planet. They are very positive in providing us, the consumers, with fresh clean bottled water. So do not be bothered with people who die from thirst or bullets for your bottled water. See, it is their own fault, since they are not enough positive! And you do not need to know that there is already the whole ocean region in size of USA that is filled with guess what - empty plastic bottles of water and other drinks and plastic bags. All the nice positive bottled water is ending as very negative food for see animals who do not distinguish plastic from jelly fish and end dying with stomachs full of bags and bottles.

So should we also be positive and start to, for example can the air? Or maybe we should stop being positive and thus produce negative and do what is best for all. You know, some has come with idea of an Equal Money System that would remove the need of deciving yourself to be positive and fight in this economic system for the money while you harm others. The idea is very simple. It is about changing the values of our society so that they will not produce scarcity but abundance for all living beings in this world. You think this is ridicules, never possible?

Well, just remember how the idea of bottled water has been laugh at. See, you just need to have a deep vision and big dreams. Join the visionaries for the heaven on earth, imagine the biggest dream possible and it is just a matter of time when it will become true. Research the Equal Money System web site, participate at the forum and become a part of the ultimate solutions that will end all the (positive) human stupidity once and for all.

13 August 2011

2011 - There is no other choice but breathing

The basic development of Equality Store is reaching its end. I have purchased a label printer and electronic scale as required to integrate with our postal service web software and enable quick and effective preparation of packages. In regards to providing promotional clothing, I have purchased a thermal press that has a large 30 x 40 cm plate for t-shirt printing and a set for printing on the caps. Thus I will be able to print t-shirts and caps on demand and ship them the same day. The t-shirt designs will be ready in couple of days, and then I only have to make some test prints, shot some photos for the web store, provide the packaging and Desteni merchandisings will be ready to ship worldwide.

Besides development of Equality Store, I am also developing the photo studio services. A week ago the holder for 10 paper photo background rolls was delivered and it took several days to mount it on the ceiling and, assemble the mechanism and do the cleaning. The job was also very physical exhausting due to drilling and holding up heavy equipment. I still expect some photo stand and couple of backgrounds to be delivered, and I also purchased high quality lenses that are necessary for the job.

In two days I am leaving for Germany where I will have a meeting with some Destonians and attend presentation of some promising business opportunity. I plan to make new connections that will enable more stable ways of income and also to connect with successful people in order to make this world a better place more effectively. And on 20th of August I will apply for the study of psychology. It will be a weekend study class so I will have business days free for the projects.

Together with supporting my girlfriend and her son and doing all fulfilling all the business orders, I certainly do never get bored. I have always a lot of thing to do. I have now even started to run every morning with my girlfriend and I am reading books about how to succeed in business and become rich. When people see all the things I do, just based on my FaceBook activity, they think that I must have I triple time per day in order to do all the stuff. However the formula is very simplistic. You just never have to thing, but only do what is necessary.

Whenever I allow any thoughts I feel how I get energy drained away. If I become frustrated, the resonates support me itching skin, and when I get scared, the vertigo appears suddenly. So I have learned that the only way I am able to cope with all the obligations, is to stay here and breathe effectively. Every breath counts, and every breath that is left out has a very destructive consequence.

This is what I have learned at Desteni, specifically at Desteni I Process, where we learn how to free ourselves from he enslavement of the mind and live here, in the physical, practically, as equals with all living beings and do what is best for all. So if you are eager to better yourself and this world, I invite you to join us and also start supporting Equal Money System that will end all greed, scarcity, hunger and wars in this world.

09 August 2011

2011 - Priority management

I have been observing recently, how fast the time is passing bye. From living alone, firstly my girlfriend Nadja joined living with me and a few weeks ago, also her 19-years old son Alen started to live in my apartment. I invest a lot of time in supporting both of them in realizing how "Desteni I Process" online Self-development & Leadership Course is beneficial in terms of removing mind limitation and gaining financial freedom. Nadja started DIP about two months ago and is progressing slowly, since she has not used English language very much and needs to learn a lot of new English words in order to understand DIP lessons. However she is pushing herself extensively and will gain speed in time. Yesterday I also signed-up Alen to DIP, since he became very excited about money-making opportunity of DIP multi level marketing business. He is currently extremely obsessed with cars and is passionately desiring certain type of silver color Mercedes-Benz car. So by joining DIP he will in time to earn enough money to buy himself this kind of transportation.

There is hundreds, even thousands successful legal MLM businesses in this world, like Amway, Herbalife, Tupperware, Site Talk, Global Information Network, and they are all a cool way of building your income. What I have learned is, that you can earn a lot of money in any business, especially in MLM business, and the decisive factor for guaranteed succes is to focus only on one business. The point is, that we all have limited time, there is only 24 hours in one day, and every business needs a lot, if not full attention, to succeed. So every successful person is a master of 'time management', some call it rather 'priority management'. In fact you can not manage the time, since tings happen very unpredictable, the only things you can manage is priorities. So you put the most important things at the top of the list and move towards its realisation until it is done, and then you move on to the next point on the list. And the best tools for priority management are 'paper-based' systems. While computers are indispensable in our lives, they also function as a crutch and make us remember less things since we rely on computer date storage. So when writing things down manually, using blue ink and white paper, we use our brains very differently, comparing to typing on computer keyboard, so we remember a lot more when writing with our hands, using just a simple pen.

In current economic system we are all forced to focus on only one thing in order to succeed, since there is extremely fierce competition. Some MLM systems promise high earnings if one dedicates all personal time to the system and follows instructions to the finest detail. So your financial success is guaranteed if you give your life to the system. These systems use the 'Law Of Attraction' and direct people to focus 'only on the positive', since everyone is suppose to be responsible only for your own life. They do not care for the poor and incapable people, but only make already capable people more capable and more wealthy. What is wrong with those systems is that they are the cause of poverty in this world. Participants are not aware of the fact, that by creating positive, they at the same time also create the negative. This is because there is one law that is superior to 'Law Of Attraction' and is called 'The Law Of Balance' or the 'Law Of Equality'.

All MLM systems present themselves as beneficial for development of society, they usually sell high-quality products and perceive themselves to be based of high moral principles. They support personal responsibility, but this responsibility is limited only to the system and to personal lives of MLM business participants. What they are lacking is the full responsibility for all things that they are influencing. Nobody is aware about how each of us are tightly globally interconnected and interdependent, and that everybody's action influence others beyond imaginable. So no MLM business is taking full responsibility, except one that is called 'Desteni I Process'. At Desteni we are aware about full picture of all systems in this world, and that everyone of us is equally responsible for everything that exist in this world. Thus a special multi level business has been developed that will take care for wealth of all living beings on this planet. It is the only MLM business that incorporates political agenda of on 'Equal Money System' that will eradicate greed, hunger, poverty and war from this world once and for all. So if you want to be rich and are at the same time interested in bettering of yourself and this world, I suggest to research and join 'Desteni I Process' that is the best MLM business of all times.

28 July 2011

2011 - A new family member joined

After returning from Desteni farm visit I continued to date the girl who was in love with me, and when I moved to Ljubljana, I accepted her to move in with me. She then changed her name, since she has not been using her birth name for many years, and at the same time she decided to also change her last name to mine.

My girlfriend has a son which she practically raised by herself with assistance of her parents, since the father of her son never recognized him as his son, so he was practically a bastard. Her son just turned 19 year a few days ago and lived with parents of my girlfriend in city far away from Ljubljana. However the unclaimed father occasionally visited the son, but usually when he was drunk in order to whine about how miserable he is. A few days ago he became drunk and visited him again, but this time he threatened to kill him. The son called police and then police chased his father in the woods and locked him up, but only until morning. Since the son became tired of his unclaimed father's treats, he asked if he can come to my place. I said yes and he will be from now on living with me and my girlfriend until he starts a study of medicine in two months. He applied for student hall of residence and has a good potential to be accepted.

So I have been busy these days with helping the sun of my girlfriend to settle in and also introduced him with Desteni. I supported him to open the FaceBook profile and YouTube channel, and he introduced himself at Introduction to Desteni forum. He is very fun of Desteni message of world equality, he especially enjoyed the interdimensional interviews with Hitler, and he will start to do blogs and vlogs soon.

18 July 2011

2011 - Equality Store development report

The programming of Equality Store is reaching end. In the past week I have been on two 3-hour meetings where head of the project at the web programming company introduced me with the back-end functionality of the Equality Store web shop. The Magneto platform which the shop is based on is a very robust and complex software with many functions. It took the programming company almost two month just to customize it for my needs. And now there is still a lot of work to do from my side until it will be ready to open. I was not aware in the beginning what takes to run a web shop, but now I see that it is very demanding and time consuming project.

Let's take for example just one product. If we look at T-shirts, there are models for women and man and unisex models that fit both sexes. So I will be going firstly for the unisex model in order not to have so many variations at the start. Then we have 7 different sizes, like: XXS, XS, S, M, L, 2XL, 3XXL. Since the sizes are very different, I can not print the design in same size on all sizes of T-shirt, but will have to decide for at least 2 print sizes that will be suitable for all size range. Following we have many T-shirt colors, cuts, qualities and brands. So if we look just at unisex model for one T-shirt cut, one color, one quality and one brand, I would need to have many T-shirts on stock for every single design. That means a lot of physical space for storage and a lot of investment in providing necessary stock.

I want to provide as fast delivery service as possible, but I can at this stage not afford a big storage space, so I decided not to order pre-printed T-shirts, but to firstly print on demand. I will order designs in two sizes on heat transfer paper and then print them daily with use of heat transfer device. If there will be a great demand for T-shirts, especially for specific print design, then only will I consider a pre-printed T-shirt and a larger wear-house. And this is just one product, so there are many more, like: caps, bags, stickers, umbrellas, mugs, badges, and the list goes on and on. This could in time develop in a very big business, and I plan to handle it with most efficiency. I will have to employ a lot of people to handle all that stuff and the first ones that I plan to invite are Destonians from Slovenia. They are now all finishing high-schools now and have accumulated knowledge from different fields that will be very useful to support the development of Equality Store.

But let's not rush too much. I am now at stage where I have to firstly prepare T-shirt print designs. I have done a lot of graphic design in the past, but this time I wanted to invite other designers to participate in creating design. I was suggested to use 99desings web site in order to create a contest where best designers from all overt the world would create their suggestions. So I tested this out and the first thing that I noticed was that the standard contest time is set to only one week. Considering the complexity of information at Desteni to grasp in order to create a proper design, I expected that designers will have troubles with creating satisfying design and this was true. But I awarded two best designs anyway that I will now enhance in order to fit my standards. I have now decided to invite all, especially young Slovenian graphic and textile designers and illustrators for a long-term collaboration on developing graphic designs for Desteni promotional products. This way they will have enough time to get familiar with Desteni agenda of creating a Heaven on Earth and making this world a better place for all with help of online training program Desteni I Process and political agenda of and Equal Money System.

25 June 2011

2011 - Evil wins when good people do nothing

There is a general perception in our society, that our countries are governed by our elected politicians, that they know how to to their job and that they do what is best for all. So all what we need is just to relax, go to daily work, obey laws, pay taxes and everything will automatically be taken care of. I am writing this blog while sitting on the grass near a tree which has brunches that touch the ground, in the middle of Tivoli park of Slovenian capital city Ljubljana. It is partially overacted sky, with middle temperatures, people are doing sports in near surrounding, laughing, having fun, and it all seems just perfect. But this scenery is only a part of the whole reality. Our planet is big and there are many things going on not nice at all.

For example yesterday I had some business to do in the middle of the city and I parked the car at the parking house. When I returned and wanted to pay the parking fee at the parking machine, some woman approached and asked: "Do you have any change?". So while mine life is currently pretty ok, and I have enough money to cover my monthly expenses, some people are so desperate that they need to bag for money. But there are also some that abuse bagging and have become professional beggars. You never know if the person who is asking for the money is really in trouble or if it wants to deceive and play with your emotions in order to make you to give the money.

While I went to the post office to collect the post, there was some guy sitting on the bench with some strangely swollen red face, holding a cardboard sign before him. He could also be begging for money in order to receive the medical help. So while I am quite healthy, and I can afford to pay for medical assistance if I get hurt or ill, others do not have enough money to be properly taken care off. And some also abuse this point and make it their profession. I heard there are some organized groups who come even from other countries to big cities where they collect money by making other people to have pity for them. There is always some guy who organizes this events, collect peoples with different disabilities and places them in frequent street areas. Disabled people then beg for money all day long, the organizer provides them with food and drinks, and at the end of the day, he picks them with the bus and provides proper sleeping place for them. Professional beggars earn several times more than average people who are employed in factories. Thus no surprise why some factory workers even decide to become professional beggars.

Why do we allow this? How do you like if someone bags you for the money in the middle of the street? And you even do not know it it is real or fake. Do you want to stop this? Then you will have to take some actions. Because all that exist is the way it is because we allow it, because we do not care and only want to live our individual small lives, our limited reality, and ignore others. We say: "Everything is the way it should be. God knows why some suffer, so it is not my business to mess with God's creation." But what is God, where is God? We do not see it, we can not point it out, and it can not answer our questions. But if you look around, you will notice that everything is the way it currently is because of the past actions of different living beings, especially humans, who are actually the ones who move things around and make things work the way they are, based on our agreements or laws. So it is us who actually create, it is us, who are in fact responsible for the way things currently are. Thus we have the power to make this world a better place by taking self-responsibility and correct this reality.

The problem is only that we all need to take self-responsibility. Currently the majority is acting only based on their self-interest. So we need as many people as possible to become aware of this fact and join the actions that are best for all. At Desteni we have initiated the movement and are building a group that connects people who are willing to take self-responsibility and want to do what is best for all. So we are inviting everyone who wants to make this world a better place to join us and participate in creating a system that will provide for every living being equally. Our program is called 'Equal Money System' and it is a political solution that will change social values and the laws in a way they will not allow any more abuse, hunger and wars. This is our agenda, our goal, but the details about how this system will actually operate still needs to be discussed. We have the Equal Money Forum where you can join, research how current money system operates and how we can change it in the way that everyone will have enough money for decent life. So I invite you to join us in order to create heaven on earth as soon as possible. Thanks!

2011 - How I met Desteni

I have been raised in a family where we had our own business, so I was provided with basically everything that I desired. However I also had to work long hours and obey my father who was the boss. While I had enough of physical necessities, I was not very fun about the way how our relationships among family members developed. There was a lot of self-interest, deception, accusation, projections, so I became more and more frustrated. I did not know how to fix this until I met I girl who was in similar condition and we decided to move together to own apartment in order to be able to sort things out. But after living together for three years, she left me with excuse that she does not feel safe. Since we had enough money, shelter, clothes, time, and I did not abuse her in any way whatsoever, I was desperate, not knowing what I was doing wrong to deserve this.

So it was in year 2000 when I was left alone in my apartment and firmly decided to find out what is going on in peoples minds. I wanted to know what life is, what all is about, who and what I am, and what to be careful about in order not to make the same mistakes. Thus in the past 10 years, I practically researched every field that involves human behavior, our physical body, and also what is going on after death. I read holy books of all big religions, participated in religious and new age spiritual groups, and also researched western and alternative medicine. This is because I noticed that some rush on the skin around my genitals developed and it started to itch me each time I found myself in some unacceptable situation. I tried yogas, tantras, reiki, angles and every other possible solution, but it did not helped me in any way whatsoever.

In the fall of 2009 I stumbled upon Desteni videos on YouTube where some beings were speaking through interdimensional portal. It was quite odd to see the deep inhalation and exhalation process at the beginning and end of the videos, but what has been said, made a lot of sense to me. I continued to watch videos for many months and then decided to join the forum. In January 2010 I applied for 'Desteni I Process' course that was called 'Structural Resonance Alignment Training' at that time and I am continuing with the study up to this day. I can testify that the process assisted me more than everything that I experienced in past 10 years of my spiritual practice together. I became more stable, I stopped the emotional reactions within myself, the skin condition healed, and I am now digging deeper and deeper in my mind and defusing all remaining points of separation.

While I immediately embraced Desteni message with great enthusiasm due to my past experiences, I understand that many are not able to become opened for Desteni to the extend that I have become. It is disheartening to see how some people become even Desteni haters and make troubles to the group who actually wants to make this world a better place for all. This is basically due to lack of understanding what Desteni is really about. They notice just some aspects of Desteni and immediately compare and connect it with some stories, movies, news reports and books that they have heard, watched or read in the past. But Desteni is nothing like anything that ever existed. Never has any individuals or groups started to take self-responsibility, never has anyone done what is best for all, never has equality among all living beings been lived here practically. So I suggest everyone to take a deep breath, slow down and read all the material to become acquainted what we actually do. And hopefully you will also join us in the effort to remove all the evil from this world for good.

Desteni and Destoninan videos that impressed me the most:
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12 June 2011

2011 - Make-up Artistry

I settled down in the new apartment in Ljubljana and equipped my photo studio with studio flash lights and light shaping attachments like soft-boxes and reflectors different shapes. Then I started to research surrounding streets. I few days ago I stumbled upon interesting company just a two block away that sell professional make-up material and also teaches how to do make-up for different occasions. I went in and introduces myself as the new neighbour photographer and expressed interest to find out more about make-up, since this is part of the photography business. They told me, that in few days they will have a free 3-hour basic personal make-up workshop, so today morning I went there in order to find out the basics of make-up.

About 8 woman came to the workshop and I was the only male, since the workshop was about teaching the personal make-up for the females. One of the woman was asked to be a model and the make-up artist with 15 years of experiences started to show us how to do the make-up. The most important thing is to do the make-up in the way that it is not or hardly noticeable. It is about illusion, about convincing others that this is the way you really look. So if you have a heavy make-up, then others will notice it and they would not believe you that this is you. These were the justifications that make-up artist made. She told us, that it is expected, especially in the business meetings and if you work with customers, to wear a make-up in order to become more beautiful.

Well for me as photographer, it is functional and practical to do some basic make-up to the person who wants to be photographed since if one has a very greasy shin, the light bounces of the oily skin and produces reflection. The human eye sees the person differently that the camera that captures every single detail. So since the photo is intended to be observed for a longer period of time, it is practical to do some matte make-up in order to remove the reflections, but I would not recommend to go beyond this point. If someone wants to change the looks in order to become something more and better, like more beautiful and attractive, this is manipulation and deceptions and I do not support this.

The fact is, that we have started to judge people upon their looks and not upon who they really are as beings. So for me it is not important the looks of someone, but what are the behaviour patterns of someone and how one is able to be be responsible for its actions and the lever of awareness about how this reality operates. There is no such thing as beauty. The make-up artist observed attendees of the workshop and told to some females that one has beautiful skin, the other had beautiful lips, some had beautiful eyes, but this is just a self-deception and projection. The skin is in fact not beautiful. It can be more smooth, with less blemishes and pimples, with equal tonality, and this are the true fact.

One must understand that beauty is a personal judgement and is the polarity opposite of the ugliness. The standard for the beauty is social and cultural programming. Where standards are different, the definitions of beauty are different. And everything that changes is not real, it is a lie. So the definition of the beauty is always a lie and a personal projected judgement. Whenever you judge someone as beautiful, at the same time you judge others as not beautiful or ugly. Thus you separate the reality to acceptable and not acceptable. You create friction between what is here and real and what are the illusional ideals that you have allowed and accepted in your mind. The consequence of this judgement is the friction that produces energy of good and bad feelings and emotions. This energy is blinds you from seeing what is actually here.

So I suggest everyone not to trap yourself in the polarity definitions of the mind like beautiful and ugly, positive and negative, right and wrong, since use of such judgements is the cause of all suffering in this world. Existence can exist in balance only if all the parts of existence are equal. Thus no one can exist as more or less important than other. To find out how the mind works, how we deceive ourselves and each other with point of separation in our minds, and how to effectively remove all this mind viruses, I invite you to join 'Desteni I Process'. And in order to bring equilibrium in the world social system, I recommend researching the 'Equal Money System'. This are all the solutions of Desteni group with thousands of free articles and YouTube videos that are extremely assisting in realising why suffering exists in this world and how to remove it practically and effectively. Join group who does what is best for all and walk with us as equal in building the heaven on earth.

25 May 2011

2011 - I finally moved to our capital city Ljubljana

After few months of searching for appropriate place where I will be able to live and also execute my business services of photography, videography and graphic design in Ljubljana, I finally found some suitable apartment and signed a renting contracts on Monday, 23. May 2011 at 18:00 hours. I immediately spent the night there and the next day I visited local administrative unite and changed my primary residential address to Snežniška ulica 10, 1000 Ljubljana. So from now on I am living in 2nd floor of old renovated house where in the past the embassy of Belgium once was. In next week or two I will be very busy transporting my things to the new place.

The house is located next to embassy of Italy and right next to several universities, which Faculty for Chemistry and Chemical Technology is the closest, and just a few hundred meters away there is a Philosophic Faculty where I plan to start studying psychology this year. There is a large parking place in the back yard of the Faculty for Chemistry which is closed with sluice bar from about 8:00 to 17:00, and I got an electronic card key in order to access the parking place any time. And my visitors have to enter the one-way road to the parking place at the entrance of Faculty for Chemistry, ring at the sluice and tell the gatekeeper that they are visiting me, so that he then raises the bar and enables entrance. But after 17:00 the sluice is raised, so afternoon visitors have no problem accessing my place.

After registering my new residential address, I wanted also visit my bank, telecommunication provider, and Chamber of Craft and Small Business. Since they were scattered in different locations in the centre of the city, I did not want to use the car, since there is hard and expensive to park. But several days ago I watched the news report where they introduces the new services in the city that is called Bicike(LJ). This is the public bicycle rental service, so I wanted to try it out. This service is arranged in the way where on every 300 to 500 meters there is one of 30 bicycle parking space with the renting terminal and about 15 universal bicycles, electronically locked to the column. There is in total 300 available bicycles and 600 electronic parking places. You can pick the bicycle anywhere and return in to different parking place. In order to rent the bicycle, you have to use the Urbana universal city card with integrated identification chip that you can buy at all kiosks. You then need to find some Urbanomat terminal where you get the identification code and then register it online on Urbana web site.

The final step is registering your account on the Bicikelj web site with your credit card. You rent the bicycle with approaching your Urbana card to Bicikelj terminal at the bicycle parking place where you want to rent a bike, enter your pin code and the umber of column with the bicycle that you want to rent. The bicycle gets unlocked and you are able to ride the city on two wheels. In the front there is a basket where you can put your things, and it is well protected in order not to get you dirty from the chain grease or road dirt when raining. The renting is relatively cheap, compared to how much you have to pay for the car parking, and is free for using bicycle the first hour, then in costs you 1 € for second hour, 2 € for the third hour and 4 € for every additional hour. If the bike gets stolen while you have rented it, your credit card gets charged with the sum of 350 €.

I successfully managed to visit all the places that I had in mind and returned the bicycle to the parking place. The initial registration procedure however took quite a long time, about 2 to 3 hours, since instructions were not so clear, I had to go online several time, and also the terminal where I wanted to rent the bike was under maintenance. But from now on I will be able to rent a bike in matter of seconds. The Bicikelj service is good example of public service that removes the necessity of owning things. It will be cool if also cars could get enabled to rent in the similar way and I heard that in some countries this has been already established. But the best it would be, if renting would be completely free. So how would this be possible?

Well, all resources we get free from the earth and we are the ones who created the money and are accepting the way of how our monetary system is currently based on debt and interest. This artificially creates scarcity, competition, poverty and wars in this world. So if we simply decide to change our social and economic system in that which is best for all, we can distribute the resources, necessities and services among all living beings in this world equally. And Desteni came with functional political agenda that will practical manifest those changes. This solution is called the Equal Money System. So if you are interested in actively supporting the solution that will make this world a better place for all, visit the web site and join the discussion on the forum. Together we can bring heaven to earth!

23 May 2011

2011 - Corruption of legal system in Slovenia

Yesterday I had a 4-hours first introduction meeting with Rade Stanić that is president of Civil society for justice, development and control. I became acquainted with their FaceBook group few weeks ago and what attracted me was the exposure of injustice on courts in our country. I sent him the message in order to arrange meeting and to give him the information about Desteni who is also moving towards ending all injustice towards all living beings in this world. I met him in his office in town nearby and we had a chat. Firstly I wanted him to tell me his life story and how their society was established.

It was a very interesting life story. He was born in some southern Yugoslavian country, lost his father at age of 7, and mother could not finance his education. Some day he noticed a poster that was invitation of our republic of Slovenia which recruited people for mining school to then employ cheap labour in our mines. So he decided to use this opportunity and thus became a citizen of Slovenia. After working in mines, he went to army, and then he got employed as warden in jail near city where I currently live. Since he had a lot of time on his shifts, he decided to read as much books about law, jurisdiction, psychology and psychiatry and he applied and finished some school that covered all this topics. After that he established a real estate business.

Then he became part of some civil society for control of national institutions and started to expose irregularities and injustices. But due to conflict with some people within society, he established his own society in order to work without obstructions. In past years he has accumulated huge amount of evidences about the extent of corruption in our legal system. Judges have privileges to keep their positions the whole life so young people who have finished the study of law have no opportunity to get any job. And most of current lawyers and judges are part of old socialistic and communistic mentality and extremely corrupt.

People are sending to Rade their experiences and complaints about unjust verdicts and how they lost all of their money and assets due to legal manipulation of lawyers. But since he has worked in prison and has knowledge and legal authorisation to represent civilians on the courts, he started to write appeals and correct the unjust verdicts. He managed to save a lot of people's assesses and money from greedy court system. So lawyers and judges have tried to destroy him and attacked him with full power. In past years he received thousands of charges and he was brought to court for hundreds of time, but since he knows the law extremely well, and was careful to provide sufficient hard proof, they never managed to lock him away.

The biggest point that he is now dealing with is the exposure that most of judges do not have a certificate that proofs that they have finished national exam for their job. So the judges are now terribly embarrassed since they will probably have to discharge all the verdicts that they have made in past decades. This is a huge case that is shifting all the legal system in our country. And once he exposed that, when he was invited to a court, that verdict for his case has been written a day before he was invited to go to court in order to be judged. So courts have done many completely unacceptable actions that totally annihilate their integrity.

I have then also explained that at Desteni we know about corruption in all levels of human society throughout the world, and that we are preparing the political solution called Equal Money System that will totally change the values in our society and prevent all abuse that is currently allowed. He will due to his advance age and recent retirement of course stick to his current movement, but we will be in touch and exchange information in order to clear our social system from all the corruption.

19 May 2011

2011 - Facing fear of future challenges

Big plans ahead: Moving to capital city Ljubljana, renting apartment, restarting photography business, adding video services, launching Desteni accessories shop. All this triggered a lot of subconscious fear that again manifested as movement in my head, called vertigo. How do I know that vertigo is all about fear? It is triggered immediately after I allow and accept some thought of fear and anxiety when I am experiencing some tuff decisions. Like for example when I was in the middle of meeting with web store programming company. After the head of projects explained that tags in the web store are totally ignored by Google search engine, the picture in front of my eyes shifted like someone would push my head swiftly for several decimetres. And the same day, when I picked my grandmother with my car, in the middle of the road, while she was describing how some of her friend finished university and planned to raise her two children and be able to cope with all the challenges, when she started to explain that this women is now experiencing strong vertigo and lying in the bed hopelessly, the vertigo also started to emerge in my head, so I had to stop the car at the nearest parking place and rest for about 20 minutes. And there is a lot of similar cases where I experienced vertigo as result of some subconscious or unconscious fear.

A lot changed since I was a young boy, being protected by my parents, simply doing what I was told to, and being provided with all I needed. But then while becoming older, many responsibilities compounded, and when meeting Desteni, I became aware of my responsibility even for everything that I allow and accept in this current reality. And also the social safety started to diminish extensively. Since I am now moving to city that I treated just a few years ago as smelly, hot, noisy, violent concrete place, where I would not want to live ever, I am experiencing great anxiety about how will I be able to cope with future challenges. While in the big city there is a lot of opportunity to earn money, there is also a lot of competition, impatience and hurry. I am now in the closing stage of renting apartment in the strict centre of the city, right next to several universities and Italian embassy. The apartment is in the old house with high ceilings, which is great for my photo studio, but the parquet is old and creaking. It is in the 1st floor, without reserved parking place. There is a big parking place at the back of universities, but it is almost totally full from morning to 5pm.

I also plan to sell my car Renault Clio and buy some kind of van, like Mercedes Vito or Renault Espace, in order to transport a lot of photography equipment and Desteni merchandising. And I plan to employ one or two assistants that will support my business projects. So from working alone in quiet countryside for many years, I am pushing myself into total new, unfamiliar environment in order to have the greater impact towards making this world a better place. The fear is of course connected to the money, the fear of survival, of loosing all the money or not having enough money to be able to support myself effectively. It is the projection of recent experience where I changed my photography business to counselling business and fell in debt due to pushing the advertising of my services too much and not stopping soon enough. This destroyed my self-trust quite a bit, so now I am much more afraid of loosing the money again. And I have compromised myself because I was not careful enough about my financial situation, I did not follow all the transactions in detail, so I got surprised by expenses becoming larger than my income.

  1. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to be afraid of unknown instead of breathing effectively and remaining here all the time and walking by life breath by breath without thinking what might happen or even considering only the bad things that might happen to me.

  2. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to define large cities as ugly, smelly, noisy and unfriendly, instead of realising that this is my self-created idea that has nothing to do with practical experience, thus I will know how life in the city is only if I allow myself to live there without any pre-conceived ideas or judgements.

  3. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that my life could be endangered if I loose all my money, since in our country, we have sufficient social support that helps people without jobs to at least get the food, and I am skilful and knowledgeable to earn enough money anytime, as I have proved in past years to myself.

  4. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to create myself plans of how my business should develop and become afraid if I hear some information that would compromise my plan, instead of realising that life is about constant adjustment to new current situation and new information that people who I interact with contribute, thus it is best for me to only gave agendas and goals and go with the flow.

  5. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to try to upkeep certain social personality of good person that is doing what is best for all and become afraid if I perceive this personality to become compromised, instead of realising that it is not important what others think about me and how they perceive me, but what I really am as living being, what I stand for within, since I am the only judge for myself and self-honestly is thus the most important thing about my life.

  6. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to neglect the detailed following of financial situation, instead of understanding that money is the currently very important thing in this world and the tool for gaining goals, thus it is best to take more care about my financial reports in order to assure not to compromise my financial status again.

  7. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to wanting to do everything by myself and owning the tools instead of realising that if want to be more effective in achieving my goals, I will have to learn how to co-operate with other people and use their resources, since when working in the group everybody can contribute their knowledge and skills and be much more influential that I alone could ever be.

  8. When I do my job, I pay attention of the money flow and I make sure that I have enough income to be cover all my expenses and be profitable in order to successfully invest in the projects that will make this world a better place.

  9. When I hire the people, I stay here, breathe effectively, explain my agenda and goals and then let everyone to contribute their ideas and suggestions in order for the project to succeed much better and faster that I could imagine for myself.

If you want to learn more about self-forgiveness and how to clear your subconscious fears and other emotions and feelings that distract you from what is really here, then I suggest to join 'Desteni I Process'. If you wish to remove all the fear of survival, hunger and wars from this world, then research and support the 'Equal Money System'. And soon we will have a true heaven on earth.

14 May 2011

2011 - My grandmother > Self-Forgiveness and Self-Correction

This is the excerpt of my finished and approved Advanced Mind Construct assignment of the third most influential person in my life as part of self-realisation online coaching program 'Desteni I Process' where we face our accepted and allowed subconscious mind patterns that trigger immediate emotional reactions. In the first step, called 'Ranting and Raving' we write down everything that comes on our minds about topic that we currently walk. Then in the following two steps, called 'Paragraphs' and 'Skeleton' we narrow the amount of information in order to expose the main points, and in the next three steps, called 'Memories', 'Components' and 'Self-Forgiveness with Self-Corrective statements', we expand by digging deep into our minds, expose all secret memories, identify the forms of our self-deception within these memories and finally defuse those emotional triggers by taking full self-responsibility with tool of Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective statements.

Step 1 > Ranting & Raving:

My grandmother was a very big protector for me. My grandfather died a few years ago, so she has been living alone since then. She is a very active lady, constantly doing something, assisting other people, involved in the senior club, and she is a great cook. I used to come and visit her for a weekend, usually at Fridays or Saturdays at the evening, and she would prepare me a great feast. She constantly baked cookies and cakes, and when I would arrive, she would prepare me fried potato chips, fried chicken or fish and green leaves salad, since I preferred those dishes the most. I would just lie on the sofa, and she would cook for me with great joy. In the mean time, I would watch movies, since I did not have a TV set at home, and I would watch them until early in the morning. Then I would spend the night at her place and the next morning I would go home.

About three years ago she fell and broke some major bone and had a great pain and needed assistance. Since no one of us had time to assist her all the time, we decided to be the best to sell her apartment and to move her to the retirement home. She fully recovered now and is active again. Now she lives in a room with some other old lady who has trouble walking, and she is assisting her. Since now she does not have a kitchen of her own, she assists in the retirement home kitchen and she collects and is given some food as award and she then saves it for me. Lately I come to see her at Sundays and pick her up at 8:30 after the breakfast. We put all the food for me and also for others from her religious group in the bags, and then we usually go to visit the grave of my mother/her daughter who committed suicide two years ago. We tidy up the gravestone and light some candles. Then we go to my place where I pick the food for me from the bags and put in into the fridge, and in the meanwhile she visits her friend in the neighborhood or irons my laundry.

At 10:00 I drive her to the next village where she joins her Jehovah Witnesses religious group. My grandmother has much resentment towards my father since she believes that he used all the money from selling her apartment for his own needs, and she also resents my brother for being such nasty towards me. But I encourage her to forgive herself all that judgments and live here in peace with everyone. My father does not want to eat any food that she bring from the retirement home since it is basically forbidden to transport the food out of the retirement home, but she can not help herself to stop doing this. So I allow her to feel as someone who can support me a bit, and I am also thankful since I do not need to buy much food in the store. I though have a bit of a bad feeling since it is forbidden to transport food out of the retirement home

Step 6 > Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Statements:
  1. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to react to grandfather’s behavior due to my expectation that he must behave nicely and speak polite to his wife, instead of realizing that every expectation or ideal of how one must behave is a believe, accepted from other people, and that however someone behaves, I must not emotionally react but breathe and stay here.

  2. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to connect my grandfather’s behavior to his experience of suffering in the Dachau concentration camp and defining his behavior as self-pity, instead of realizing that whenever I made any assumption that someone is behaving in regards to his past experiences is my own created believe and it has nothing to do with the actual someone’s expression in this moment.

  3. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become angry when my grandmother offered me the meat dish while I was a vegetarian instead of realizing that if someone offers me some dish that I do not want to eat, it is up to me to decline it while remaining stable inside and that there has never have to be any reason for any emotional reaction.

  4. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to lose motivation while explaining my grandmother my perspective about the diet, instead of remaining patient and stable within, breathing effectively and continue with explanation until she will finally get it.

  5. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become inpatient with my grandmother since I defined her as too old and incapable of understanding what I am saying, instead of realizing that it will take a lot of time and enormous patience in order for everyone to understand the principles of self-responsibility and what takes to practically manifest heaven on earth.

  6. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to decline the food from the starting point of proving who is right and wrong and trying to prove that I am right, instead of realizing that the only valid judge if the food is appropriate for me is my physical body and it is best for me to listen to my physical senses and eat whatever and whenever my eye, nose and tongue indicate that some food is good for me.

  7. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that the senses of my physical body are not valid and that I need to pick my diet based on what other people and books tell me is right, instead of realizing that we all have unique body, that there is no diet that is best for all, and that is best to ask my physical body to tell me what food is the most suitable for me.

  8. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel bad when I decided to eat fish and defining this as my grandmother winning over me instead of realizing that if I decide something, based on what is best for me, it does not meter who gave the suggestion to do that, and that there is no reason to have any good od bad feelings, but just to accept this decision and remain here.

  9. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to imagine how my grandmother is selling the batteries to her clients and how she enjoys doing that, instead of realizing that whatever I imagine in my mind is self-deception, a lie, and has nothing to do with the actual events end experiences of other people within these events, thus it is best not to imagine anything anytime and ask about the exact actual facts.

  10. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself the feelings of envy in regards to imaginative activities of my grandmother, instead of realizing that any created feelings towards people in my imagination is double self-deception, and that even in real life I should never compare myself to anyone and not allow any feelings and emotions towards anyone since they are all the result of separation.

  11. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to associate my grandmother’s activities and her benefits in regards to that activities and wanting to do the same things in order to gain the similar benefits, instead of realizing that whenever I compare myself to anyone, I separate myself from what is here and loose myself in the mind, thus it is best to always only observe other people’s activities, breathe effectively and remain here without allowing any thoughts or desires.

  12. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think about what benefits will I receive when grandmother gives me something, instead of simply accepting things from anyone if I can practically use them and then store them and use them whenever I need them, without going in my mind and thinking about all possible scenarios in relation to things that are given to me.

  13. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be afraid if someone would stop while carrying the bag full of food that grandmother gave me due to perception that my life is depended on the food in the bag and that if someone will stop me, my life will get compromised, instead of realizing that I have enough money to buy me plenty of food to survive, and even if I am prevented to receive the food from my grandmother, I will still be fine.

  14. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel bad about breaking the rule of the food not being allowed to be transported outside the senior home, instead of realizing that I have never actually checked if this rule is really in place, and that since everyone in the senior home is allowing my mother to pick and collect the food, they are obviously allowing her to do with the food whatever she wants, and that if I am braking any rule, I will only know that if someone will inform me that my actions are not allowed, so there is nothing for me to actually having to worry about.

  15. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to admire my grandmother for her actions, defining them as generous, and becoming envious about her, instead of realizing that actions of people are just actions that bring consequences and I am also capable of performing any actions the same as anyone else, so it best not to define others and their actions as something more than me an my actions, but to remain stale within and do my self-movement towards what is best for all.

  16. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to prevent my grandmother to do my laundry due to my created belief that I will this way over-exploit her and that she better rests due to her advance age, instead of realizing that whenever someone wants to assist me, I can simply allow the assistance since it will relief some of my jobs, and not allow myself any definitions about what others are capable on not capable of doing.

  17. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to want to do everything for myself in order to feel good, instead of realizing that this way I am limiting my expansion, so it is better to start collaborating with others in order to make much more things done.

  18. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that my grandmother has over-criticized my mother and is thus responsible for the suicide of my mother/her daughter, instead of realizing that each one of us is responsible for what we accept and allow and thus my mother is the only who is responsible for allowing and accepting the thoughts and feelings that eventually made her to commit suicide.

  19. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel responsible for my grandmother to forgive herself all the feelings of blame towards my mother, father and brother, instead of realizing that there is nothing more that I can do besides explaining her how we are all responsible for our thoughts, feelings and emotions and teaching her by my own example of remaining here, stable within and never giving up on anyone.

  20. When I want to express my perspective to someone, I understand that I others can get to understanding only when I became one and equal with them and explain them as I would like to have explained if I was in their shoes, so I remain here, with unlimited patience, and explain the points slowly and clearly until people reach full understanding of what I want to communicate.

  21. When I am offered food, I look it with my eyes, I smell it with my nose, I taste it with my tongue and then accept it if I find it appropriate for my human physical body and if I am hungry in that moment, other wise I decline the food without while remaining here and stable within.

  22. When I am in doubt if I am breaking some rule or law, I do not allow myself in the state of doubt, but check the rules and laws until I am totally clear what they demand from me and then I walk within this system without breaking any laws and agreements and slowly change the system and laws as one and equal with the system and remove or change the rules so that the system starts to support everyone equally and becomes manifestation of environment that is best for all.

  23. When I see someone doing something, I observe the physical actions and pictures moving in front of my eyes while remaining stable within, one and equal with the person that I observe and keep my awareness that what others do, I would be able to do the same if I would be in their bodes, but since we have different bodies, we have all different physical abilities, but are all equal in terms of unlimited expression within current limitations of our physical bodies.

  24. When someone offers to physically and practically assist me, I accept the assistance while breathing effectively and remaining here with understanding that if I have some things that need to be done, it is supportive if someone assists me and thus saves my time to do those things, since it is not important who does what, as long every single action is the result of self-expression and executed with use of principle of equality of all living beings.

  25. When I notice that some being is harming other I do not allow the abuse and take actions in order to stop the abuse, while being careful that I am one and equal with the being that I want to stop from being abusive in order for the being to be able to understand the consequences of its actions, accept self-responsibility and correct itself towards not harming others anymore.

So if you wish to become emotionally stable, please research 'Desteni I Process' online program that will teach you how to become self-honest and responsible human being that acts upon principles of equality of all living beings and does what is best for all. And if you decide to assist others in this process, you can become and agent and eventually a buddy and thus earn a lot of money. If you want me to assist you in this process, enter my name 'Valentin Rozman' and my student number '140' when you register. Let us all become better human beings and create heaven on earth!