25 January 2012

2012 - Facing with feelings of envy

I have been observing my subtle instant reactions through the day and there have been many. Let's begin with the first one which is the envy towards other people. So when I observe achievements of other people, the feeling of envy cames up that then manifests as irritation and itching feeling on the skin. In this way I reacted today when I observed and invitation to art exhibition of some young painter, then when I got invitation to a workshop of some of my FaceBook friend and I immediately went into feeling of envy.

My thoughts were: "I wish I would be that guy or girl that excels so perfectly". When I ask myself why have I separatem myself from what I observed, I can see that I have associated these achievements and people with my imagination that those people are praised by other people and that they are successful and wealthy, as I also want to be. But if I look to this point, I can see, that this is my own created belief and projection and not true at all. Firstly it is me, who have interpreted the information in a way that made these people something special and more than me, and it is me who projected certain social and financial status onto these people.

Next level of this self-deception is that I have defined myself as unable to achieve those results that these people displayed, which is again not true. With persistance and focus everyone can basically achieve anything. All is connected to ones family history, environment, education, so I would be able to achieve the same if born in different body and family. It is my own created perception and projection that people with smiling faces on the photos are successful and happy and it has nothing to do with reality.

And if I go even more deeper, I can become aware that those photos that I reacted on were displayed on my computer monitor, which gives another dimension to the structure of my reactions. The point is that the picture on the monitor is composed out of square pixels of different hue and luminosity. My eyes and brain then composes these pixels into picture and gives it a certain meaning. But the fact is that every pixel on digital photo can be manipulated and does no necessary represent the physical reality. This is especially true in the fashion and advertising where every detail is carefully retouched.

We are all hiding beneath the masks of personality, trying to convince others that we are worth of acceptance and competing with the rest in this system in order to accumulate enough money for our needs. Especially in politics there is a lot of deceptions and fake faces where competition is immense and lack of honesty is extensive. So even if one displays face of happiness, the starting point of this happy face can be self-interest and manipulation. Thus it is best not to automatically associate any facial expression or statement of others to anything specific, until one really gets to know the person and find out what he truly stand up for.

  1. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to associate facial expressions of people with level of success and wealth instead of realizing that everyone can pretend thus judging one, based on the outer appearance is illusional.

  2. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to associate digital pictures with physical reality instead of realizing that every picture can be manipulated and retouched extensively and can be very different from the state of physical reality that currently exists.

  3. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed the feeling of envy towards individuals that I defined as successful instead of realizing that succes in current system means only to be more deceptive and abusive and that true succes will only come when we implement the Equal Money System that will remove the necessity of us constantly competing and fighting each other once and for all.

  4. Next time when I observe other people's facial expression or photos, I breathe, I remain here and communicate with them as one and equal with them, investigating what real experiences in their lives are and invite them to also participate in the process of self-honesty and establishment of world equality system.

24 January 2012

2012 - How I was Able to Hear the Desteni Message

My path of intensive self-realisation started in year 2000, when my first girlfriend with whom I lived together for 3 years left me on my big surprise. I was left in my own apartment, with recently started own business of graphic design and photography, so I had a lot of time and motivation to start a research what is going on in people's heads.

In the next 10 years I read hundreds of books on human relations, psychology, afterlife, spirituality, religion, new age, healing and metaphysics, visited many spiritual teachers, gurus, healers, religious groups and attended numerous seminars, camps, gatherings, fairs and related events. Thus I accumulated a lot of knowledge, experiences and realisations.

It was in fall of 2009 when I had a terrible accident while returning from a business meeting in late night. In darkness I overlooked an escarpment, fall very hard on my stomach, and punched my spleen. They immediately put me on surgery and removed my spleen. I was one of the lucky ones who had two spleens, so I had no problems by removing one of them. For 2 weeks I recovered in the hospital and then I continued with the healing process at my home.

While recovering on sofa in my living room, I amused myself with searching and watching for new age content on the net. One day, while I was browsing spiritual videos on YouTube I stumbled upon very unusual videos. There was some young figure, age about 20 with short blond hair, who spoke in video interviews and deeply exhaled and inhaled in the beginning and at the end of every video interview. Strange was also that this person used different name each time when introduced himself in the beginning of the video, right after first deep exhalation and inhalation.

What attracted me the most was the message that came through this interviews. It explained a lot of thing about dimensional existence, aliens, chakras, angels, demons, gods and the history of universe and human race. The message was very common sensical to me and explained more in detail everything about his existence and afterlife than every book or video that I read and watched so far. I became obsessed with watching this video interviews and watched them for several months, from morning to evening. There were thousand of them and I consumed them with great pleasure.

I noticed that this videos were from the same YouTube channel and that all had a web address at the end of the video, directing to Desteni web site. So after hundres hours of watching this Desteni videos, I decided to check the web site in order to see who was producing them. I found there even more interesting written material and the forum. I registered on Desteni forum, introduced myself and started the communication with the people there. They introduced me with the process of writing and self-honesty, so slowly it was also I who started to produce blogs and vlogs and begun sharing my and Desteni contend on the FaceBook.

Many however reacted to shared Desteni material extensively and this is for several reasons. Some did not have enough experiences to compare the information and see that Desteni is about equality and what is best for all, and there were also the light workers, rainbow warriors and religious fanatics, who preferred to hold onto their own beliefs and self-created good feelings and did not want to understand what was the core problem for all the suffering in this world. I time I slowly begun to understand, that only few people will be able to grasp the Desteni message and join the joint effort of establishing Equal Money System that will guarantee a dignified life for all living beings on this planet equally.

I am very thankful to Bernard, Sunette, Esteni, Andrea and all others who started the research and initiated the process of applying effective and practical solutions for the problems in this world. And I invite all the people who have at least one pinch of compassion left in them, to join people from all over the world who stand up strong and firm for equality and what is best for all. Stop living in alternative reality of your mind, become a Destonian, start breathing, bring yourself here and become one and equal with all life!

17 January 2012

2012 - My blog process timeline 2010 - 2011

This is a copy of my English blog process timeline in years 2010 - 2011 as posted on Desteni forum for easier overview:

2010 - September
2010 - My first blog post
2010 - Why took me so long to start writing myself to freedom

2010 - October
2010 - Masturbation stop day 30, getting more realization, dating
2010 - Second date with the new girl
2010 - Having vertigo the whole day
2010 - Feeling better, processing posts, feedbacks, choosing celibacy
2010 - The history and future of me and Desteni
2010 - Pointing fingers and blaming
2010 - Finished working for some close relative
2010 - Emotional manipulation and projection
2010 - Defusing anger points in regards driving a car
2010 - Fear in regards to working as self-employed
2010 - Birthing myself from the physical
2010 - The starting point of my blogs and vlogs

2010 - November
2010 - Facing point in regards to reading posts of others
2010 - Business and group relationships getting better
2010 - Consequences of mentioning my father in my blogs
2010 - Pain in my back after subjugation to my father

2010 - December
2010 - Breath orgasm instead of masturbating
2010 - Repeating strong vertigo research
2010 - Vertigo research continued
2010 - Masturbation point research
2010 - Girlfriend relationship mind construct
2010 - The emotional December girl
2010 - Defusing reactions regarding YouTube
2010 - Defusing reactions regarding YouTube continued
2010 - Reactions in regards liking on the FaceBook
2010 - Analyzing my dreams of deep water and great hight
2010 - Facing my fears regarding politics
2010 - My lectures about Desteni and self-forgiveness announcement

2011 - January
2011 - About one man who impressed me a lot in past several years
2011 - No more mercy in regards to my mind-fucks!
2011 - Exposing secret mind related to submissive personality
2011 - My chat experience with founder of Wikileaks Slovenia
2011 - Sound Money - The gold standard is not the solution
2011 - Sold apartment, girlfriend visited, holidays at Desteni farm
2011 - Contract closed, climbed the hill, researched sexual intimacy
2011 - Zeitgeist Moving Forward - Movie review
2011 - Considering farming in order to relieve my butt
2011 - Got money from selling apartment, bought ticket to Desteni farm
2011 - How physical supports me with itching and vertigo in detail
2011 - Message to the girl who is madly in love with me and the vertigo
2011 - Curing cancer effectively with sodium bicarbonate and iodine
2011 - Continuing with moving out, spreading the message of Desteni
2011 - Bought new photo equipment, met new interesting people
2011 - Our country Slovenia soon facing bankruptcy
2011 - Finally moved out to my father's place, who became 60 years old
2011 - Another strong but short collapse, moved furniture to basement

2011 - February
2011 - Alcohol and celebrations, ex-apartment prepared for takeover
2011 - 2010 with Shaman, Kiesha Crowthe - Lecture video review
2011 - My first Desteni speech over, tomorrow will have the second one
2011 - The second Desteni speech executed, upgrading my computer
2011 - Support for Relationship Demon possessed females
2011 - Valentin travelling to Desteni farm in South Africa report

2011 - March
2011 - Dream about innocence, unconscious mind and self-responsibility
2011 - Valentin's impressions after returning from Desteni farm
2011 - First week after returning from Desteni farm report
2011 - Running out of time for doing all the things that I plan
2011 - Group of Slovenian people with a kid who can see aura
2011 - Landmark Education / Forum - a Destonian perspective
2011 - Walking process alone vs. walking in the group

2011 - April
2011 - How disaster in Japan influenced me
2011 - Backchat 24. March 2011
2011 - How to give an effective support
2011 - Going deeper in my mind-patterns
2011 - Fear attacked me again, stronger than ever
2011 - Exposing nasty tricks of my ego
2011 - I got my first recruit
2011 - Observing myself from point of all existence
2011 - Opening of Theosophic library in Celje
2011 - Attending Studio 12 video production workshop
2011 - Silverpoint time share holidays & vacation club
2011 - Moving forward, slowly but effectively

2011 - May
2011 - Bulding self-trust
2011 - Broadcasting equality
2011 - My grandmother > Self-Forgiveness and Self-Correction
2011 - Facing fear of future challenges
2011 - Corruption of legal system in Slovenia
2011 - I finally moved to our capital city Ljubljana

2011 - June
2011 - Make-up Artistry
2011 - How I met Desteni
2011 - Evil wins when good people do nothing

2011 - July
2011 - Equality Store development report
2011 - A new family member joined

2011 - August
2011 - Priority management
2011 - There is no other choice but breathing
2011 - Focus only on the positive - start canning the air!
2011 - Robin Hood Tax

2011 - September
2011 - Perfectionism as the most prominent evil in my life
2011 - Improving my interaction with others for better success

2011 - October
2011 - What about families in an equal money system?
2011 - Facing my reactions in regards to psychology study

2011 - November
2011 - What can I do to support the Equal Money System?
2011 - What if I don't want to work for 4 years in EMS?
2011 - Isn't Equal Money System the death of individualism?

2011 - December
2011 - Destructive nature of love as feeling

I invite you to also check out my Slovenian blog process timeline, my vlog process timeline in Slovenian language and my vlog process timeline in English language.

09 January 2012

2012 - Valentin moving forward

I have noticed, how I slowed down in my process of self-realization in the past several months. Some of the reasons was the relationship where my partner was not willing to walk in the process with me equally, and some of the reasons were my occupation with the school and development of Equality Store. I recently dropped the school and ended the unproductive relationship, so I am now pushing myself again towards more effective process.

The major points that made me procrastinate is the question of setting the priorities. We all have limited time and time management is important in achieving desired results. I learned that something like time management is basically not possible since outflow of actual events is the product of many people and variables, so time-framing is not very effective way of executing points. More effective approach is priority management. In stead of slicing available time and assigning certain projects to certain time-frames, it is much better only to define daily priority points and make the time-frames more loose or practically non-existent.

Then in regards to setting priorities, there are priorities in regards to personal life, professional life and global development. There are some personal desires that I want to fulfill, like being in supportive relationship/agreement, there are goals to earn enough money in my line of business and there are priorities in regards to changing this world system so that it will guarantee a dignified life for all humans, animals and plants.

So far I have not been applying time or priority management very extensively. Sure I have been using computer calendar to write down my appointments and meetings, but most of my life happen very spontaneously. I allowed my thoughts and emotions to direct me, to produce new ideas that would drive me in different directions throughout the day. This was in a way exciting, but not very effective in terms of reaching desired goals. Until I had enough money, I lived very relaxed and worked in a very unpredictable ways.

Now, when I see that my money reserves are running out, the fear of survival has started to direct me towards more effective way of life. I learned some managements techniques that I plan to apply in my life and I am continuing with learning even more. What I found out is that writing is indispensable tool for personal and also business effectiveness. The thought that occupied my mind in regards to this point is how much to write and what kind of writing to use? Writing with computer can be faster and one can share the content on the web very easy, but handwriting, especially using white paper and a pen with blue ink is suppose to be the most effective way.

Writing can be done to communicate certain information with others in a business way, but here we use writing as a tool to communicate with self and come to self-realisation. Self-talk is what is also recommended for professional use, one can do it silently, but speaking out loud is even more effective. But since this self-talk does not bring any money, I am thinking about how much time to dedicate to self-talk and self-realisation and how much to more money-making activities. Balancing those two points is crucial for overall success in everyone's life. And decision when to use handwriting and when computer typing is a big question that I will have to deal with constantly.

I prefer typing on my notebook computer since I can do it everywhere and then share the content on my blog and forum. The downsides of working with computer is that requires to be handled in a very careful way, enough power has to be provided, and it is proven that what one types on the computer does not stay in ones memory very long. In order to remember things better, handwriting is the best way to write. A paper notebook does not need any power, it can be much smaller and handy, but handwriting is much more slower. The desire to do things faster is why I procrastinated using paper and pen so far. But I plan to change my habits in order to do things in my life in the most effective way.

It is strange, how I perceived that I would write about other points when I would start to write about the reasons for procrastinating, and now those points seems irrelevant. Like the physical pain of my body due to force of gravity while writing for long time in the same position. Now I see that I am easily able to the position of my body and prevent any pain. And due to past business experiences I developed enough self-trust not to be afraid of not being able to earn enough money. I have been always able to see many potentials so all that was necessary was to move my ass and walk long enough until the effects became a reality.
  1. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to thing that all the points that accumulated in my life are too overwhelming to face and that is best to get involved in money-making actions, instead of realizing that the mind is that makes life overwhelming and that stopping the mind is a priority point in regards to becoming able to live here practically an effectively in every moment.

  2. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think about things, believing that thinking is what will make points clear and that it will bring me to best solution, instead of realizing that thoughts in my mind are there only to distract me from what is here and that thinking always leads only to more thinking and time-looping.

  3. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to wait for myself, believing that other things are more important to do, instead of realizing that my process is the most important thing in my life and that other things will be resolved more effectively if I put the process of self-realisation as the main priority.

  4. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not wanting to write due to constant hurry of moving myself somewhere forward, instead of realizing that life can be lived only in this moment, without any expectations and desires about the future.

  5. The next time I see my mind move, I stop, breathe and start writing until the point is cleared.

07 January 2012

2012 - Occupy student protests and Basic Income Grant

In the afternoon of Friday, 5th January 2012 at 16:30 I attended student meeting at Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology of Faculty of Arts. As I understood there is some new law that would compromise the scholarship of foreigns students in ours country so they wanted to prepara a strategy that would prepare an action plan to stop execution of that law. I joined the meeting in order to invite participants to research Desteni solutions that would end laws that are harmful to individuals once and for all. So when the meeting leader asked me about my perspective, I gave some information about Desteni solutions and distributed flyers with additional information to all participants that were about 10 students and one professor. I invited them to also attend the lecture about BIG that will take place in the evening.

Then at 19:30 I attended a lecture about BIG - Basic Income Grant at the Fužine public library. I listened to Valerija Korošec, who has wrote a detailed proposal of BIG implementation to our government, and now this document has been also printed and is available in form of a book under COBISS ID 978-961-260-052-5. She told us about her experiences about struggle to implement BIG in our country. The first time that BIG was suggested in Slovenia was in year 1990 and at that time it would be much easier to implement it than in the present time. Now the situation is far more complicated. She also answered to some common questions and concerns about consequences of BIG implementations, like: "Will anyone still want to work if everyone unconditionally receives about 500 € per month?".

She came with many examples of pilot studies and partial BIG implementation, like in Alaska, Namibia and Brazil. So there is enough money from social welfare and other programs that can be easily replaced with Basic Income Grant and the whole system can be thus simplified and minimum living standards guaranteed for everyone. She explained that current financial crisis is not just a temporary illness of our economy, but a cancer of global economic system and the crisis of values and thus a must before everything breaks apart. At the end of the lecture were Valerija become very emotional, I also gave some information about Equal Money System and distributed flyers with Desteni links to all of about 20 participants. I also gave Valerija my book and two audio CDs with more detailed information about EMS.

It was interesting to hear about how Valerija's suggestion about BIG came usually with reaction that it is something "utopic" and that it can not be made true. She made examples that this kind of statements were also used in the history where equal rights for black slaves and voting right for women were suggested, but they all eventually came true. But when I introduced to Valerija the suggestion of Equal Money System where not only humans will be taken care of, but also animals and plants equally, it seemed "utopic" even for her. So yes, EMS is definitely a big step in human awareness where the man is not defined only as ruler and master of the world but equal and one to all other forms of expression of life. If you want to learn more about ultimate solutions for world equality, visit the Equal Money web site and read the first book about Equal Money System.