06 May 2012

2012 Spirituality Exposed - Ignorance and apathy of Zen and Tao

The other day some guy came to visit me in order for us to know each other better. We shared our life story and our future plans. What surprised me was his decision to go on a sailboat and sail around a world in couple of weeks. This decision was based on his understanding that life is very simple and that you can life a fulfilling and joyful life if you reduce your personal needs on the minimum and not to possess a lot of things. He was inspired by his past spiritual experiences like Zen and Tao and he learned to a modest life to be the key to happiness.

Artwork by Ann Van den Broeck

Well, I also have a lot of colorful spiritual experiences. Zen, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and many other religions and spiritual paths was also what I studied in depth. There was I moment in my life when I was obsessive Hare Krishna fanatic, dressed myself in sheets and preached the high knowledge of Vedas from door to door with my lap full of precious books. I was prepared to sell all my propriety and live in the temple to live as servant to my lord Krishna and other living beings. From my perspective I knew what life is, what is purpose of life and what is my mission in this life.

I felt safe in Hare Krishna society, there was food, lectures, prayers, dancing, mixing, having fun and feeling good. I started to watch people who were out there in the matrix as lost and delusional and in great need of help from our side in order to save them from their ignorance. However I slowly started to realize that even Hare Krishna society needed the source of income. We had to sold books and charge fees for events and then the society also opened a Govinda's franchise restaurant. So religions are not much different from any other business since money is the essential means of exchange and without money there is no god that can keep you alive in current world system.

Of course one can then decide for a path of a loner, find some place in this world when governments allow individuals to pick a part of land and live there in separation. But even this can not last very long. Ruling elite can swap, change laws and they drive you away from the land. In this word, anyone can use the system to raise himself up to the top power position and use money to do whatever they want, even kill millions of people for the protection of their self-interest. So becoming a loner is not the highest and best way of living that can be applied to any single person, only for those who were born in elite part of the world, who know how the system functions and who know how to get from the system whatever and whenever they need.

But this kind of attitude is not the highest realization and certainly not the final point of self-development that one can achieve. It is only a celebration of your ego and your individuality by totally ignoring other individuals and leaving them with their own problems. Even further, individuality and self-interest is the cause of all suffering in this world since we ignore the needs of other and advertise only the free will and free enterprise and thus leaving also a space for the freedom of abuse. The free will and free enterprise means also a freedom to do whatever you want without consequence and without any limitation. However since we live in limited physical reality on one planet where billions of other beings live, you always influence others with your own actions.

Thus the highest realization is that if you want to properly be taken care of, you have to consider also other fellow beings. Eventually a new system will have to be implemented that takes care for each individual and prevents any person who want to practice his free choice by deliberately hurting others. This system is already being developed and is called an Equal Money System. It is a practical functional peaceful political program that will change the world laws so that a dignified life for all humans, plants and animals will be guaranteed from life to death. Join the EMS forum and participate if you also want to support practical oneness and equality.