27 November 2011

2011 - Isn't Equal Money System the death of individualism?

At Desteni we propose the Equal Money System as the way towards equality and providing dignified life for all living beings. Some ask themselves if equality means death of individualism, some sort of death through the sameness?

When you consider individuality, you must firstly observe if you are free as individual in this current world system. You may say that you are free, that you have a freedom to choose, but if you investigate carefully, you will come to an conclusion that every single decision that you make in subconsciously influenced by the fears, mostly by the fear of money lost. Money has become something that you can not live without, to currently you in fact can not execute your individual freedoms. All laws are made in order to keep current system in place and you have to do what the system says in order to receive enough money to survive.

In the Equal Money System you will be practically provided with everything you need and thus fear of money loss and consequently fear of survival will be removed. In the EMS you will not loose your individuality, in the contrary, you will be for the first time be allowed to express yourself as individual living being. So the word Equality in the EMS does not refer to become equal in terms of personality or expression, but in terms of having equal right and opportunities guaranteed.

17 November 2011

2011 - What if I don't want to work for 4 years in EMS?

In the current money system you have to work for about 60 years in order to become qualified for retirement and to receive residual monthly income until you die. And for many people the amount of money that they receive after becoming retired is not enough to cover all basic needs. But even if they receive enough money, majority of people die in 2-3 year after becoming retired due to feeling of isolation and not being useful anymore.

At Desteni we are suggesting an Equal Money System where you will be obligated to work for only 4 years and then the system will provide you with all the things that you need until you die. This is possible because in current system which is based on debt, profit and scarcity, the products are made to break fast, thus it is estimated that up to 90% of all natural resources, energy and time consumption is due to need of perpetuating consumerism. In the EMS the products will be made to last long, there will be no competition, and you will need to work for only 4 years in order to keep the system functional.

Some might now ask: "What if I don't want to work for 4 years?. Well, this question might come up due to associating the world "work" with what work represents in the current economic system. Now you do not have much choice about what you can do in order to provide yourself enough income for living, thus many are forced to have jobs that surpress them and create a lot of stress. Now you go for work due to fear of loosing money, but in an Equal Money System, this fear will be removed, and no one will force you to do anything that is harmful to your mental or physical health.

So expect the jobs in the EMS to be something that will give you great pleasure and you will be glad to work and contribute to the system that will provide a dignified life for all humans, animals and plants in this planet. But since this kind of system can work only if we all work it, there will be no tolerance for those who want to abuse or do nothing to support others. They will be isolated and removed from the system support in order to experience the consequences of their pure self-interest. This is true karma in immediate action where you will receive the same as you give. In time everyone will realize that we are all part of the same existence and that supporting others is necessary in order for you to also be properly supported.

14 November 2011

2011 - What can I do to support the Equal Money System?

So you became aware of the existence of the global political agenda of an Equal Money System that will guarantee a dignified life for all living beings on this world. So what now -- what can you do to support the EMS?

Well, firstly you are invited to dig deep and find all about what EMS is and what is not. Go to the official web site of the Equal Money System which is > equalmoney.org and then read all about it. You are welcome also to get you copy of the first Equal Money Book. Then got to the YouTube and search for the Equal Money System videos. A lot about EMS is also written in the Destonian Wiki. After you have gained a pretty clear picture of what EMS is, they go to the Equal Money forum, register, research the topics discussed so far and then ask whatever you are not yet clear about.

After you finished with research on EMS, you are qualified to spread the word about it to as many people as possible. You can do this by putting the official EMS PicBadge on you FaceBook profile picture. There is also many EMS FaceBook groups and pages that you can join. Share the link to EMS web site on you FaceBook profile, e-mail your friends, and speak about EMS to everyone you meet. Invite them to do the same research that you have done in order for everyone to understand that Equal Money System is the ultimate solution that will fix the problems in this world in shortest time possible. You are welcome also to get yourself a EMS supportive wearables like t-shirts, caps, bags, sticker and similar from the Equality Store > equality-store.com

If you want to fully support the solution of EMS, then you can also start blogging and vlogging about it, donate money to the Equal Life Foundation and let you creativity go wild about the ways of how you can support and share the EMS message. But wait, you can then go even further. In time you will realize that just sharing the message is not enough. Yes, the Equal Money System is the political solution, but it needs to be understood and supported by majority of the people for what it truly is. It is not just about convincing people using beautiful words and getting them to become positively emotional about the EMS. Equal Money is not just another political party or opposition, it is about understanding that we are all part of the same existence and that we can live here and be fully supported from birth to death only if we remove all that separate us from one another and blind us from understanding how we created this reality.

And this is why everyone will also have to transform what is deep inside us. I am here referring to thoughts and emotions which is all the energy of the mind. EMS is the vision of the new world, but in order to make this vision true, we all need to change our patterns of thinking and acting. See, you can not expect to change the output if you do not change the input. So part of the Equal Money System is also the education where you are introduced with knowledge and information about how you mind works and how you can become aware about all your subconscious and unconscious patterns and how to remove those that are the points of separation and conflict by applying simple tools of Breath, Self-Honesty, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Application. There is a lot of free information and forum on Desteni web site, and if you want to go hard-core, then you are invited to join the Desteni I Process self-realisation and leadership development course at > desteniiprocess.com where you will be systematically guided and supported by personal mentor in order to go all the way, deep into the "rabit hole".

Think this is all you can do? Wrong! There is much, much more than you can imagine. Yes, you can go even more crazy about it. You can start studying psychology or political sciences and become well educated about how current system works. See, it will take many dedicated and trustworthy people who will go to politics and push the Equal Money System agenda towards full execution. Thus making Equal Money System a reality can become your full occupation. There is a lot of work that needs to be done before we stop destruction of this planet and create something similar to Heaven on Earth. Many details need to be discussed, billions of people to get educated and huge amounts of laws to be changed. It will take at least 10 to 20 years to start with major changes and several generations to put all necessary points into place. So let's roll, let's do it here and now! We can do it, all the support is available, it needs only the rest to join and become one with life, with the principle of equality and start doing what is best for all.