13 October 2012

Life After GIN reply

This is a publicly published copy of my reply to forwarded e-mail announcement that FTC is about to arrest Kevin Trudeau and that also GIN club that I am member of will consequently cease:

Dear fellow Destonians,

after reading all the linked legal papers of the FTC, listening to all the audio recordings of past lectures that Dr. Leonard Coldwell had for the GIN members that are available for the GIN Level 1 members, reading Kevin Trudeau's books "Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About" and "The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About" and many of articles an the web, accusing Kevin Trudeau of different illegal actions and frauds, meeting and listening Kevin Trudeau live in Germany last year and in Chicago and Nice this year, and going through all the GIN affiliate training material, a can conclude that:

1. Kevin Trudeau has been raised in a very poor family, some times not having enough even to buy the food and that fired up Kevin to create for him a life where he will not have to suffer and live in scarcity anymore. As a child he was diagnosed with learning disabilities and suggested to select mathematics as profession or some other job, like forester, since he was suppose to have no ability to communicate and work with other people. He proved them wrong by overcoming his deficits and becoming a very successful salesman and communicator. In certain period his passion for making money drove him over the edge and he spent almost 2 years in prison. However he learned the lesson and that made him a better person. He started to pick the occupations where he would be able to develop himself but also to benefit the society as much as possible. This is why he joined the American Mega Memory Institute and later worked as the most effective salesman of the homeopathic remedies in an MLM company. After becoming very wealthy, he started to diversify his business and that created even more wealth for him. However now Kevin has realized that we are all in this together and that none are free until all are free. And GIN is the manifestation of this realization.

2. The Global Information Network was created with intention to make this world a better place for all by creating a global community of responsible people who would represent an opposing force, big enough to stop the corrupt elite that wants to enslave all the mankind purely for their self-interest. GIN provides almost identical support system that elite secret societies had for their members, however with much lower entry requirements and thus enabling almost anyone to join. However the club is not for everyone; the full age, understanding of English language and sufficient financial success is required in order to become member. However every member can engage in optional MLM affiliate program and earn at least the initiation fee and monthly membership dues back. For me, over 10.000 hours of audios, videos and books on how to become emotionally stable, build a harmonious relationships, become a responsible businessman, cure yourself of every disease, time and money management principles and all the networking and friendship creating opportunities are more than worth of membership dues. However some pople had unrealistic expectations, left the club and became GIN hate speakers. And we all have experienced how and why this things happen.

3. Dr. Leonard Coldwell has its own health clinic in Germany and is treating cancer patients with virtual 100% success in comparison with conventional medicine with only 3% of success. What fired him up was the case where doctors almost killed his mother that had cancer with radiation and chemotherapy thus he decided to take situation in his hands. Dr. C as he is also called, was until recent a very respectful speaker in GIN and he was payed a high speaking fees. However he is not any more a GIN speaker nor member or affiliate and a have suspected that it would come to this point some day. This is because I have heard some audio recordings of Dr. C in the GIN online library where he admits having agreement with GIN for not advertising his own products directly in his speeches for the GIN members, however he deliberately broke that agreement. From how I perceive him, he is very high tempered and wants to push things his own way thus this renders him incapable of collaborating in GIN as a group and respecting agreements.

4. Federal Trade Comission or FTC as well as Food and Drug Administration or FDA have been exposed in Kevin's books as puppets in the hands of large corporations and are utmost corrupt. Basically all legal system is tailored to fit the profit interests of big business, especially big pharma and food producing multinational corporations. They are systemically destroying the legal system and small businesses and dumbing down and enslaving the nations. It is a big challenge to find an effective way about how to stop or even reverse this process. One approach is Desteni and the other is Global Information Network. Both have upsides and downside, both fit differed kid of people and both have challenges, but both have the same goal or starting point. Kevin has in his late GIN audio explained that he is aware of the legal and also illegal attempts to disable him, since he is a very influential whistle blower on government corruption, however he is convinced that the GIN global movement will continue also without him, since the truth eventually prevails every single time.

So we are all in this together, we pick the ways that best suits our needs for the lessons in order to gain as much realization and became effective in living here with all our needs covered. Basically all of us need to become a responsible co-creator in this world with full awareness of the consequences of our every single action on all the creation. Personally I fully support and advertise Desteni agenda of world equality and Equal Money System, however I am temporary focused on GIN in order to get the complete picture about what it is about and what one can benefit from it. Transformation of self and global system is definitely necessary in order for all to be able to live here as one and equals with all the needs covered and full self-expression protected. Collaboration of us all is required in order to achieve this goal as soon as possible. This is possible only with taking self-responsibility for all our thoughts and emotions and effectively directing ourselves based on the principle of what is best for all.

Valentin Rozman

PS: Since GIN is creation of 30 people, Kevin being just one of tem, selected to be a frontman of the GIN, he himself expects that GIN will continue existing also if something happens to him. A lot of effort was made in many years of preparation and computer simulation prior to GIN launch in order to make sure that GIN will be a stable club and totally aligned with the legal system in every country in the world. Every organization can collapse any time, and it is up to every member to act as a glue and hold the organization firm and strong or spread speculations and thus create fear that will lead so separation and destruction. It is our thoughts and action that create the future.

PS2: I just listened to the GIN Member Weekly Audio where Kevin explained that since the court does not want to consider any objection from his side regarding his court case anymore, he decided to pay fine of 33 million dollars thus there is no reason for him being arrested. The club by his words stands firm and will continue to develop as planned.