18 June 2012

2012 Improving communication and understanding

Miscommunication is a big problem in this word, especially since there are so many languages out there. But even when two people speak the same language there are still many occasions when they can not understand each other. Even when we thing that we understand other person, this could in fact not be true.

If we want to understand the cause off all this, we need to go back in our childhood to the moment when we were born. We could go even more back in time, since the baby starts to hear sounds even when still being in the mothers womb. So from very early period of embryo development, we start to build associations and give meaning to physical feelings, sounds and pictures.

Artwork by Matti Freeman

This is the way the consciousness and our personality is being created. However since we have different experiences, we build different associations to the same objects, sounds and pictures and this is where points of separation are being created. For example two people can have different understanding of the same word and also different emotional reactions associated to this word.

The biggest problem among this are emotional reactions, attached to certain sounds and pictures. If we allow ourselves to emotionally react, the energy takes over control of our physical body and we are unable to stay here and direct ourselves as we want to. Thus self-forgiveness of any associated believes, ideals or any other perceptions is the primary suggested step to make in order to start living here as one with all life.

The next step is vocabulary purification or unification. If we do not have the same definitions that is meanings associated to the sounds and pictures, we are unable to communicate effectively. If we look at other living beings, like animals, we can see, that they are able to understand each other more clearly than humans are able to understand each other. This is definitely worth of consideration.

Improving communication is definitely a challenge that can be solved with different solutions. One could be development of a brand new spoken language that would be used all over the world. Some attempts like Esperanto has been made, but it is not the most effective way of understanding each other. Also a non-verbal way of communication is an option, like it is currently used by people with hearing and speaking disabilities.

However until we unite as one nation, as citizens of planet Earth and all speak the same language, we can start improving communication by removing our mind reactive behavior and focus attention on what the other person is in fact trying to communicate instead of allowing our mind to distract us by backchat and emotional reactions. Also when attempting to communicate a careful selection of world and precise description of the subject is very important in order for message to be delivered as intended.

So when starting communication it is important to breathe, slow down the mind, speak clearly and take time to bring proper message to other person. And when receiving the message it is important not to react on every single word, based on our vocabulary definition, but to firstly check an double check using questions to come to clear confirmation that what your perception of received communication is aligned with what other person actually wanted to communicate.
  1. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to speaking fast in order to save time and thus compromise the quality of communication with other people instead of realizing that it is not quantity of information that counts but the amount of clearly transmited pieces of information.

  2. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to hear or read the words spoken or written by other people and immediately reacting based on my own perception of what the other person is saying instead of firstly making sure that my understanding what other person was communicating is correct.

  3. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to immediately to react to all messages that I defined as love & light deception by posting Desteni material as comments and replies instead of taking time to understand the perpective and understanding of the person that posted the message and directing the communication as one and equal with other person until mutual understanding of all facts is achieved.

  4. I commit myself to slow down and take all the necessary time and detailed vocabulary while communicating with others in order to effectively expose all points of separation, illusion and deception until we become able to understand each other clearly and realize the necessity of supporting all life here equally.