27 August 2011

2011 - Robin Hood Tax

Recently I stumbled upon Robin Hood Tax FaceBook group that then brought me to Robin Hood Tax web site. I watched the introduction movie that explains what Robin Hood Tax is about and found out that it is about taxing the banks or the financial sector in order to raise hundreds of billions every year globally. It is suppose to give a vital boost to the public health services, education system, reduce the child poverty and deal with climate change around the world.

The web site is extremely well designed and video material is professional production class. The solution is great since it is a peaceful political idea and a welcome alternative to violent revolutionary appeals that had very increased in its frequency recently. It associates the legendary story of Robin Hood, who in medieval times was stealing from the lords in order to give back to the poor people. However, similar to Robin Hood who was not able to change the system, the Robin Hood Tax is also lacking the perspective of the big picture of all the systems in this world, and it has no power for any lasting change. It is in fact a form of charity that only alleviates the consequences, without dealing with the core cause of the problems.

The fact is, that no minor change and alignment of the current money systems is sufficient to solve the current problems in this world. It is the money system in its totality that needs to be changed in order for every living being to be properly be taken care of equally. The whole mentality and value system that human race has accepted and allowed has to change in order to break free from the inherited evil. It is everyone of us who needs to firstly remove all our mind and behavior patterns that are points of self-interest and separation from others. And then we need to change the laws in order to share all resources on this planet equally, not only among humans, but to consider also plants and animals as equal living beings.

Desteni came with a solution of an Equal Money System that deals with all necessary points in order to change ourself within and to change the outer system in order for all to start living a dignified life. Everyone is invited to research the articles on the Equal Money System web site, participate on the forum, and subscribe for the notification about the release of the first book from the Equal Money book series that will describe all the details of how will Equal Money System function. All are welcome to join us and become One Vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System!

17 August 2011

2011 - Focus only on the positive - start canning the air!

I am sitting at Munich airport, waiting for the airplane back to Slovenia. I attended the introduction meeting of some private club at La Meridiene hotel that gives you access to information that has been so far reserved only for world elite. One of the lessons that I have learned is that you need to have a deep vision in order to become a millionaire. The example was the vision of some guy years ago, that came up with idea to sell a colored sweeten water. All the people laugh at him, saying that nobody will be that stupid to buy his product. This guy is now very rich man and the product is called Coca-Cola.

Another, even more extreme person came up with idea to bottle just plain water. And people of course ridiculed also this man, not being able to imagine why would someone want to give money for water in the bottle, since everyone can simply open the tap in drink it. Now the bottled water is one of the biggest businesses in the world. See, you only have to imagine some product and then convince people to buy it. You simply invest enough money in advertising and convince people that drinking tap water is bad and not cool. This is pure example of Law Of Attraction, when you focus only on the positive and make millions. Now everyone is happy, selling of bottler water is good for you, god for me, and good for economy. Right?

Well, everything is fine if you ignore all the negative that is the byproduct of the positive. Like for example, while I was staying in hotel, I became thirsty, so I went to the bar and ordered some water. They gave me a 2dcl bottle of water and charged me 4 euros. This is definitely good for them, and good for economy, but not at all good for me. Rivers have become more and more polluted, since majority of people do not consider keeping rivers clean, knowing that they can buy bottled water any time. Of course until clean water will be so scarce that they will not be able to afford it anymore and they will die from thirst.

You think that I am exaggerating? Think again. There is a war for water currently going on in some regions of the world, since corporations want to posses as much natural resources as possible all over the planet. They are very positive in providing us, the consumers, with fresh clean bottled water. So do not be bothered with people who die from thirst or bullets for your bottled water. See, it is their own fault, since they are not enough positive! And you do not need to know that there is already the whole ocean region in size of USA that is filled with guess what - empty plastic bottles of water and other drinks and plastic bags. All the nice positive bottled water is ending as very negative food for see animals who do not distinguish plastic from jelly fish and end dying with stomachs full of bags and bottles.

So should we also be positive and start to, for example can the air? Or maybe we should stop being positive and thus produce negative and do what is best for all. You know, some has come with idea of an Equal Money System that would remove the need of deciving yourself to be positive and fight in this economic system for the money while you harm others. The idea is very simple. It is about changing the values of our society so that they will not produce scarcity but abundance for all living beings in this world. You think this is ridicules, never possible?

Well, just remember how the idea of bottled water has been laugh at. See, you just need to have a deep vision and big dreams. Join the visionaries for the heaven on earth, imagine the biggest dream possible and it is just a matter of time when it will become true. Research the Equal Money System web site, participate at the forum and become a part of the ultimate solutions that will end all the (positive) human stupidity once and for all.

13 August 2011

2011 - There is no other choice but breathing

The basic development of Equality Store is reaching its end. I have purchased a label printer and electronic scale as required to integrate with our postal service web software and enable quick and effective preparation of packages. In regards to providing promotional clothing, I have purchased a thermal press that has a large 30 x 40 cm plate for t-shirt printing and a set for printing on the caps. Thus I will be able to print t-shirts and caps on demand and ship them the same day. The t-shirt designs will be ready in couple of days, and then I only have to make some test prints, shot some photos for the web store, provide the packaging and Desteni merchandisings will be ready to ship worldwide.

Besides development of Equality Store, I am also developing the photo studio services. A week ago the holder for 10 paper photo background rolls was delivered and it took several days to mount it on the ceiling and, assemble the mechanism and do the cleaning. The job was also very physical exhausting due to drilling and holding up heavy equipment. I still expect some photo stand and couple of backgrounds to be delivered, and I also purchased high quality lenses that are necessary for the job.

In two days I am leaving for Germany where I will have a meeting with some Destonians and attend presentation of some promising business opportunity. I plan to make new connections that will enable more stable ways of income and also to connect with successful people in order to make this world a better place more effectively. And on 20th of August I will apply for the study of psychology. It will be a weekend study class so I will have business days free for the projects.

Together with supporting my girlfriend and her son and doing all fulfilling all the business orders, I certainly do never get bored. I have always a lot of thing to do. I have now even started to run every morning with my girlfriend and I am reading books about how to succeed in business and become rich. When people see all the things I do, just based on my FaceBook activity, they think that I must have I triple time per day in order to do all the stuff. However the formula is very simplistic. You just never have to thing, but only do what is necessary.

Whenever I allow any thoughts I feel how I get energy drained away. If I become frustrated, the resonates support me itching skin, and when I get scared, the vertigo appears suddenly. So I have learned that the only way I am able to cope with all the obligations, is to stay here and breathe effectively. Every breath counts, and every breath that is left out has a very destructive consequence.

This is what I have learned at Desteni, specifically at Desteni I Process, where we learn how to free ourselves from he enslavement of the mind and live here, in the physical, practically, as equals with all living beings and do what is best for all. So if you are eager to better yourself and this world, I invite you to join us and also start supporting Equal Money System that will end all greed, scarcity, hunger and wars in this world.

09 August 2011

2011 - Priority management

I have been observing recently, how fast the time is passing bye. From living alone, firstly my girlfriend Nadja joined living with me and a few weeks ago, also her 19-years old son Alen started to live in my apartment. I invest a lot of time in supporting both of them in realizing how "Desteni I Process" online Self-development & Leadership Course is beneficial in terms of removing mind limitation and gaining financial freedom. Nadja started DIP about two months ago and is progressing slowly, since she has not used English language very much and needs to learn a lot of new English words in order to understand DIP lessons. However she is pushing herself extensively and will gain speed in time. Yesterday I also signed-up Alen to DIP, since he became very excited about money-making opportunity of DIP multi level marketing business. He is currently extremely obsessed with cars and is passionately desiring certain type of silver color Mercedes-Benz car. So by joining DIP he will in time to earn enough money to buy himself this kind of transportation.

There is hundreds, even thousands successful legal MLM businesses in this world, like Amway, Herbalife, Tupperware, Site Talk, Global Information Network, and they are all a cool way of building your income. What I have learned is, that you can earn a lot of money in any business, especially in MLM business, and the decisive factor for guaranteed succes is to focus only on one business. The point is, that we all have limited time, there is only 24 hours in one day, and every business needs a lot, if not full attention, to succeed. So every successful person is a master of 'time management', some call it rather 'priority management'. In fact you can not manage the time, since tings happen very unpredictable, the only things you can manage is priorities. So you put the most important things at the top of the list and move towards its realisation until it is done, and then you move on to the next point on the list. And the best tools for priority management are 'paper-based' systems. While computers are indispensable in our lives, they also function as a crutch and make us remember less things since we rely on computer date storage. So when writing things down manually, using blue ink and white paper, we use our brains very differently, comparing to typing on computer keyboard, so we remember a lot more when writing with our hands, using just a simple pen.

In current economic system we are all forced to focus on only one thing in order to succeed, since there is extremely fierce competition. Some MLM systems promise high earnings if one dedicates all personal time to the system and follows instructions to the finest detail. So your financial success is guaranteed if you give your life to the system. These systems use the 'Law Of Attraction' and direct people to focus 'only on the positive', since everyone is suppose to be responsible only for your own life. They do not care for the poor and incapable people, but only make already capable people more capable and more wealthy. What is wrong with those systems is that they are the cause of poverty in this world. Participants are not aware of the fact, that by creating positive, they at the same time also create the negative. This is because there is one law that is superior to 'Law Of Attraction' and is called 'The Law Of Balance' or the 'Law Of Equality'.

All MLM systems present themselves as beneficial for development of society, they usually sell high-quality products and perceive themselves to be based of high moral principles. They support personal responsibility, but this responsibility is limited only to the system and to personal lives of MLM business participants. What they are lacking is the full responsibility for all things that they are influencing. Nobody is aware about how each of us are tightly globally interconnected and interdependent, and that everybody's action influence others beyond imaginable. So no MLM business is taking full responsibility, except one that is called 'Desteni I Process'. At Desteni we are aware about full picture of all systems in this world, and that everyone of us is equally responsible for everything that exist in this world. Thus a special multi level business has been developed that will take care for wealth of all living beings on this planet. It is the only MLM business that incorporates political agenda of on 'Equal Money System' that will eradicate greed, hunger, poverty and war from this world once and for all. So if you want to be rich and are at the same time interested in bettering of yourself and this world, I suggest to research and join 'Desteni I Process' that is the best MLM business of all times.