30 June 2013

Day 85: I got a new companion

Who said the Law of Attractions does't work! Just when I was thinking about come company that would assist me in gaining more motivation for my work and bring some amusement, today I already met some interesting candidate. Let me explained exactly what happened.

Yesterday when I went into woods, at the bus station, when the path started, I black cat was laying in the middle of the path and miaowed. When I approached, it stood up and started rubbing onto my legs. I stroked him a few times and did not know what it wants from me. After short time I continued the walk. I was thinking about that cat when I returned home and wondered why was he staying there.

Today I decided to go into woods again on the same path to see if the cat was still there, however I did not see it. However when I returned and went bye the bus station, I saw him again, ling near the road and miaowing. I asked two elder people that I just met if they know anything about that cat. They suggested that the cat is abandoned since people often leave their unwanted pets near the last bus stations. So I decided to take him to my home and see if we would come along.

The cat hat several ticks and was very stressed. Thus I firstly gave hime something to eat and drink and then removed some ticks. In the first couple of hours it was very restless, but after ome tapping therapy it calmed down. The neighbor suggested to bring it to the vet tomorrow which I will do in order to inspect him if it has some other parasites. I will keep it today in my room over night and see if this will suit it. Then tomorrow we'll go to the next step.

29 June 2013

Day 84: Sun-breaking Saturday activities

After storm and rain there were several cold cloudy days where I did not feel like going out and I was also not very suitable weather for doing the laundry. Today the sun finally broke through the clouds and it became more warmer. Thus I washed and hanged the laundry to dry and then went to the woods for a walk to the new hill peak destination called the Head.

But what I was thinking of today was mostly what would be best use of my time to execute the business projects that would also result in making this world the best place for all. Since I live and work alone, basically all the work is done silently unless I would talk with people on the phone or have some business meetings. So what I miss is the company of someone that would assist me and with whom I could talk regularly and reflect easier on my progress. However all the people that I know to be suitable for this kind of cooperation are currently busy so I will have to wait a while to test out this point.

Also the business projects are being developed by business associates and are also best to wait until they are finalized. There are couple of other activities and remaining of the past projects that I could engage and clear however I am not motivated enough to do that. Today thus I invested most of my time to learn some new text by hearth that I would need for the business presentation and I will then start collecting hot leads in order to be prepared when some assistance will be finally available.

28 June 2013

Day 83: Envy towards my guitar playing friend

I visited today my new friend and I noticed that he had a guitar in the corner of his room. I asked him if this was his guitar and how good does he know how to play it. He grabbed the acoustic guitar and start playing and he was very good. He then opened also his second electric guitar and demonstrated playing  next he displayed also his third bass guitar. He also incorporated a new device that he operated by foot and he used it to record some music and then replay it. Thus after fourth time it sounded like four man were playing a guitar.

While my friend was playing and it was for almost one hour, he would occasionally look at me and I did not know what he was thinking and what should I express. I was asking myself if he wanted me to admire him, applause him, start singing along or even dancing. Thus in order to avoid eye contact I mostly focused on his hand and guitar and just listend to the music.

The whole event triggered memories when about 15 year ago I also decided to lear playing a guitar and signed up for a private guitar school where I visited beginners guitar class for one year. After one year I was able to play several simple songs and I was happy about that. However when I would play in front of my friends, I did not received admiration as I expected but would instead made fun of me.

That event diminished my excitement as I did not see myself in the future as guitar entertainer. I did play afterwards songs for my own pleasure and amusement however the motivation to play guitar ended after couple of months and I sold the instrument. And it was not only because of the respond of others but also because playing a guitar personally was quite a different experience as simply observing others playing.

Yes, when I would listen to someone playing a guitar, I would think that this must be very simple, however it is not true. At least not at the beginning. It is a very specific sensation when holding a guitar, feeling the har wood of the body pressin g towards your body, smelling the metal smell of the quitar strings and feeling tiny metal strings pressing towards soft fingertips and inducing pain. It is only after years of practice where you stop being bothered with all the tiny unpleasant things and focusing on the music itself becomes possible.

So the bottom line is that considering all the potentials and possibilites in this world, I ask mysel if playing a guitar is really the best use of my remaining time in my life or should I rather do some other things, like writing going for a walk and writing self-forgiveness. Or would playing a guitar be a cool way of expressing myself, exploring the physical and taking the time off my computer related projects? 

27 June 2013

Day 82: Executing new priorities

Since yesterday I got new information and funds that enabled me to move forward, I today started execution of the next logical steps. For some project I researched the locations in capital city that offer conference rooms and I also sent inquiry for suppliers of certain product that I will need for some other project. I then went through the financial documentation and decided what bills will I pay tomorrow. I also cleaned the computer files and emails and prepared for the selling activities of some products that were left on stock from two of my past projects that I decided to terminate.

What I am not very fun of that I after some time get bored and seek some entertainment and usually I go to YouTube and watch some movies. Since I am working alone in my apartment I some days don't even go out of apartment once a day. I think that I would be more effective if I would have some company or partner that would assist me at projects. So I will research the options and research what works best and how things will develop.

And I still have not disciplined myself not to watch movies late at night. Usually I watch them until 1 a.m. in the morning until my eyes would get very tired. And then I would also not wake up  before 9 a.m. in the morning. Somehow I thing that I would work too much if I would be more effective which is kind of self-deception. I know that I could discipline myself to be more productive, however I need to develop more self-directiveneness and a way of effective physical and mental relaxation.

26 June 2013

Day 81: Great development of events today

I am excited again. Firstly I sold one of my computers today and I got some extra cash now that will enable me to cover some of my urgent expenses. Then the points about the business cleared which enabled me to now full move on. Tomorrow morning I will be having a strong motivation to wake up and move myself and I am looking forward to it.

I also met I guy today who finished first part of medical high school and is now deciding about specialization. I surprised myself with the level of enthusiasm that I used to express my points of view about the state of medical knowledge and indoctrination of the medical students. I asked him what he thinks about effectiveness of modern western medicine and if he knows about the ignorance and corruption in the pharmaceutical industry. He went blank and started to protect what the learned in the school, claiming that what I say is just a religion since he needs scientific evidence. So I did not want to push him more, however I think I made enough impact that he would start researching this point and maybe discover the truth.

25 June 2013

Day 80: Business resistance backchat

Besides resistance towards writing blogs, I also experience resistance towards doing any other business activities. It is not that I have no ideas what to do in business, but past experiences and current global events made me uncertain about the results. I am unable to predict what will happen if I decide for some project and I am afraid that it will fail due to influences that I currently do not see or might develop in the future.

Excitement about some activity usually comes from certainty of the outcome, however things change in my life with the speed as never before. And then I also have to wait a lot more time that I used to. For example in my previous business of photography when I decided to reopen a photo studio, the delivery of the equipment took 7 months instead of 1 month as couple of years before. And also in current business I estimated that I will be fully running in 1 or 2 month tops, however it has been now 6 months after start and the money flow has still not stabilized. Now I am also to wait for several weeks for the launch of additional related products.

Well, I could do many business things or activities to earn money, however I now decide for the projects that impact this world in a way where the result will be a better place for all. This means that I also must collaborate with business peers all over the globe and come with a joint strategy that would be most effective. I am glad though that I decided this kind of activities since they bring me self-confidence and self-trust. They might not be very exciting on outside but deep inside I am sure that my life potential is well invested for the benefit of all. 

24 June 2013

Day 79: Blogging resistance backchat

Since I committed myself to write each day a blog post, I am throughout day thinking about when shall I write it. Would it be best to write it in the morning or in the evening or some time in between? And then there is also a question about what to write about and what language to write in.

I understand that there are many point that I need to transform but it is not very fun to do this process. I would rather do other things, like watching a movie or sleeping or taking a walk in the woods. There are many event in the day where I subconsciously emotionally react but the reactions are so small and so quick that I am not able to register. Meaning, I am at that time occupied with doing some activity where I do not feel like stopping it and writing down a not what I have reacted upon. But I will have to do that if I want to stop the reactions and be able to stay here all the time.

When I would want to do some writing, also my eyes become tired and I become sleepy. I noticed that there is a video interview about tired eyes in the Eqafe store and I plan to purchase it when my credit card will be functional again in order to learn what is the cause of that and how to prevent this. I admire some people that I have been talking with lately who are able to work and direct themselves and do not need a lot of sleep. I could reduce my sleep extensively but I need to motivate myself more. If one is motivate, it can hardly wait to wake up in the morning and continue the projects, however I am not very glad waking up in the morning and doing the activities I planned to execute. I will dig more in order to find out how to be more motivated and productive.

23 June 2013

Day 78: Self-forgiveness on envy

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to feel envy towards my friend instead of realizing that each feeling is my self-created energy of the mind, produced by thought of separation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to believe that FaceBook post of new development of the product are the sign of succes and profit instead of realizing that one can never know the financial situation of someones business based on any post.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to be spiteful and angry towards my friend since he threatened me last time we met instead of realizing that emotional reactions of someone are his own creation and responsibility and nothing to do with me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to be better than others and prosper more than others instead of realizing that we can only live here in this reality as equals, with everybody having their needs met.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed not to give my friend a feedback about his product so he can improve it and fix the problems instead of realizing that feedbacks and communication is necessary for all to create better world as soon as possible.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to give way to energy of good feelings and stay cozy while working on my own instead of realizing that geting over good feelings and collaborating with other as a team is the best way to achieve my goals of heaven on earth.

21 June 2013

Day 77: My envy towards my close friends

Days from 74 to 76 are in my Slovenian blog

Today I noticed a post of my friend, more specifically, the business FaceBook page of my friend's product that he is being developing and marketing for past couple of years. When I noticed the post of the new model of the product, where he associated the natural resources of our country with his product, I became judgmental towards him.

My friend gave me once a sample of his product and I have been using it for a while. His product advertised as natural and environmentally friendly, however some of his components are not such. For example the product of his that I was using had a component that in time became more and more smelly and thus I stopped using it. Then I also do not like some other versions of his product where he also uses some artificial and oil-based material that smells.

And the last time that I met him in person was where I wanted to present his some new business opportunity and he then reacted with warning that he will not talk with me again if I do it again since I surely must know that he is very busy and focused only on development of his product. At that time when he threatened me, I somehow felt angry since he did not shared my point of view, but at the same time I also admired him for his dedication and focus on his product.

I want to be successful at my projects and after reading some books about people who were very successful, I found out that all were very emotional and end expressed their dissatisfaction when events would not turn out as expected outward very violently. However they would not project this energy onto others, but then focused on the potentials and engaged them. I on the other hand see myself as not very emotional or at least not outward expressive, but introversive character. I thus am afraid that I do not possess proper qualities to fulfill my projects properly.  

15 June 2013

Day 73: Overcoming mind energetics

Since I moved in the new apartment and am again living single, some old patterns reappeared that sabotage my life and lower my success in achieving desired goals. I experience resistance to learning, I lack of self-discipline and I indulge in watching movies and also temptations of masturbating while watching port are becoming more and more seductive.

For example I have errands to do and then I start to think about everything that I would have to go through in order to accomplish them. I imagine things that I will have to do but I do do not like them very much and thus my mind becomes cloudy and I experience tiredness and sleepiness. However instead of focusing or resting in order to clarify things, I usually decide to watch some YouTube video. Sometimes this could be bunch of short funny videos or even movies that are about 2 ours long.

When watching movies I have a bad feeling due to thinking that I am vasting my time however I also feel good due to nice pictures, scenes, drama and action in the movies. It is my way of running from the reality, of reseting, however I understand that this is not the solution. Usually after finishing watching some cool movie, I again become sad that the movie already ended so I immediately pick another one and watch it until I feel satisfies enough and it is so late that I feel very bad and I finally decide to go to sleep.

Also since I moved I did not continue to read any book. I feel that reading books is too boring comparing to watching movies. There is no color, no movement and no sounds when reading a book and it is also annoying since the letters are so small and I have to turn pages. However I am learning that reading is essential for self-empowerment and self-realization. Leader are always readers. So if I want to achieve my goals, I will have to change my habits extensively.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to think about things that might happen in the future if I decide for certain project or job instead of breathing effectively, staying here and moving step by step and allowing myself the opportunity to see what will actually happen.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to when I experience tiredness to start watching movies or even masturbate instead of calming down, resting and focusing and then continue with thing that I have planned to do.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to stop reading instead of realizing that reading each day and expanding my vocabulary each day is very important for creating a habit of self-education and enlarging my ability to focus that will result in being more successful in all areas of my life.

14 June 2013

Day 72: Managing priorities

In the past several days I participated in the evening class and I would thus wake up late in the morning. I planned to spend couple of ours per day to integrate the information that we learned and I wondered when would be the best time to do this.

In the morning when I woke up I felt like there is more than enough time left in day that I could do also some other errands however then time went by so quickly that I was left with just an hour of time to practice knowledge integration. So from now on I will do my practice first time in the morning and then only do other errand if enough time is left.

13 June 2013

Day 71: Resistance to learning by hearth

I am taking a class where we are to learn some text by hearth. Firstly we are to learn some key phrases and then we learn some expanded text as addition to the key phrases. As long as I remembers, I have had a resistance to learning by hearth, especially numbers, like years and dates or PIN codes. It is not that I did not find myself incapable of remembering information but I lacked the motivation to remember.

For example at history class we were to remember a lot of year and dates in relation to some major world events. The resistance to learning such information was there since firstly I was not given any example how memorizing this kind of information will benefit my life and how I would be practically be able to use this information in my future years of life, and secondly because I was aware that basically everything that is taught in schools is a lie as the history is written by winners in wars, thus it shows only limited perspective on what happend and the whole school curriculum is used to create certain mentality of the citizens so that they are in sort of hypnosis, not being aware and thus also not caring about what currently exists in this world.

So now I am studying information that is from more reliable source and is in best interest of all the humanity but I still have this resistance and lack of motivation. The first fact that creates resistance in me is that we are learning information in English but later I will be mostly or only be using this information in our national Slovenian language. Thus I will have to then firstly translate the texts and then learn the Slovenian text by hearth. I don't know if I will later even again be practically using the English memorized information in real life so I find it kind a waste of time to lear it in English. 

The second point is that we are to learn and memorize text by hearth where every single word is very specific and important. I always had a resistance towards memorizing information by hearth, like poems in the primary school and mathematical equations and it was also due to lack of motivation. And generally, as many other peers experience, I had problems with learning due to ineffective schooling system where there were too much children in one class, the method of teaching was ineffective and we were all terrorized and threatened with low grades and punishments, so the whole schooling experience was very unpleasant and stressful.

Where I now have to learn new information, the learning environment is much more kind and supportive, however there is still a time pressure, conditioning and money pressure. It would be cool to learn if there would be no deadline and if I would live in a system where my survival would be unconditionally guaranteed. However I am taking this class due to money motivation and fear motivation and my success in the class will also result in my succes of being able to earn money and thus guarantee my survival in this system.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed my past experiences of schooling to influence my new experience of learning instead of effectively breathing, staying here, focusing on the material and integrating it successfully. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to be angry at class organizers who demand from me to learn information in English and not my local Slovenian language, instead of realizing that at this stage the learning of the knowledge involves participants from all parts of the world who also have different native languages and we all have to use the most used language which is English in order to communicate effectively.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to loose motivation to learn the information in English due to believing that I will not be able to apply it in my everyday life, instead of realizing that also if I learn something in foreign language, I can explain and translate information to anybody in real time and that learning this way is the only way where I can be supported and given experience of structured learning that I will then be able to share with others in the future.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to fear that I will in the future forget the information that I will be spending hours to learn and that there must be more effective way of use of my time, instead of trusting myself and pushing through the resistance as I am at this time not able to motivate and direct myself effectively.

12 June 2013

Day 70: Self-forgiveness on perfection

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to be the best of the group and thus compete with other peers for speed and high points instead of realizing that life is not about being better than other but about collaboration and mutual support.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself the feeling of fear of judgement which is in fact wanting to be perfect in the eyes of the others instead of realizing that each one of us is any time in certain level of integration of some knowledge or skill and comparing yourself to others is pointless.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to quietly in my mind criticize others and comparing myself to others and then feeling good due to conclusion that I am much better at some skill than others instead of realizing that we all have different skills, history and physical predispositions thus believing that each one must have the same skills is crazy.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed the fear of being judged if I ask some question and thus exposing that I do not know something instead of realizing that I will only be able to learn if I ask questions about the things that I not know without worrying about what other people would thing about my question.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed not to expand my vocabulary and stay at my current level of vocabulary and word definitions instead of realizing that the reality is vast and complex and that I will only be able to understand the world and myself by knowing new words that would allow me to ask questions and communicate clearly and precisely about what I would like to know.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed the mind energies of highs and lows to direct me instead of me directing myself and moving based on the principle.

10 June 2013

Day 69: Fear of forgetfulness

Today I will start attending a seminar which will be quite intense. My biggest fear is that I will not be able to keep up with the peers, that I will not be able to commit all the information to memory and that I will forget the knowledge quickly.

I fear that I will be judged by the educator, that I will be evaluated and found not good enough and thus removed from the group. I am question what is the best method of learning and what works best for me. Ever since high school I have not been involved and any serous study. I researched a lot on my own, I am basically learning every day, but the learning has not been structured and automatized as the course that I will be attending. 

I do not like the pressure and being forced into learning certain information in certain time span equally with my other peers. I want freedom, feeling relaxed and having fun. However this kind of approach is also not very effective in terms of best use of my time. Self-motivation to learn is very difficult to build up so I am looking forwards to the systematic approach where I will learn more in less time.

09 June 2013

Day 68: Sharing the washing machine

In the new small apartment I do not have a washing machine. The apartment I rent was advertised as equipped with all the necessary equipement, thus I also expected to have a washing machine. I asked the landlady about how will I be washing my laundry and we made and agreement that I will be allowed to use her washing machine until I would buy my own.

Today enough of laundry accumulated to fill one washing machine so I asked the landlady if she can wash it. This was also the last day after she would travel abroad for couple of days, so I wanted to make sure that the laundry would be done in time before she left. So she did allow me to go to her bathroom, I used my own washing powder and switched on the machine. After two hours she gave me a ring and told me that washing is completed. I went to pick the laundry and hanged it on the terrace in the middle of sunny Sunday.

I also discussed with my landlady how uneconomic it is for each apartment to have its own washing machine since at least I do not use it more that two hours per week thus it would be better if the whole house would have just one machine and we would share it. But we have became so used to individuality and separation that for the most of the people this would require too large change of the mindset. But let's face it, this kind of arrangement would be much better for all and also for the environment. 

We already started to share a lot of thing. For example, we have public transportation, public roads and other infrastructure and the latest city acquisition is the city bicycle sharing network. This is a nice step towards the realisation that we in fact do not need to poses things in order to use it. So in the future we just need to expand this concept as wide as possible and implement it at all points of our life. And the quickest way to make this true is by implementing the political solution of an Equal Money System.

08 June 2013

Day 67: Uncertainty about the future

Days from 64 to 66 are in my Slovenian blog.

I planned to go around my new neighborhood in these days in order to know the people who live here and to introduce myself and my new services. I prepared a brochure with different sorts of services that I would offer, from babysitting, teaching computer skills, English language, to graphic and web design services all the way to trimming bushes and cleaning suages. But then I started to doubting about the impression that I would make and if it would not be best if I reduce the services to similar types and not be to vague. Also the rainy storms are appearing and this also prevented me to go around and nock on the doors of the neighbors.

Someone called me two days ago and expressed the interest to buy one of my computers that I am selling online. If I would make a sale in monday as predicted, I would get enough money to pay the rent in time and this possibility removed the worry about where I would come with enough money. However now I am worried if the person would loose interes and change his mind and then I would be in trouble. So until Monday I would not know for sure how things will develop.

Then on the Monday evening also some training starts and will be ongoing for several days thus I do not want to fill my schedule too much since I want to reserve enough time for learning. Thus I now decided to finish some additional ads for the stuff and stock that I want to sell. However I am not very fun of searching all the invoices and extracting the purchased price in order to set the sales price. I am not excited at all and feel very heavy and sleepy. This could also be the influence of the weather. Thus I occasionally escape by watching movies.

Well, I do make some progress, slowly but surely and expect that everything will turn out just fine. I plan to discipline myself more, change my thinking and behavior patterns however I feel great resistance. I am breathing a lot, sorting out financial papers and building my new dream-board and action plan.

03 June 2013

Day 63: Settling into new apartment

I can not believe it. After boxes and boxes of stuff given away, I today still filled two large boxes of tuff that I will be giving away and I still have about 6 boxes of stock material in the previous apartment and the full bedroom and the full living room there. I moved from 100 square meter apartment to 30 square meters apartment so one third of the previous apartment. And I felt like previous apartment was not even half full of stuff. And I am also surprised about how much time I spend for moving. I imagined that couple of days will do but it is almost two weeks since the beginning of moving out.

I experience that everything I do takes much more time than in previous years. Everything moves so slow. The main problem is that I find it more difficult to earn money that in the past. I remember my perception about 5 years ago where I would have a feeling like I am not working at all, just having fun and spending much of my time for self-research, reading books and attending workshops. And money would simply come without any trouble. I had so much orders that I had to specialize. But then something changed and orders started to fall in numbers. Is this due to so called “financial crisis”, or is it something else?

Well previously my parents assisted me a lot financially. I just had to focus on my work and they would handle the business. They also helped me to get my own apartment so I had not a lot of fixed monthly costs. Thus I was able to work relatively little and earn a lot. They say “It is not how much you earn but how much you save that makes you rich”. And I see now this to be true. After selling my apartment I moved to big expensive apartment without effectively tracking my business finances. I imagined that it would be the same as before, especially since I moved to capital city where people have more money and are much more opened for business.

But unfortunately my expectations did not come true. It was an interesting bunch of circumstances that influenced the outcome. Firstly the study of psychology took much more time that I expected. Then the online store management did not turn out like I planned. Next the delivery of equipement for my photo studio took 7 instead of 1 month due to natural disasters in Japan and China. Also my ex girlfriend did not collaborate with me but decided for another high school and she also influenced me with her mind patterns of modest living without any big ambitions. And they say “You have attracted or created everything in your life” thus you must take self-responsibility for past events.

And so I do. Tomorrow I continue with sales activities of the stock from my online store, I have some other personal stuff for sale and I will use any opportunity to earn money. I could can do many things. From graphic design to photography, web design and development, even gardening. I remember how I in the beginning when I started my own business 13 years ago it was spring and I went around the neighborhood offering to trim bushes and trees. I am also able to do small home repairs and many more. I learn quickly and do my work in high quality. However wonder in to what level should I try different businesses and to what extent should I remain focused on the new direct sales business that I have been developing for the last 4 months? It would be strange if I would go tomorrow around my new neighborhood and offer to trim bushes and then visit them couple of weeks later in suit and tie trying to sell them some very different product. Or would they not mind at all? Well well see.

02 June 2013

Day 62: I received the Knowledge

Today I received the so called Knowledge. This is a couple of techniques that Prem Rawat Maharaji is teaching and whoever accepts this Knowledge is must pledge not to reveal this techniques to anyone else and not to share its experiences with using the knowledge with anyone. So I will also not reveal what I have been taught but only discuss my backchat about his issue.

Now this Knowledge is about peace, about breath and it is to be practiced at least one hour per day in order to “give it a fair chance”. Since there are many of techniques for achieving peace and tranquility I wonder which one to use and what is the most effective? There is only 24 our in a day. And if one is sleeping for 8 hour per day, there is only 16 hours left. One hour is thus 1/16 or about 7% ob daily effective time. Also many of these peace techniques are part of the White Light deception and can seem very nice and peaceful, however it transform people to inactive state where sure the individuals who practice techniques become peaceful, however they also do not care about others and the consequences of their actions.

From my experiences it is quite easy to calm down, to take self-responsibility for your emotions. So becoming peaceful within is not something that can be a major goal for me. I am more interested in other aspects of this reality that are mostly unnoticed by New Age and spiritual aspirants. Thus I find Desteni I Process and Equal Money System as the most complete solutions to biring peace and abundance for all living beings. It is more important to specifically transform your thinking and behavior pattern with full awareness and self-responsibility and to change the world system by political means than simply doing some breathing and attention focusing techniques without practically changing anything. 

01 June 2013

Day 61: Illusion of everything is OK

It is interesting, how many people that I spoke to would like to live quiet simple life, without caring for others. They say that others have their own karma and they need their own experiences in order to grow. And the bigger the life struggles, the bigger the motivation to change and improve life. This is mostly true, since some are like in a state of sleep and unaware of what is going on on this world until some big problem happens.

But can't here be another way? Why can not take care for each other in spite living a relative great life? The mind energies of good feelings and limited range of our human senses keeps us in the state of separation and not realizing the consequences of our actions. And so much distractions, like TV, radio, ads, magazines and other people who want attention.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to be in state of contentment due to illusion of separation and resting and doing nothing much to change in this world and thus allowing the cycle of invisible abuse to continue.

I commit myself to constantly be aware of the real situation and motivate myself to move myself towards creating the world system where a dignified life for all will be guaranteed.