31 May 2013

Day 60: Confusion about using the mind

In the past several years of self-discovery I have read a lot of books and digital content that describe how human function and how is bets to live and function on this world. There terminology used was the mind, consciousness, awareness, ascension, enlightenment, higher self, chakras, afterlife etc. Now when discovering Desteni material I was able to become more clear about some phenomena and structures about humans, however there are still many things that I am confused about.

There is specifici terminology used at one source that I am studying from and there is different terminology at the other source. Both sources are attractive for me since one is very revolutionary in terms of interdimensional research and the other is a source of practical information about how to be successful in the current system. From one perspective mind is not to be used but only the physical or the the physical mind. One is not to create energy of emotion and be energetically stable within however some suggets the use of emotional energy to focus and effectively create and move things in this reality. I will have to research more of the material available and engage in chats or forums in order to clarify this.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to think and be confused about things instead if asking people who have information and ability to clarify things.

I commit myself to when and as I have some question that I am not able to answer myself, I contact people who can assist me and thus come to clarity.

28 May 2013

Day 58: First night in the new apartment

Today will be the first night that I will spend in the new apartment. I am physically exhausted and I will still need a couple of days to clean the old apartment and to put all the thing int place in the new apartment.

27 May 2013

Day 57: So much stuff

Heavy lifting of the furniture was my main occupation today. I am moving to apartment that is on third of the current size, I have donated many of my furniture however there were still a lot of pieces left for transportation. The new neighbor assisted me and I rented a van for couple of hours. And I will still need to make at leas two trips with my car tomorrow in order to move the remaining stuff.


26 May 2013

Day 56: Physical tiredness

Today I was moving to the new apartment. Me and my friend made two two trips, cleaned the new brought many heavy boxess full of stuff to the new location. I can not believe how much things I have and I will be giving or sellin out most of them. My whole body hurts and I am not in the mood of writing much, just a short report.

25 May 2013

Day 55: Japan influence

Today I went to the city center and noticed a special exhibition in the mall display window that was dedicated to Japan. I observed the Kimono and Yukata dresses and I remember how many times I desired to be dressed like Japanese. Dresses like Yukata are very cozy and simple to wear, not like typical western clothes with belts. Also the Japanese footwear is much more healthier than western ones which suffocate the foot.

Why do we wear so unhealthy clothes that inflict pain to human physical body? I also was for some time at Hare Krishna movement and was also very excited about wearing typical Indian clothes like Dhoti. How can we claim to be the most civilized people and do not reflect the common sense by producing clothes that is nice to the body?

I invite everyone to think about this. Why wearing something juts to fit the society and culture? Why not producing clothes that best fit the body, that is functional and then only should we decide how to design it also to look cool. All is connected to money and to social brainwashing. I suggest to engage in the Desteni I Process online course and then to apply Equal Money System political agenda that would change our society into something where only the best clothes will be produced.

24 May 2013

Day 54: Price attitude

Day 53 is in my Slovenian blog

Today I sold my other iPhone 4 that I used for a backup in case if my primary mobile phone device breaks. However I did not use it much, so now I decided to sell it. I created online ad on one of the major online service for selling previously owned goods in Slovenia. Just couple of minute after I placed the add, I started to receive phone calls, SMS messages and email from the people who were interested in buying my iPhone. I was amazed about how people had different approaches and what they put priority to.

My iPhone was 2 years old and I checked my competition by going through the rest of the ads for the iPhones. I found out that for my model of the phone the ads were 200 to 300 € for the device. Since my device was as new and without any physical damage, I decided to put the price of 240 €.

One of the first prospects was I younger boy who wanted to buy the phone for his girlfriend. He lived just a block away and wanted to buy the phone immediately but for the maximum price of 190 € which was not enough for me. 

However a couple of hours later I man in his forties called me and said that he would like to buy the phone for his wife if the device is really in such good condition as I stated in the ad. I confirmed and he came with his car from a city one hour of drive away and payed for the full price of 240 € that I offered.

What surprised me was that he explained why he decided to buy the phone from me. He said that he checked the ads and that he did not want to buy the phone that had too low price from since he associated lower price with the lower quality and worse condition of the phone. So he was willing to pay for a but more and to take one hour drive in order to get the better phone.

What alined with his statement is also that he was driving a good brand and model of the car so he was a very successful person. So one can see that the attitude towards others is very important since if you put the priority on the price and nothing more, that you resonate fear and you are not able to generate much income. However successful people put the priority on the quality and are able to generate enough money to buy products of good products.

What goes around come around. So let us all change our thinking patterns so that a dignified life for all will be the priority. Check out the Desteni I Process and the Equal Money System as the effective practical solution to achieve abundance for all humans, animals and plants on this planet.

22 May 2013

Day 52: Renting contract signed

Finally! Today I signed the renting contract and I felt relieved since until a written agreement was made, I was not sure if the apartment that I picked out will be ok to move in. I already went to the local administrative office and changed my permanent address of living. However I will have to wait for couple of days before the current tenant moves out.

My ex girlfriend came to visit me and she will help me packing and moving out for couple of days. This is very nice of her and I appreciate this very much. She would like us to stay together, however an effective and supportive relationship constitutes more than just the I love you words and sex.

My father will also assit me financially in order to move to the new apartment and today we spoke on the phone for more that half of hour. He gave me a lecture and wanted to explain what I did with all the money from selling my apartment. But basically he did not want to know this. He just wanted to be right and to feel good.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed to bring me in situation where my parents would need to assist me since I learned to be obedient and allow my parents to take care of me,

I commit myself to develop self-leadership skills and manage my finances well. I commit myself to stop listening to people who don't want me to change, who do not care for other living beings and build a network of people who care and support each other as equals.

21 May 2013

Day 51: Moving out to new apartment

Yesterday I was about to sign a renting contract with owner of apartment and then he called me that he would not be able to giva his apartment for rent since he is not yet correctly recorded in the land register. So today I had to check again the rest of online real estate ads and make some additional calls. Some apartments were not available anymore, some people did not answer the call, some were too much outside the desired area, some were available only for students and some only for females, some had no photos attached, but after couple of hours of phone calles I finally found one that fits the price range, the location and the quality of interior.

I called the landlord and it was a polite older woman who answered. I asked if it is possible to look at the apartment in one hour and she confirmed. In about 20 minutes I arrived and it was a nice neighborhood of quite new houses. She accepted me nicely and showed me the interior. It was very nice, with new furniture, cool kitchen and cute bathroom. We immediately connected and after a couple of minutes of chat we were like old friends. Very different from my current landlord who does not care what I do as long as she gets the money. This is also why I want to move out since I do not want to give money to the person who does not respect me and what I do.

Now I have to prepare the renting agreement and tomorrow morning I expect to have it signed and then I will be fully focused on packing my staff and transporting it to the new location. Since I am moving to much smaller apartment with furniture already placed, I will be selling or giving out a lot of my current furniture. Some of my friends has been assisting me yesterday and today in the photo shoot of the biggest furniture peaces and I will prepare the online ads for them soon. I will have to think all the details about what things to keep and what not. This will be a cool cleaning project where I will get rid of a lot of stuff that I have stopped using due to change in my lifestyle and sort of business.

What I found strange is a great resistance towards activities of preparing the ads and packing things. The day after tomorrow a new tenant will come to look at my current apartment and I don't know if they would want to buy any of the furniture that I have. Also I don't know if I should keep some of the products that I was selling before or if I should sell them as soon as possible. Tomorrow my ex-girlfriend will come for a visit in order to assist me with packing. Moving to the new place is certainly a big step in everyone's life and this will be the sixth move in my life. However I will be having just one third of my current monthly costs and this will allow me to create more profit in order to invest in the development in my business. After the new projects will be fully running, then moving to bigger apartment or business office will be in play again.

20 May 2013

Day 50: Results of social experiment

Today I want out in the public and continued to spak with unknown people. I acted confidents and I was able to connect with several people very well. It was kind of miracules situations. Some called it sinchronicity, some called it coincidence, some call it luck.

It is strange how one can change and be master of its behavior and how one is able to influence other based on self-direction. One can act as the powerless victim of current situation or one can take control of its emotions and behave as it chooses. And simply by changing the attitude, different opportunities are being activated and different results are the consequence of this behavior. 

19 May 2013

Day 49: Social experiments

For the past couple of days I have been watching YouTube movies of some guys and group of guys who shoot movies like candid camera doing unexpected things to people and recording their responses. Some of them are also intended to teach what are effective and ineffective ways of picking up girls. This made me question myself what to do now after I split with my last girlfriend.

My past life was focused on doing things for the school, for the business, and I never really experienced a typical phase of intense dating and having sexual experiences with different women. I have been intimate with several women but those were like random events and mostly not consciously initiated from my side. I dated mostly girls that were ok, but none of them was not so attractive as some that I have observed in my life but was too scared to talk to.

I am now pushing me to overcome this fear of talking to girls I like by learning some effective approaches that some guys from YouTube demonstrated. It is all about being hones, confident and expressing power. The looks are not so much important as persistance and not showing any fear. Today I went on the streets for the first time and initiated conversation with different people. I did not stumble upon any very attractive girls due to some rainy storms however I created a friendship with five people that I never met before. I will continue experimenting tomorrow.

17 May 2013

Day 47: A new promising Slovenian political party

Today I had a first meeting with a leader of the new Slovenian political party called Zdru┼żeno Slovensko Ljudstvo (United Slovenian People). The conversation was very exciting and we exchanged personal experiences and ideas for 5 hours. From all the new political parties that were established recently, the leadership seem to best resonate with Desteni ideas and I see a great opportunity here in order to start engaging in the political activities in our country in order to gain experiences.

The political party was established as the answer to the problems around second biggest Slovenian city Maribor where political corruption has been exposed and escalated to the level of violent street protests. However it was realized that using force is not the best way to solve the problems. Thus some people got smart and decided for a political approach.

It was amazing to find out how terrible painful life experiences shaped the leader of the ZSL party, from domestic abuse of step father who was an alcoholic to traffic accidents, corruption on the working place and not getting payed for months, to exploitation from the side of his life partner and even a suicide attempt. Such events drive people to a state of fearlessness since they have nothing more to loose.

However in this case the ZSL leader is also a very smart and opened person who started to connect with people throughout the country, creating a intelligence network of informers in order to gather the material proof of corruption and abuse in politics for the future legal processes where are abusers will be put to justice. I appreciate this bravery and initiative since most of the people are just in a state of waiting for some miracle to happen.

It is a shame that our country has climbed the ladder of the most corrupt countries in the world and is now holding the corruption world record. It is estimated that a lot of peoples resources has been sold out to corporations and that a major privatisation even of water resources is being attempted. Workers have been threatened that they will loose their jobs if they engage in protest and thus street protest have diminished.

Our schooling system is raising up youth who take a rewards and bribery as something normal and this habit then escalates when they grow up and engage in the economic and political system. Basically no business is being done without offering some kind of money or some other king of compensation to participants. No one cares about the consequences as long they get their share. So we must start changing our habits and I suggest for everyone to engage in the Desteni I Process online course in order to purify all the accepted and allowed believes and definitions.

15 May 2013

Day 45: Motivation research Day two

A fey years ago I experienced like things were moving fast and smoothly. However in last two years I feel like it takes much more time for projects to succeed. Like someone is pushing brakes on the system. People do not respond easily, there is a lot of mistrust, fear, anger, desperation. Or is it just me experiencing the reality this way and thus creating my experiences based on my own image? 

I would like to find out what is the true reality, however this is hard. There is so much false information, lies and deceptions everywhere. Corporations and governments control the media and information flow, they use politics and weapons to enforce law that best suits their self-interest. And if one is to stop all this, a high capacity of information processing is necessary, high self-discipline and awareness, communication skills, managements and organization knowledge, collaboration with other individuals and groups and it looks very challenging. Also money is needed. A lot of money. Money moves things and without money nothing moves. So how to get money?

Incomes and outcomes. Currently I have a lot of fix monthly bills our outcomes. I have to generate a lot of income to create profit. And only the profit is the money that I can then use to move things. However incomes in last few months were basically nothing. So I face a decision. I am not sure how soon and how much income I would be able to generate. Moving to smaller and cheaper apartment seems to be a smart move. Maybe this would also motivate me more. Now in big nice apartment I fell safe and relaxed. Too relaxed. Shall I motivate myself by deliberately lowering my living standars? Is that what I need? An experience that puts me in the position where I do not want to be in order to motivate myself sufficiently to become more active and focused on creating more income and thus also reducing my monthly outcomes? Perhaps.

They say one must squat low in order to jump high. It looks like I do not appreciate enough what I currently have. And I have trouble motivating myself. I am to lazy. It like the story where someone visited a friend and his dog was laying on the porch. While talking to friend, the guy would notice that the dog would grouch from time to time. He asked the friend what with the dog and the friend explained that the dog is laying on a nail. When he asked him why the dog does not move, friend relied that it does not hurt him enough. Maybe I am that dog. Maybe it does not hurt me enough to move. So how much pain and suffering do I need to change, to take action. And why can I not move without pain? This must change.

14 May 2013

Day 44: Motivation research

Yesterday morning I made plans for the whole day, writing down exactly what I would do until I would go to sleep. I executed most of the plans as intended but in the evening instead of finishing the day with reading I watched two ward movies that are based on real events. And I also planned what I would do today, including waking up at 06:00 and then engaging in the business activities at 08:00 however due to falling to sleep only around 00:30, I extended my sleep for hour and a half. 

I wonder why war movies attract me so much. I like to watch documentaties about technology, especially big machines, powerful devices, fire, explosions, thunder and destruction. I do not want to harm others and I consider myself as a peaceful guy, however watching how other do heroic actions attracts me very much. I admire those who are fearless and do things for the greater cause, not considering the possibility of loosing their own lives. I also consider myself very fearless, for example I am not afraid of dark and I am not afraid of people that I meet for the first time. However I have a fear of heights and depths and I do not want to drown or to fall from a tall building. Then I also have fears of judgements of other people. So this is very strange how I generally am not afraid of going into action and doing things that others would find very dangerous, however I fear such intangible thing as is the few spoken words that represent opinions of others.

Then in regards writing blogs I decided to wrote at least one short blog per day since I realized that writing is very supporting for myself and that I can not escape from my own accepted and allowed thinking patterns even if I move to the another universe. So facing myself is something that I must do if I want to have peace of the mind and becoming an effective individual in this world. However I find the recommended form of doing self-forgiveness and self-commitment very limiting and robotic. I also become too restless to write ranting and raving and also self-forgiveness in the same blog post. Thus I recently restarted writing blogs by firstly doing ranting and raving in the first blog post and then continued with writing self-forgiveness and self-commitment statement the next day in the second blog post. However in the last couple ob blog posts I even did not wrote any of explicit self-forgiveness and self-commitments.

I find now more and more easy to express myself by writing and the words flow out of me very easily and fluidly. However I know that writing blogs also has I higher purpose and thus a specific structure is suggested. It is suggested to include at least one picture in order for blog to be effectively shared in the social networks, especially to the Pinterest where the content of the post is based on visual representations and thus picture or photo is mandatory. I decided each time to pick a relevant product from the Eqafe store and include the product image in my blog post and link it to the product in the store in order to promote the store. Then it is also recommended to select a few keywords from the blog post text and link it to the Eqafe products. However I did not do that since I did not want to spent additional time by selecting the world and products and thinking what products to include and doing the additional actions. I was afraid that additional activity will cost me too much time and that I will run out of time for doing my daily business activities and earn enough money.

However if I analyze my daily activities, I see that there are still couple of hours left in a day that I could use them for more productive activities. It is not that I do not have enough time, the problem is in lack of motivation in lack of self-movement, missing realization and habit of organizing my life. I was not thought in my family how to effectively manage life, not even in the school we were not taught how to mange personal finance and household, not how to do business and earn money effectively. I had to come up with ideas how things work by trial and error, by observing others and reading books. And I am now in the beginning of understanding what is necessary in order to be effective in life and manifest what I want.

I learned that in order to constantly be motivated, I have to have a goal, a target, a dream, a vision of things that you want to achieve, of kind of person that I want to become. And I constantly have to have this chief aim in front of your mental eyes. So if I ask myself what is my goal, I definitely want to live a better life, to improve this world, however I am generally in state of low esteem and, tiredness and sleepiness. I just want to rest, sleep, live a quiet simple life without much concerns, somewhere in the tropical island with a sandy beach, fresh air and crystal clear water, enjoying the sun, playing with dolphins and other animals in the junge.

However this is only and ideal life from the moves and today avery part of the world is influenced by money, by profit and this world is being destroyed for the interests of big companies. No one can hide to any part of the word and there are problems everywhere. The problems with pollution, the problems of stealing and other criminal activities. Poverty, greed and self-interest forces people to harm each other and destroy this planet. So there is no other way but to firstly change the mentality and expand the awareness of the whole world population in order to be able to live here without fearing each other.

13 May 2013

Day 43: Masturbation research

After feeling blue yesterday, I today woke up still with a feeling of dizziness. I asked myself what to do in order to stabilize my inner pressure. I could go to doctors for diagnose and advise however I know how corrupt and ignorant our medical system is and that it can not be trusted. So I remembered how years ago I was able to calm myself down by doing meditation, more specifically pranayama or breathing exercised while sitting in the lotos position. Thus I sat down in the corner of my couch, closed my eyes and focused on breathing while not allowing any thought to distract my attention. Slowly I started to feel a relief and I felt like a burden would be lifted off me. Also the sky outside cleared and the sun started to shine.

Later when I returned home from doing door to door visits I got a desire to experience a feeling of orgasm again. I played with myself already in the shower this morning and researched how touching of different areas of my penis create different feelings. Especially the middle section of the penis head and the borders around penis mushroom cap are much more sensitive than the rest of the penis area.

While touching this erogene zones, I also noticed how these areas are energetically connected to my legs since whenever I would touch the head of the penis, appearance of the pleasant feeling would correlate with the feeling in my legs. This feeling in my legs was similar or identical to the feeling when I would be scared of something. It destabilized my legs and made them soft. So I assume that the energy for creating the feeling of orgasm is in a way produced from the leg area of the physical body.

In most cased in my past I would masturbate while watching movies from some porn web site. However I heard and realized that this kind of masturbation is in long term very destructive in terms of practical relationships and also promotes rape. So I committed myself to remove my addiction to porn and practice only the physical masturbation.

The quickest way for me to experience orgasm is watching move scenes where some guy would have sex with some girl that I find physically very attractive and I would then imagine that I am that guy in the movie having sex with that woman. The next quickest way is to masturbate without watching movie, but just imagining in my mind that I am having sex with some girl that I find attractive. So very shortly after engaging my imagination into masturbation I would be able to experience masturbation very easily.

However the consequences of this kind of masturbation was that after orgasm I would feel tired, sleepy and with a feeling of foggy mind. I found to be true that masturbation that involves imagination fuels the mind and thus suppresses who you are. The consequences are also that after one practices masturbation while watching movies or imagines sex in the mind, it creates a picture association with the feeling of orgasm. Consequently whenever one observes a sex scene in the movie, the photo of naked women in magazine or meets an attractive person in flesh, the desire and lust for orgasm immediately appears.

This kind of energy-picture association is very limiting and harmful for human relationship. It constantly distracts from collaborating and executing daily activities by producing thoughts about how to invite the person that you find attractive to have sex with you. One starts to project the feeling of orgasm onto another person since they have not researched and became aware where the energy of orgasm originates and how it is produced. However the energy of orgasm has nothing to do with other person since it is created by ones own physical body.

So today I also decided to continue the practical masturbation research in order to become more aware that I am fully responsible for the creation of orgasmic energy. I laid on the bed naked and started to rub my penis between my palms using oil. I would be careful not to use any imagination but just experience the feeling of physical touch thus I had my eyes open and directly observed what I was doing. After initial state of good feelings while touching, the pleasant feelings slowly dissipated and the feeling of touching my penis with my hands began to turn in unpleasant and more and more painful feelings.

This kind of experience is to be normal since rubbing the skin for a certain period of time is expected to become painful. However if using the mind, the sex system masks the pain with energy of good feelings until the orgasmic release and ejaculation. But even when using the mind, after orgasm, the penis starts to feel painful also. Thus rubbing and part of the skin of the body starts to destabilize molecular structure and destroys the physical and the body produces the feeling of pain in order to prevent the continuation of the activity before it is to late and the wound is created.

By fully being aware of ones physical actions while masturbating, one can clearly see that the orgasm can also be produced without any involvement of second party. Thus one takes full self-responsibility for the creation of orgasmic energy and does need anymore to seek, persuade, harass or even rape other being in order to experience the orgasm. Anyone at anytime can rub its body and create energy. So I will be researching the orgasm also in the future and I commit myself not to masturbate ever again by watching porn or engaging my imagination. 

12 May 2013

Day 42: Blood pressure problem

Day 41 is in my Slovenian blog

Today was a Sunday and I had two in-home presentation scheduled, the first one before noon that took 2 hours and the second at noon and that took 3 hours. When I woke up, I felt strange with a sort of pressure in my head and my hearing was different. I was not able to hear lower tones, just high pitch sound. It was very funny to listen to my own voice.

I then stretched a bit, made a breakfast, read a chapter from a book about communication skills, shaved and showered myself. In the shower I directed a water jet into my ear in order to clear it however it was no change in the tone of the hearing sounds. I was also a bit dizzy, however I decided to execute the scheduled presentation.

I managed to do the presentations with excellence and I am very satisfied with myself. After the last presentation the feeling of dizziness increased. I returned home and made myself a dinner. I simple pasta did the job. Then I was thinking in my condition is sufficient to go out and do some additional door to door visits in order to collect some new contact information and arrange further meetings.

I decided that my condition is not very good and that my body needs a rest. I don't know exactly what seems to be the problem but it is probably related to the air and blood pressure. Today was a dark cloudy weather with some rains and this kind of weather influences me very much. Then there also all the financial obligations could be the cause for subconscious worries that result in increased or decreased blood pressure and a feeling of dizziness. I will see what my state and feeling will be tomorrow.

10 May 2013

Day 40: Working all day

Today was the first day of working on the field before noon and in the afternoon. I visited the blocks in the center of the city firstly and then houses near center in order to compare both options. It turned out that visiting blocks or skyscrapers is physically less hard however the structure of the people is not very best for the product I am selling. About houses it also depends if the neighborhood is old or new. There simply is no way of locating where the best target group would live. It is all mixed up and like a lottery. Thus only persistance and quantity of activity will bring results. I am very tired now so today my writing will be a but shorter than usual.

09 May 2013

Day 39: The new job breakthrough

In the previous five post of this blog I wrote about my challenges and resistances in regard to my new job as direct marketer who does house visits and in-home presentations. My mentor supported me with suggestion what is the best approach, what works and what not. Yesterday I printed the teaser cards and today was the first day that I used them. But before I was able to go out, I also needed a system of tracking which apartments I visited, and what were the results of the visit so I would not nock again on the doors of residents who were not interested and that I would be able to visit again those apartments where nobody was home at time of my visits. So I created a table that enables me to track all the necessary data. And for the finish I just had to think out how to create a composite folder that would hold the forms, cards and the table nice and simple which I was then able to construct just fine.

In the afternoon, when people returned from the jobs, I continued to visit the block neighborhood that I engaged a day before yesterday. I managed to collect the first couple of contacts that I will call by phone tomorrow and arrange a date for the presentation. However I realized the neighborhood that I picked was pretty poor and will not be the best target group of people for the product that I am selling. So the next step is to scout the city and find out where the more wealthy people live.

Today after thee hours of nocking on the doors and talking to the people I became very tired. I planned to work for four hours but I was not able do to increasing pain in my shoulders. And I also became sleepy and mentally tired. However after I returned home, I decided to run through the park and city center in order to release the stress. I see that running is a very beneficial exercise for me and that yesterday's exercise also very assisted in releasing tension in my back. So I did the same today and will be doing this every day also to get in the better condition that would enable me to do the job activities effectively.

I also managed today to solve some crucial issues with the suppliers of the basic necessities that threatened me to cancel the agreement and stop the delivery. Those points bothered me very much and I am glad that I was able to come with agreement. I am somehow glad for this experiences of lack of money and not being able to cover all the costs since this gave me the necessary motivation for creating a lifestyle where I would not have to experience this again. I am now raising from the ashes and plan to fly high. The whole day I constantly listen the education material from the prive success club that I am member in order to change my thinking and behavior patterns.

There are some small but powerful things that each must do in order to attract or better say create a big success. One must have a goal, a vison, a chief aim that drives him forward. Without a target you have nothing to aim at and thus nothing changes. And the most important of all is to think about this chief aim all the time, to have it constantly in your mind. One can achieve this by creating a visual accessory that represents this goal and place it on all the places where you will be able to see it all day. So you can place it in the bathroom, in the car, in your wallet. This is a very simple but powerful habit and basically no one use it since it ti so simple. Now it is my turn to discipline myself in making this practice a reality in my life and observe if there will be also a big change in my life due to this tool.

08 May 2013

Day 38: Additional challenges in regards to the new job

This morning I also had a visitor to my office who very resonated with the projects and groups that I am involved with. He was very excited about all the potentials and wanted to know what is the next step. So I gave him some additional materials that he will be able to research. Then also I young boy returned some educational material that I lent to him a couple months ago and he said that the reason for the return delay was due to discovery of cancer at his family. Since he believed in the modern medicine I enlightened him about the lies, deceptions and the corruptions that is especially dominant in the pharmaceutical industry and suggested him to read the Natural Cures book. And the information that shocked me yesterday that our Slovenia country currently holds the world record in the level of corruption based on the research of Ernst & Young. However in spite of the extreme amount of the FaceBook post that criticize the elite who apparently completely robbed out our country, and talks about financial crisis, current level of unemployment is still only 12% and that means that 88% of people have jobs. So this is definitely a stimulating information that would motivate me in being more confident about my sales activities.

In spite of all my effort to clear all the accepted and allowed negative believes about how the world state is, about the lot of money being too much temptation for anyone to handle, it seems that the mental pressure accumulated in the middle of my spine and it gives me not yet painful, however unpleasant feeling that distracts my attention, especially when I go to bed. Today in the afternoon I finished some new promotional material and planned to go out and do some new house visits, however in spite of nice weather, I started to feel a little dizzy. I had to lay down into bed and rest. From time to time I also experience heart arrhythmia if I think about certain things. I guess I worry to much about how things could come out. In most cases I simply focus on my breath and forgive myself the thought and the pulse stabilizes. However today when lying in bed, I felt like the pressure would be to low and my hearth would stop beating. Maybe this is because sometimes I just want to give it all up. I ask myself why do I bother doing all this, is there really no life possible without worries. Can there really be no place on earth where people are nice, the food is in abundance, and all can simply enjoy and express themselves?

Yesterday I watched a documentary titled Slaves of Dubai that exposes terrible working conditions of about 2 million imported workers from India who were promised a good salary, however immediately after arrival to Dubai, their passports were taken, they now have to work in very harsh conditions for low salary and most of them have not been payed for several months. I also watched a few war movies in the past few days that made me think about how stupid we are since we have to fight each other. And today I watched a movie about the Canadian supersonic military jet Arrow that was terminated purely due the egotistic political interests. This movie made me think how big some are able to dream and how great thins are possible to achieve it he pople work together.

I went then out in late evening when it was already dark to run across city park and streets. I wanted to relieve the accumulated tension in my back. I was surprised about the quantity of young visitors in the park and then soon find out why since the music started to become louder and louder. There was some rock music band having a concert and thousands of people occupied the park. However I did not want this to distract me and continued with the running towards the city center.

So it is quite silly in some way observing my mental resistances. I could be very glad for all that I have received in my life. Some have nothing to eat and suffer pain, diseases and war. However some control multibillion projects and employ thousands of people. I am now to decide what I want out of my life. I want more, however I will have to change from within. I think that currently what stopps me from moving forward is my bad feeling about charging others. My believes that one has to work hard and suffer in order to get the money. My new business could bring me good money if I do the work correctly and I am in a way already lazy due to thinking that I will be able to earn a lot of money very easy. It is a moral thing where I ask myself what is fair and what not. Why can some have to suffer for a couple of dollars per day, and some can earn or win millions in no time? Where is justice, where is equality? Is it justifiable that those who do more responsible jobs are to earn more? Are those who have low income really fully responsible for their low income? I there a god who controls everything? Is there a law of karma, the low of attraction or creation? Breathe!

07 May 2013

Day 37: Resistance to the new job finally overcamed

Today in the morning I had a meeting with a new interesting person who is also very in self-research and improvement. Two hours of conversation went by very quickly and I was to face again the next step of my sales activities. I was to restructure the presentation narrative and then also realign the presentation flip-chart graphics which I also did. I took me a lot of decision making how to design all the material for the best impact. In the afternoon when I was to go out and arrange in-house visits, the storm clouds accumulated and rain with thunder stoke from the skies.

At the same time as the storm raged, my mind lost its stability. A slight fear and dizziness appeared in my head and was disappointed due to estimation that I will not be able to execute the visits that I planned. I lied down on the bed and started to think about how long will it take me to even start the new job properly and when I would actually make the first sale. The whole process is takin so long, too long. I started to imagine how I will give myself another day to prepare myself even better for the presentation. I said to myself that tomorrow would be the day. However it turned out different.

After on hour of resting in the bed, my head became stable and the rain stopped. I still had about two or three hours left before in would become too late for the home visits. So I sad to myself that it would be the best to make some visits today and thus brake the ice even if I would achieve best results. Most important is to move forward and to gain as much practice as possible. So I dressed up, packed all the presentation and went on the road.

I targeted a small new neighborhood that I knew from before when I was searching for my own apartment in the town a year ago. I found the blocks very nice and expected a lot of young families to live there which is my target population. I started to ring the bells and made the talks. Many of them, about 70% were not even at home which is a usual percentage. I visited two blocks and then decided to stop for today. I did not manage to do any presentation, however I handed out couple of business cards and couple of people were willing to talk to me if I visit them at some other time which is also cool.

In the evening I had a chat with my mentor who evaluated my approach and corrected me for the better effect in the future. I realized how what I said created resistance in other people and what is best to be said in order to collect as much orders as possible. The main point in pre-presentation talks is not to give to much information, but just a little in order to create curiosity. I also met a girl who I found very attractive and now I am thinking if I should do anything to check if she is available and if I should try to  make a connection or if I should focus on business for now.

Anyway, I made progress and I am satisfied with my achievement. I will now push myself every day a step forward until I became excellent and very successful in sales. It is not just about money, what is cool about direct sales is that one develops communication skills and overcomes many fears and resistances that prevent oneself to fully express itself. Physically moving and making live conversation with others is an effective tool for self-realization. Thus I also suggest others to engage in sales activities and experience all the beneficial effects of direct marketing.

06 May 2013

Day 36: Resistance to the new job slowly ending

In the past two blogs I wrote about the resistance that I experience towards starting the new job of selling a new product via in-home presentations. Today was the first working day and I planned to go out and meet people in their apartments. In the morning I had a meeting with my friend at my place where we supported each other in regards most effective selling approaches. I then went to the local print shop and made some additional flip-chart graphics and also the badge with my picture and name that is suppose to be a very effective ice-braker when other will see me on their doorsteps. However I still did not found myself ready enough to go out and also the weather was not very appropriate since it rained.

Well the rainy weather could from one point be seen as advantage since people are at their apartments far more probably than in sunny weather. However it is not very easy for me to make the home visits in the rain since I also have to bring an umbrella and it is much more cold and slippery outside. I almost died once when I visited a customer a couple of years age in the evening and tripped. This definitely brings up a very disturbing memories. 

Then bottom line is that I just did not feel confident enough for doing the presentation today. I have not yet assembled all the quotes and flow of presentation that would make a good impression and convince the prospects in buying the product. So I will now structure all the point by condensing them down to titles and then expand them into paragraphs. I will reorder the flip-chart presentation to best follow the paragraphs. At the end I will prepare all the possible questions and objections and the best answers and explanations.

I will then practice the complete presentation in my mind and rewrite the complete scenario using blue ink and white paper to commit it to my long-term memory until it will be totally internalized. Then I expect to be fully prepared for the battle and will accept victory as the only outcome. Well I realize that someone could say NO in spite of me fully excelling however I want to be prepared for all possible scenarios and perform well. The main objective is to present the product by showing all the benefits for the prospect. I must be totally confident in the quality, functionality and value of the product while breathing effectively and staying emotionally stable. I realize that any question that prospect makes is just for them to make sure that their decision is the best.

Today I also read the book titled ”So you would like to sell?" for the second time. Is is short but very effective book on sales. To calm down, remove stress and clear nervousness, I made myself a first hot bath after several months and I enjoyed it very much. I then remembered a couple of additional techniques for diminishing stress. One is rebounding and the other is sauna. Jumping up and down on a mini trampoline is a simple but very effective exercise that benefits the whole body. And I remember how sauna assists in removing the toxins from the body and how also prevents the backchat. The heat in sauna stops the mind, one is unable to think but only be here, present in this moment.

From becoming overwhelmed by thinking about how I will be able to arrange all the information I found assisting to firstly imagine all the procedures in my mind while the physical body is resting. While working with computer one has to besides thinking what to do also think how to do it, what button to press, what software to use, what kind of document, what font, how to design the information and bunch of other things. So all these thinking drains the mental resources and distract attention from what actually has to be done. Thus imagining all the necessary steps firstly in the mind and doing some handwritten notes will assist me in completing the project.

I learned from the success club that I am member of that the false information that most people holds in the low income class all life is the believe that time for thinking and time for the practical execution of projects have to be in balance or equal. However the most successful people prove this to be wrong. The most important thing is thinking or planning and this is to be 99% without asking much about how the objectives would be achieved. The most important point is to come with a “what” and let flow of the actual events to create the “how”. This is because one is never able to be aware of all the potentials in existence and possible outflows of all the events. So let us see how all this will turn out in the following days.

05 May 2013

Day 35: Resistance to the new job continued

I am doing a slow progress towards preparing a presentation text for the new product that I will be presenting via in-home presentations. Yesterday we had a picnic with some friends and one of them had a lot of experienced with door-to-door sales. She explained that is is very important to have a badge with your picture and name with big letters since this creates confidence in other people. Then when you enter the apartment, you look around and see what would be the best point for the conversation ice-breaker. Next it is very important to ask what are the parent's usual seats, especially of the father. You make sure that you never sit down where their usual seat is.

Today is Sunday and Sunday afternoon is the best time to call the prospect on the phone and set a date for the meeting. However I am not sure if this is also a good time for making visits. In the morning I have assembled some additional presentation text but I still have not finished it. I could try to do some presentations for practice or I could spend the day completing the text. It is a tuff decision.

What pulls me down is also the weather. Yesterday afternoon couple of weeks of nice sunny weather ended with rainy storms. Recently I find weather changes to influence my state of the mind quite extensively. My mind is not very stable even due to reactions that are related to unconscious emotions of fear. And when the clouds accumulate in the sky and the rain starts to fall down, I started to feel heavy and sleepy and my mind also becomes heavy, cloudy or dizzy. Maybe this is related to the change of air pressure.

Since I know that I can be effective with sales only if I feel excellent, I am not very confident with going out and making house visits. I expect that most of people would also be influenced by weather and that it is best to at least wait for the next working day. I friend who is also very experienced in sales will visit me tomorrow morning and we will have a workshop where we will practice sales skills. I the meen time I will finis my presentation text and design a badge with my name and photo for the best effect. But then it must be end with procrastination. Monday afternoon I plan to go out and do my first unannounced home visits.

I will also read again a book about hot to be effective in sales. We all try to convince something or sell something to another. There are amateur salesman like parents who try to sell their kids some believe and make them do specific things and there are professional salesman that do convincing on a daily basis with better results. All try to influence someone in order to get what we want. We use words, arguments and the level of our success is based on the level of understanding what are the needs of others and how our services or product can fullfil their needs. And this is quite a task where each of us has to grow and expand and widen the awareness about how we and this world functions.

What drives me away from doing my sales job is also awareness that I will meet different people. When they open the door, I will have just a few seconds to convince them to let me in. And some will be also very nasty and angry and this kind of behavior will not be very easy to handle. Even if you have the best product in the word, some people will yell at you. It will be a big challenge to keep the good mood, clear all the recent past bad experiences and remain emotionally stable within. I will have to do a lot of breathing and doing regular self-forgiveness and self-commitments. 

04 May 2013

Day 34: Resistance to the new job activities

Days 31, 32 and 33 are in my Slovenian blog

My new job of selling a new product created more resistance than I imagined. While I have been working mostly from home in the past years, and customers would be mostly business people that found me on the internet and came to my office to place an order, I am facing the job now where I will have to go to the customers. And they are not the business people but families with kids and different professions.

I have a mentor who is supporting me in becoming a better salesman and from what he thought me, I realized that I will have to change extensively. Until now I did not have to make a lot of effort in order to get an order since I worked in graphic and web design and photography. The products were commonly known and from my past work references the customers knew what to expect from me. Now I am selling a new product that is a new technology and nothing that has ever existed before. And also the use of the product bring a spectacular results in terms of personal development and transformation of the society as a whole.

The first challenge for me as a salesmen is to test and use the product myself. There can not be a good salesmen that tries to sell the product that he is not using himself. One has to become convinced that the product is of high quality and is beneficial for the user. Since the product requires mind activity, I experience resistance due to my addiction of watching movies and am thus finding reading much less attractive. I will have to discipline myself firstly to star using the product myself and see the result of its use on myself and that will then enable me to become more enthusiastic about the product and will thus also be able to make more sales. At sales in fact you are never selling the product, but yourself.

The second point is that selling this new product requires me to develop new skills and totally change my mindset, develop my self-esteem and transform my attitude towards other people. Throughout past several years I have developed introverted personality with constant evaluation and judgement of others. I was directed by others and became used to wait for the orders. I was basically in a very passive mental mode. The new job requires me to become proactive, to come forward, to make connection with others, ask question and become genuine interested in what other want and need. It is so that certain product can only be sold if it fulfills the needs of others. Thus I have to learn what are the problems and challenges in the life of others and how the product that I represent could solve that problems.

The third challenge is the price of the product that I am selling. The product covers the user needs for several years and is thus a long-term investment. Due to its unique technology, the long-term savings and the incredible benefits of its use it requires from customer to come with quite a lot of money. This bring me even in the bigger mental pressure. I have to become absolutely sure for myself that the product is more that worth of that kind of investment and that it is a life-time opportunity where customer is to find a way of getting the money since it is for its own best interest.

And the last point is that the products comes with such a marketing plan that creates a very good money-making opportunity for me. Due to extensive amount of accepted and allowed limited and destructive believes in regards money, I have a challenge allowing to come such quantity of money in my life.  I have to become convinced that I am worth of receiving money and become rich. I definitely already know how to spend it so that quality of all life on earth will become better and I have to understand that I will not be able to achieve that without firstly allowing a lot of money to come to me and thus becoming very rich.

The most challenging from me is the need of creating a more pleasant personality. So from being a quiet introverted serious person who answers only when asked, I will have to become more relaxed, opened, initiative and happy person. The best effect in sales is made if you smile during the product presentation. And this is very difficult to me. I have become used of being secretive, flat-faced, judgmental and angry. Being happy and joyful is a whole new experience to me, like bringing the fish out of the water. So I must change my personality, my resonances or my water extensively. And this is why I experience such massive amount of resistance that I never imagined.