08 February 2012

2012 Clarification about Global Information Network

This is to clarify why I am also involved in GIN and what is my starting point that I also posted at Desteni Forum:

I also shook hands and talked to Kevin Trudeau personally at Global Information Network meeting in Munich, Germany on 15. September 2011 and I am currently (February 2012) Level 2 GIN member and Bronze Affiliate. GIN has developed a very effective and precisely structured marketing and referral system and tools. I use GIN referral tool in form of introduction audio CD titled The Success Secrets That They Don't Want You To Know About as I way to approach new people that I want to connect with. Those who are very in love & light find introduction CD very "American", so I then refer them to Desteni in order to see if they find Desteni material more acceptable. And those who want to listen more, I hand them the next tool in form of 14 CD series titled Your Wish is Your Command. This seminar educates how to take responsibility for your life and master you feelings and emotions in order to achieve anything that you want in your life. I suggest also to develop similar tools at Desteni (physical CDs) since it enables one a face to face approach with others which is the most effective ways of marketing. There are already some audio CDs in the Equality Store that can be used for that purpose but creating a special audio CD and video DVD with specific invitation would be even more effective.

The GIN mission is to provide a support system for all people who are already capable in order to become even more capable and to achieve any goals, regardless of what they are, faster and easier. Members support members and exchange ideas and business opportunities. They have access to GIN web site with thousands of audios, videos and digital books on personal development, ways to make money, business skills, mental skills, martial arts, health and much more. Members also receive a free life-time membership to Natural Cures web site and free access to many GIN meetings, cruises and other events all over the world. The web site has also a social network, like a "GIN FaceBook" where one can communicate with other members. GIN has also a very cool affiliate program where one can earn a true residual monthly income. After you invite certain number of people that become members, you can stop referring and money keeps coming month after month and it can also be inherited by your children.

There are 12 membership levels in GIN and currently education program has been developed only until Level 5. What will be taught in the next levels, nobody knows. What many of Destonians are confused when introduced with GIN is that they are teaching a "Law Of Attraction" that we define as deception. However the LOA title is only used in the first level of education since people are already very familiar with popular books and movies like The Secret. But on the next levels members are taught that it is not really about attracting things in your life but to create them or how to become a responsible creator in your life. Members are taught how to become honest, sincere, open and responsible person and there are tests on each level to check your realisation. It is being said that if all people become responsible, current problems in the world will consequentially be gone. GIN at this moment has no political ambitions, however Kevin Trudeau is raising support to enter the politics and to stop degradation of human rights in the USA.

It is clear that GIN ignores less capable people and other living beings and does not support world equality as extensively as Desteni. However GIN members are very cool hot leads or prospects for joining Desteni. Thus some of Destonians also decided to join, integrate as high level members and spread the message of Desteni. Many people who I referred to GIN from Slovenia have become also a Desteni supporters, so GIN is a great platform for bringing people to the next level of realisation with help of Desteni. I see the possibility of even bringing Desteni I Process courses into GIN as it can become a standard education for members Level 6 or above. The accumulative effect of spreading both GIN and Desteni information will assist for people to be prepared enough for final implementation of an Equal Money System and then all things will change. A new video has been released recently on the front page of GIN web site titled Why You Should Consider Joining GIN which explains that this club is also for those who want to achieve "world peace", so it is not just for goals of self-interest but clearly also supports goals of making this world a better place for all.

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