30 May 2020

Day 193: Tricks and Traps of being a Grammar Nazi

Recently I read a finalized document with a list of words in relation to some projects created by other authors. Some words were singular and some were compound words of two singular words. However, all of the compound words were missing hyphens and thus they were grammatically incorrect. I then posted my observation to a chat group with the authors of the list and started to explain how using the hyphens is important in order to convey the message correctly and avoid misunderstandings. I compared writing words similar to the writing of mathematical formulas where if separators are committed, the final result of the formula will be different than expected. I attached a Quantum Language video with a clear explanation of how low grammar skills make you vulnerable to manipulations from the legal system and how using the correct grammar can empower you.

However, I was pointed out that I can not expect everybody to comprehend words in the same way as I do and that this is beyond my control. I rephrased their answer and what came out is that I was misunderstood because I started to explain the importance of using hyphens and presenting them as a mathematical equivalent instead of just simply explaining that I suggest some grammatical correction of the word list. When I looked at why I decided for a more complex explanation I realized that previous to that I have pulled up a recent memory where I noticed someone else also avoiding hyphens when writing compound words. So I associated both events and compounded it myself in my mind as something that needs to have a deeper explanation because I saw it as a repeating pattern. And I considered the list of words as a document that others will use to learn how to correctly write compound words and thus damage with long-term consequences would be created. Besides that, I already expected from the authors of the list to be more responsible in terms of using correct grammar so I emotionally reacted with disappointment and outrage.

What also came up in the further discussion was that during communication with other members in the groups one should not be so careful about every single grammatical mistake. Because members are from all around the world and each of them is on a different level in terms of language skills. So the point of working together is not to perfect the language but to achieve other the goal of the group that is beyond the vocabulary. That reminded me of the event where year are I have been speaking to a friend of my father about some advanced discoveries and I have perceived my way of communication with him as something that is very normal. However, he told me that he does not comprehend what I am saying, despite us speaking the same language. That surprised me since I could not see at that time how I did not make any effort to level my way of communication to match the vocabulary of the person that I am speaking to. In the past years, I already discovered that one of my characters or behavior patterns is trying to impress others with the advanced secret knowledge that I have gathered. And I have not been only sharing the knowledge for the purpose of impressing others and feeling good about my superior know-how but have also used more advanced vocabulary and grammar for the same purpose.

In a similar way, the legal system works since it uses vocabulary and grammar that is quite different than how common people communicate. They even have their own Black's Law dictionary where definitions of the words are different than in common dictionaries. My language research was thus also for the purpose of protecting myself from any legal attacks by others. However, I have never pushed myself so far to really excel at grammar, not in Slovenian, nor in the English language. Previously my motivation was self-centered and energy-based and I commit myself to change this. I commit myself to slow down and to perfect my Slovenian and English language skills for the purpose of better communication and collaborating together to bring a better world and to also use Quantum Grammar to effectively establish agreements and protect those who are not able to do so due to their weak language skills.

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